I refuse to believe satire is dead

I remember after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre on September 11th, the second stupidest response was a whole range of conservative pundits saying irony/satire was dead. The stupidest response was obviously to invade a country that had nothing to do with the attacks, waste trillions of dollars and kill about a million people. But they thought satire had been killed. We all had to be sincere now. These idiot showed a complete lack of understanding of the purpose of satire (often used to make an unbearable situation bearable). And human nature (at the darkest times, people want to laugh the most).

Plus, they were fuckwits.

These days, I occasionally think satire might have been killed by my primary targets being so fucking stupid they become almost impossible to satirise. The current Australian government has given me new material every single week of their existence and made it absurd easy to satirise their stupidity and evil. But Tony Abbott has pushed things so far that some, including First Dog On The Moon (who can be seen regularly in The Guardian), have speculated he’s now impossible to satirise.


I’m still going to give it a red hot go. And in case you haven’t noticed, so is First Dog.

And in case you thought Tony Abbott was the only one trying to push the boundaries of stupidity to the point where it feels impossible to satirise them, ladies and gentlemen, I present for you Bill O’Reilly of Fox News:


No further comment required

If self awareness was a flame, Bill O’Reilly could stand in a lake of petrol in complete safety. Assuming I could resist the urge to hold him under until he drowned.



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4 responses to “I refuse to believe satire is dead

  1. Billablog

    He’s even wearing the comedy jacket.
    Seriously, only a comedian would wear a suit like that on tv.

  2. Reblogged this on hampshire Hog and commented:
    I’m sharing this for the screencap of the Fox ‘News’ dude at the bottom…you remember…the same Fox News who had to apologise for broadcasting the no-go areas lie…

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