Fake News is Everywhere

This is what I am convinced is going to be one of the big issues of 2017 (and beyond). While I think the Trump administration will dominate my blog and videos this year and ongoing issue is “fake news”. It’s hard to even define what that is but I’m going to spend a lot of this year trying.



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4 responses to “Fake News is Everywhere

  1. Mr. Angry- there are so many things to go off on in this life. I am certain you have touched on this before but can you please take on social media and people telling you their innermost secrets or celebrities that should go away? I would LOVE to hear your take on it. Fake news…..so over it. I am over Trump and he isn’t even in office yet. UGH.

  2. Nick

    There is no such thing as fake news. Fake News = untruth = lie

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