Guys: just listen

First things first. I want every guy who sees this post to read this article first. Then read this one.  It’s more important than anything I’m going to say. 

I get evidence all the time that guys simply don’t understandwhat’s written in these articles. When I’ve pointed out that literally the only thing that will stop rape and sexual assault is if rapists stop doing it, they don’t understand. They say women women need to take responsibility. They don’t understand that saying this is an active encouragement to rapists. 

And they don’t understand that women do take responsibility. All day. Every day. 

Rapists don’t see themselves as bad people. Worse still, society doesn’t see them as bad people. More than half the time when I see rapes reported the rapist is defended along the lines of “that isn’t the guy I know… He shouldn’t have his life ruined.” Fuck. That. Shit. 

Rapists see themselves and their actions defended all the time. They see that it isn’t their fault. The women didn’t take enough precautions. They were asking for it. 

Any time you’ve questioned “what was she wearing… Why did she drink so much… Why was she there alone?” You have given a green light to rapists. You have actively told a rapist they did nothing wrong. This is every male’s responsibility. This is my responsibility to speak out. This is your responsibility as well. 

It’s way past time to step up. 



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2 responses to “Guys: just listen

  1. Sounds like you have got to that point of saying… Enough 🙂 Nice piece

  2. jem

    Thanks for the links to the articles by women. Very good. I had my eyes opened and will be lots more careful about listening to what a woman has to say. We live in a very sexist world that is male oriented.

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