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Tony Abbott, Gillian Triggs, Human Rights, bribes and threats

For a connoisseur of schadenfreude such as myself, watching Tony Abbott self-immolate is pure delight. He tries to play his tough guy act and ends up surprised when it blows up in his face. Most recently his target has been Gillian Triggs, President of the Human Rights Commission. she has come under sustained attack from Abbott and his lackeys for daring to publish a truthful report which heavily criticised both the past Labor and current Coalition government’s handling of asylum seeker children in detention.

Watching his nasty attacks having the opposite attack to what he intended is only half the fun. Now it looks like the Federal Police may be getting involved over allegations of bribery.

And then Malcolm Turnbull, the person who will sooner or later knock Abbott over as leader, fired a broadside that I’ll wager Abbott didn’t see coming, saying “debate about Gillian Triggs misses the main point … the main point is the children. Children in detention is something nobody wants”. I’d bet money Abbott is losing his mind behind closed doors because this is Turnbull straight up saying “Abbott is full of shit and I’m pretty much ready to replace him.”

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Trans Pacific Partnership

The Trans Pacific Partnership has been in the news quite a bit lately and a lot of people have been asking if I’ll make a video about it. This is fair enough because the TPP is bloody horrible. A warning sign should be the way Tony Abbott has been prattling on about “more trade! It’s a good thing!”

If that cretin is pushing an idea it’s probably pretty bad.

But the point is I have been making videos about the TPP – at least six of them, stretching back to March 2012. Which brings me to another point – while I hate Abbott and the LNP, it’s unfair to blame it all on them. The previous Labor government were pushing it just as hard.

March 2012

April 2012

May 2012

December 2012

September 2013

November 2013

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It’s official, Tony Abbott is the most fucked up leader of any industrial democracy

Gotta love it when an international observer describes ol’ Tone’s performance as “Abbott has proven so incapable of clear policy thinking, so unwilling to consult with even his own ministers and advisers, and so poor at communicating that he has to go.” Ouch. The Council on Foreign Relations was not mincing their words.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what foreigners think. Or even what an overwhelming majority of the Australian population think. It only matter what his own caucus thinks. And it’s pretty clear a majority of his caucus think he’s shit and his days are numbered.

After barely surviving the spill motion AGAINST NOBODY his backbenchers made it clear he was only going to survive until his next fuckup. No more captain’s calls! Surely Abbott is not so detached from reality that this is beyond his capability? Surely he can last for a while without making any unilateral decisions that alienate his backbenchers?

Nope. Didn’t even make it to the end of the week.

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Dead Man Walking – Tony Abbott survives for now

Tony Abbott rushed a party room vote today (presumably he thought the longer his opponents had to organise, the more votes their would be against him) and got a result that was close to the best the Labor opposition could have hoped for. He defeated the motion 61-39 and he’s playing that up as a victory. All the facile comments about “that’s an end to it” and “looking to the future” are completely ignoring reality.

Tony Abbott is a dead man walking.


For a bit of historical context, in June 1991, Paul Keating challenged sitting PM Bob Hawke and Hawke won the vote 66-44 but it was only delaying the inevitable. In December 1991 Keating struck again and this time he won the vote 56-51. Keating then went on to win the next Federal election (somewhat surprisingly).

More recently, the first time Kevin Rudd challenged sitting PM Julia Gillard in February 2012 (after himself being knocked off by Gillard) he lost the challenge 71-31. Despite Gillard winning the vote by a wider margin than Abbott did today, nobody thought it was over. Rudd came back in June 2013 and defeated Gillard 57-45. Rudd then led Labor to a rather resounding defeat at the next election.

Those number alone tell you Abbott’s on borrowed time. The really damning fact is that all of the challenges detailed above involved an aggressive challenger taking on the sitting leader. Abbott was facing a challenge from NOBODY. It was pure a vote to say “this bloke totally sucks balls – we need to get rid of him, don’t we?”

Tony Abbott sitting with all of his friends

Tony Abbott sitting with all of his friends

The Liberals seem to be marching in lockstep now, publicly saying Abbott now needs time to show he can turn things around. But it’s all bullshit. Everyone knows Abbott is mortally wounded. His own words damn him.


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Queensland election disaster means Abbott is finsihed!

Ding dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? Well, several actually. Campbell Newman has done the seemingly impossible – go from winning an historic majority in a state election to losing power in a single term. Then there is Tony Abbott. His cavalcade of fuckwittery is seen to have been a major contributor to one term conservative governments in Victoria and Queensland and there are very few people who think it won’t happen to the Federal LNP as well.

It appears enough of his own party has had enough of his shit that they are going to knife him. Or maybe they’ll put a loaded gun on the table in front of him and say “You know what you should do?” When MPs are being so direct as to say “All we are talking about now is the timing and method of execution,” off the record, that’s pretty bad. But when an MP is willing to say on camera what Jane Prentice says in this video – well, that’s simply unprecedented.

AIDzee and I can barely restrain our glee.

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Colleen McCullough dies, Tony Abbott politically dead, “raw milk” drinkers hopefully dead soon

I rarely watch my own videos back. This time I kind of had to in order to be able to write a description. I may have had a few drinks – enough that I didn’t have a really clear memory of what I said.

This video covers Tony Abbott making a fool of himself (again) by awarding a knighthood to Prince Philip (even Andrew Bolt thinks it’s idiotic), the appalling obituary for Colleen McCullough published by Murdoch rag The Australian which essentially led by calling her fat and ugly, some idiocy from Murdoch’s Fox network and some real idiots who thinks pasteurisation of milk is bad despite their “raw milk” causing kids to be hospitalised and even dying.

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Tony Abbott’s days are numbered

I have to admit that I am having the most extreme case of schadenfreude imaginable as Tony Abbott implodes. I’m too drunk to go into much depth with this but to see someone who represents everything I despise go down in a screaming heap with nobody to blame but himself – well, it’s just delicious.

He has nobody undermining him. Gillard had to deal with Rudd being a total piece of shit from day one. Bot Abbott has nobody screwing him over – everything he’s done has been unforced errors.

I fucking love it!

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