Centrelink’s “debt recovery” is a disaster and must be stopped

Here’s a story that’s an ugly combination of a conservative government waging war on the most vulnerable and the worst sort of bureaucratic fuck up. Centrelink, the government agency responsible for pensions and unemployment benefits embarked on a debt recovery plan which sounds fine in theory but their system is so deeply flawed that they have been demanding money from people who owe them nothing.

So far the government is acting as though they’re doing nothing wrong even though they’re driving people to the brink of suicide. This programme is fundamentally flawed – it can’t be fixed and it needs to be cancelled.

As an aside, here’s some advice if you happen to get one of these debt letters.



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3 responses to “Centrelink’s “debt recovery” is a disaster and must be stopped

  1. Replace Centrelink with DWP and the story is the same over here.

  2. I’m glad you made this video on Centrelink and their changes started by the Howard Government.

    I have a charming mark on my name of being paid monies over a three month period in 1999 which they say I was not entitled to because I was gainfully employed. Even their own computer system said that I was paid $0.00 during the three months they made their accusation against me.

    So I wrote them out a cheque for $0.00 and gave it to one of the Managers at the Chermise(Brisbane) Office. His response was to order me to leave. Centrelink staff at Rockhampton tried to remove this mark against my name but no, the computer system is always right while staff including management had their powers to fix these mistakes removed by the Howard Government.

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