About Otherworld

I’m serialising a novel length story that I started writing about 30 years ago (I haven’t touched it since 1991). I’m a low-level hoarder so I kept the printouts of the drafts for all these years. I’m also a procrastinator which is why I never did anything with it. I had the idea to write it as blog posts over ten years ago when I first started this blog so you see what I mean about procrastinating.

I haven’t used this blog properly for “AngryAussie” stuff for years so I thought I’d use this rather than start a new blog. That way at least I’ll be starting with some sort of base audience rather than starting from zero.

The story is written in the first person and the narrator is a late teens/early twenties male playing Dungeons and Dragons. Surprise, surprise: this is how old I was when I first wrote it. This will be a bit of an adventure for me as I’ll be discovering if I can retain that voice all these years later. I’ll be modernising it (the Internet as we know it didn’t exist when I wrote the original) but I honestly don’t know how much it will change. So essentially, we’re discovering this version together.