Straya Day

It’s Australia Day tomorrow and I’m probably going to spend most of the day at home indoors because that minimises my chance of seeing something that truly disgusts me. I really don’t get people who who demand absolute conformity from others on events like this. “Love it or leave it!” How about I’m pretty happy with the country as a place to live but I fucking hate you and everything you represent? My feelings about Australia are not tied up with the existence or hideous worldview of racist fuckwits.

And why do the idiots who bleat that anyone pointing out their censorship is “censoring” their “free speech” fly into a rage at anyone who dares to state a view that departs from their bigoted jingoistic bullshit. I honestly have trouble understanding how someone can be so fucking stupid as to say two such contradictory things so close to each other. “You’re not allowed to stop me denigrating aborigines but you’re also not allowed to say anything that even slightly criticises their flag waving fuckwittery.

So yeah, celebrate or not. Do what suits you. Just try not to be an arsehole about it. Or at least stay the fuck away from me.


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