Copyright Notice

I could go to all the trouble of putting in what Creative Commons license I like but you know what?  It wouldn’t count for shit to the sort of scumbags who steal content.  So instead, here’s what I think of the various ways you might re-post my material somewhere else.

The Preferred Option for written posts

Linking.  Just something that lets people know you like what I do.  Whether it’s in your blogroll or in a post, provide a link and you’re my pal.  If you like, include a short excerpt that shows why you like what I wrote.  Best of all is if you add to what I wrote – respond with your own thoughts on the topic.  Expand the conversation.  I like that.

The Lame Option for written posts

Reprinting an entire post and linking back here.   You can do this if you want but honestly, I think this is kinda lame.  People should come here to read the entire post.

The Illegal Option for written posts

Taking entire posts (or significant portions of posts) and providing no credit back here is bullshit.  Fuck you.  Seriously.  Just fuck you.  This is straight up stealing.  If you do this for your own commercial gain (i.e. on a site that is selling something even if it’s just advertising) you’d better believe I’m coming after you.

The Preferred Option for videos

By all means put the videos on other sites.  Either copy the YouTube code to embed it or link to the YouTube URL or the blog post URL.  And add whatever commentary you like.

The Illegal Option for videos

Downloading my videos and/or trying to blank out any identifying marks is bullshit.  Fuck you.

Rights I most certainly do not grant

NOBODY has the right to re-publish any of my material in any medium for commercial gain without my express written permission. e.g. You can’t release any of my videos on a DVD.  You can’t republish my posts in a newspaper, magazine or book.

READ CAREFULLY. By viewing any portion of this website you agree, on behalf of your employer, to release me from all obligations and waivers arising from any and all NON-NEGOTIATED agreements, licenses, terms-of-service, shrinkwrap, clickwrap, browsewrap, confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-compete and acceptable use policies (”BOGUS AGREEMENTS”) that I have entered into with your employer, its partners, licensors, agents and assigns, in perpetuity, without prejudice to my ongoing rights and privileges. You further represent that you have the authority to release me from any BOGUS AGREEMENTS on behalf of your employer.  (thanks to


53 responses to “Copyright Notice

  1. Now that is an angry copyright notice, I like it.

  2. Feel free to copy and/or adapt for your own purposes 🙂

    • Hi Mr Angry,

      I’m contacting you from a television production company in the UK called Fresh One Productions, and we’re currently producing a documentary for the BBC about climate change sceptics. Our director has come across one of your videos on your blog explaining your characteristic views on the subject, and would love to include it in the film. We wouldn’t be using your video to talk about you in particular, but rather to illustrate how much ire the debate can arouse. The film would certainly not refer to you in any kind of derogatory way, but we would of course give an onscreen credit detailing where the video is from. I do hope this might be possible, and we of course wouldn’t dream of doing anything without your prior consent. Please do let me know if you need any more information.

      Many thanks,

      Alex Buxton

  3. Yep, will do. I like the “Read Carefully” part. Fucks them right up the arse, just like you ought to.

    (Feels good to swear. As a teacher, when I am with kids, I can’t swear, I can’t say damn or shit or any of the expletives that I enjoy rolling off my tongue)

  4. I think that a copy of that will help, oh and you just go a subscription on youtube. *clicks subscribe button on other tab*

  5. wmpiam

    i have a wordpres too yay

  6. wmpiam

    i am the same wmpiam as above

  7. Hi, may I gotta say that I love this site already from reading the copyright notice alone!!! I’m putting you on my blogroll roster.

    You write darn well. 🙂

  8. Faye: glad you liked it. Just trying to be pragmatic 🙂 Feel free to use and adapt it for yourself!

  9. majuro

    the best copyright notice/warning ever. love its direct approach.. hehe i copied it in whole, if you don’t mind. ^_^

  10. majuro

    btw, it’s in my personal blog, and not on the link indicated by my username.

  11. The wider the ideas in this copyright notice get circulated, the happier I’ll be!

  12. Jake Leonard

    hey….you mean I can’t download a video for my Best of 2007 Compilation I will be working on around the end of the year?

  13. Jake: if you use my stuff in a commercial distribution without my permission you’d be breaking the law.

  14. Jake Leonard

    OK, I’ll take that into consideration and wait until it is time for me to ask you which videos I might be using, for your permission to use them.

    It might be around mid-December when I’ll be asking….Just a heads-up…

  15. Mind if I copy+paste this into my own copyright section? I didn’t read it yet, but would I will not be giving credit to you or this site. TIA 😉

  16. Peter: feel free to use it. If you use the READ CAREFULLY bit at the end, make sure you credit the people who actually created it.

  17. You remind me of my dad.

  18. wsmaestro

    If I were a more religious man, I might say, “Amen!!” to this Copyright Notice. Instead, I’ll just say, “It’s about fucking time someone put it out there!”

    Thanks for reminding me of honest and respectable people!

  19. LOL best legal policy ever 🙂

  20. Arj: I find myself being mildly worried on your behalf.

    wsmaestro: I just want to be honest and direct

    Urbanist: glad to liked it – feel free to appropriate an modify to suit your needs

  21. kevin zeng

    Hey, Mr Angry!
    Your blog is super.Thank you for providing thought-provoking topics.

  22. deepfriedbheja

    I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident, but i like the way you write. Am adding you to my blog roll….good to hear someone else’s rants bout topics that i usually rant about!

  23. wisdumb

    Hey. Just added you to my blogroll to my just created blog (

  24. witchybitch

    I have no idea why people think that anything published online is up for grabs.

  25. witchy: it depends what people want to do – spreading ideas is fine (e.g. I’m fine with people commenting on and reproducing parts of my posts so long as they link back). And obviously the famous quotes I posted aren’t “original” – they’ve been posted in hundreds of places before and I posted them here because they fit how I was feeling on that day. I don’t see how anybody else is hurt by me posting this generic content that exists elsewhere.

