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Tony Abbott bans investment in wind farms

Just after I made this video the story broke that Abbott also wants to ban the CEFC from investing in home solar as well so it’s worse than I thought. This decision is ideology over common sense and it is completely indefensible. It will hurt investment, it will hurt jobs and it makes Australia a laughing stock.

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Barnaby Joyce & Tony Abbott have a “spirited conversation” about #QandA ban

Rumour has it that Barnaby Joyce is extremely angry at Tony Abbott pronouncing a ban on ministers appearing on ABC’s Q&A program AFTER Joyce publicly announce he would appear on the show.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for their conversation because Joyce is someone who knows how to get angry.


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Eric Abetz has some stupid objections to marriage equality

This is another one of those situations where it feels like the Liberal Party must be having a secret competition among themselves to say the stupidest thing possible on a given topic. That’s the only thing that would explain the rubbish Eric Abetz has been dribbling. I mean, unless he’s nothing more than a bigoted moron.

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Treasurer for Rent

So Joe Hockey “won” his defamation case against the Sydney Morning Herald but it could cost him more than the settlement.

My second VEDJINA:

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Christopher Pyne – The Fixer Dance Mix

Christopher Pyne is all kinds of fucked up. He’s one of this fucked-up government’s all star fuckups. While I could go on at great length about all the fuckups he’s committed in his education portfolio or all his fucked up antics in parliament, this post is all about the fucked up and downright freaky interview he did on Sky News this week.

The were the terrible faces, the awful giggles and the deeply creepy turns of phrase. When I saw the interview I thought someone should do a dance remix. Then I thought, why not me?

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Photoshop Phunnies

My video camera has a “smile sensor” that results it taking photos while you shoot a video if it senses a nice smile which might therefore make a nice picture. It’s an interesting feature that is more than a bit hit and miss in practice. It almost never takes photos when I make videos alone (I guess I don’t smile much) or when I do rant videos with AIDzee but if the video involves sitting and talking with someone for an extended period it often takes a lot of photos like this example from a recent shoot with Jez:


I’ve also occasionally used this to make lo-fi animations like this example with AIDzee:

For this week’s TFU Friday video my camera took just two photos along with the video (which is in itself unusual) and one of them in particular stood out to me:


The combination of the fact I seem to be staring at something I’m holding and the blue background made me think this was ripe for photo manipulation. A big problem is that I suck at this sort of thing. The obvious solution was asking people who are actually good with photoshop to do something. So I put out the call and hooo boy did people respond.

First up Mel did this demonic number on me:


She also did this tasteful monochrome version:


Mel also does great “artistic reconstructions” using Photoshop on her YouTube channel.

Then David did a nice Warhol-style interpretation:


Then Daria put me with a particularly large burger that is making the zombie horde jealous:


Then we get to the Tony Abbott inspired ones. I swear I didn’t ask anyone to do this. Sam had me in front of Parliament House (love the blood stains!)



William had a similar vibe but it appears the Liberal Party are cheering me on.


Richard incorporated AIDzee and I into a two-headed beast (which I’m sure he’ll love). I’m not sure whose brain we have or what we’re doing with it in a lab.


Lizzie decided I was the Destroyer of Worlds!


And Shaun seems to have taken the beheading theme to the logical conclusion.


Thank you, internet.

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