My promise: I won’t pander to people for popularity

While I’m sure that people I disagree with would say I’m pandering to people with the same opinion, there’s a difference between pandering and sharing an opinion. I’m sure it works against me in terms of viewers and subscribers on YouTube but I’m not going to shy away from potentially offending people in a misguided attempt to increase my popularity.

If I offend you feel free to point it out but be warned, there’s about a 99% chance I offended you on purpose and don’t give a shit how you feel. If you can’t respect me having a different opinion I don’t really give a shit about you.

Plus, I’m not going to tone down my delivery – this is my therapy.




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6 responses to “My promise: I won’t pander to people for popularity

  1. I agree with you. Freedom of speech means ALL speech. Not just certain people’s speech. The sense of entitlement is over abundant and ultra annoying. Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. Angry.

  2. I’ve never blogged for popularity and never seen the point of these people who chase followers at any cost. Blogging is great therapy and everyone that reads are being my therapist for free!

  3. Lofo

    Great video mate! It’s really refreshing to see someone reclaim their right to hate stuff, because god knows, there’s a lot of stuff out there to hate. My pet hate at the moment is those turds who virtue signal, whether on Twitter, Facebook or (the worst of the worst) ABC’s Q&A. “ALL refugees are fantastic people”, “This government is like HITLER”, “Vegan is the only way to go, and if you eat animal products you’re a MONSTER” – the list is endless. I put it down at least partly to the dumbing down of the tertiary education system – there are simply too many people graduating from second rate ‘universities’ that should never have gone in the first place. They equate their crappy, simpleton degrees with posessing intelligence, and being important and original. The second driver is Australian society’s ‘everyone-wins-a-prize’ culture. It’s given most younger people the delusional belief that they’ve got something interesting to say. No: we are not interested in what you’ve got to say, your opinion is unimportant to us, and all you do is parrot stuff you’ve heard anyway so you end up just repeating yourselves and wasting bandwidth. Just because you have a communications channel to put forward your stupid, groupthink views these days doesn’t mean anyone gives a shit (I’d advocate Twitter licenses to deal with this issue). Here’s an idea you clowns: research an issue in-depth, from all sides, and get back to us but only if you find something novel, just ilke the old days (“note to self: in the words of Depech Mode: enjoys the silence…”).

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