    Some people have made very stupid comments about the insult quotes being “stolen” content used to “trick” people into coming to my blog. I don’t recall holding anyone at gunpoint and forcing them to read them here, obviously they can read them in any of hundreds of places. I’ll take a wild guess and say that NOBODY who reproduces them online can lay claim to being the original compiler of the quotes – after all, they are quotes from very famous people.

    Wow, that’s a long response to a one sentence comment. I suppose the summary of my position is that if your intent is to spread ideas and give them a wider audience then I’m on your side. If your intent is to make money by leaching off other peoples’ creativity then you suck.

  26. freebornman

    mr angry…… man are you angry….. a man after my own heart. YOU are on my bogroll…. sorry blogroll!! keep em coming.

  27. I am indeed angry. Welcome aboard!

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  30. Boo

    Dear Mr Angry,
    Absolutely love your blog. As a late adopter to this type of technology, I am now a convert. I look forward to reading your rant every day at work (shhhhhh – it’s research into social media and how it could be leveraged at my company of course!).
    Not sure if you’re aware, but your blog actually made it into a work journal I read as the “Blog of the month”. Someone at the editorial board likes you! Let me know if you want to see it…

  31. You My Aussie Friend are full of wisdom, yet insane enough to not be called freakishly smart. That is what i like about you! 🙂

    One of your many youtube subscribers,

  32. Stefan

    I’m absolutely loving ur blog, it’s great to able to watch ur videos… the one bout corey delaney is hilarious… great stuff, keep it up!!!

  33. 🙂 Wait till a major news network pulls you up and claims they have the rights to “Angry Aussy”

  34. shawnn

    totally agree with ya opinions, man! keep it up!!

  35. Alex-Doomedlight

    HAHA, thats a much shorter way of saying ti ^^!

  36. Tyler Stephens

    You deserve your own international television show. I mean that. You have a wonderful perspective of the world and I thoroughly enjoy the fact that even though you have your own opinions, you would still listen to everyone else’s as well, provided that they were constructive and not personal attacks. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such an objective thinker. It’s objective thinking and beliefs based on facts and past events that the world needs. If you’re ever in Oregon, US, I’d be more than happy to let you stay at my place as long as you need, free of charge.

  37. Aleks

    As funny as your copyright is; you’re turning your internet site into a business. Whether good or bad. It seems your taking your own personal blog very seriously.

  38. Hey Angry Aussie, I’m a fellow vlogger from VH and i’m doing a seminar on internet censorship, are you cool if I use your video in my class? Complete credit given. Wanted to ask before just going ahead and using it.

  39. steven22xy4

    I like this, I’m gonna use it on my website since you’ve already said that its OK to others… – 22xy4 productions.
    I’m a big fan Mr. Angry, and when i get the money and time I’ll come down to one of the gatherings down in Melbourne. should be fun. see you there!

  40. Kaushik

    cool stuff dude… kip it up… loving it to d fullest!!!

  41. Dear AA;

    I’m changing my blog to a website, will be using some of here – but will make sure to state where credit’s due, have no wish for one of your TFU rants directed at me… Rather have you visit Barbados for cricket and we have a Banks beer together! 😉

  42. Great copyright policy you have here. In fact, I just officially added this to my blog. I also gave you credit and linked it back to you.

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  44. Edward

    Copyright is abit of bull but yet we do need it.

    Its bull because if you want to be protected like 100% or w.e sometimes you got to pay for it if its media crap.

    But really, if someone uses it and makes profit out of it without your green light then you got a case, proving you made it before they published it.

    One nice notice about this is my crap so screw you. 🙂

  45. Alix Cameron

    I like, applaud and will credit and link in an up coming post. I have used the creative commons licence but it seems to confuse many a commercially focused re publisher. Thanking you kindly for such a well articled post.

  46. Mari Wedø

    Dear Mr. Angry

    This is a request from the children`s science program “Newton” at The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation`s primary channel NRK1 (Non-commercial).
    We are currently making a report about sneezing, and while I was looking for some good examples/videos at youtube, I found your video.
    We wonder if it is possible to use some of this footage in our report? It will appear amongst other videos of sneezing, like a collage. We will credit you for the video of course.
    I am grateful to receive your answer as soon as possible.

    Best regards,
    Mari Wedo
    Producer, “Newton”

    • Hi Mari,

      By all means you can do that. If you’re not in a rush, I was planning to make another one with a better camera. This could be the motivation I need to finally get it done.

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  48. Hi Angry, thanks for the template and information in creating a copyright notice. I’ve linked it back to you, as well as amended it to be more about curses than angry, as that matches my business better. Thanks again. Your content is awesome. If you want to see what I did with it here it is.

  49. Jimbob Fernfarter

    Copyright is just a tool for the people who “have” to make the people who “have not” pay. For most of earths history there was NO copyright, so it is only a recent phenomenon. It promotes monopolies (considered universally undesirable) , it promotes anti competitive behaviours, in that well after a fair and reasonable return has been earned for the creators efforts, money is being earned for no effort or input at all!
    The “credit for ones work” protocol seems to me to be an ego thing which I find rather pathetic.
    The ultimate test to my mind is I find the idea that I can own a cure for someones disease or illness and charge inordinate amounts of money for it, thus excluding those who can not afford to pay, rather disgusting.
    NOTE:- Feel free to comment on, repost, copy, reuse, abuse in any manner anyone feels appropriate or even inappropriate.

    • Fuck off you brain dead cunt. That is the most pathetic pile of horseshit imaginable from a fucking loser who clearly never has and never will create anything of value to anyone. EVER.

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