It’s ON! Tony Abbott to be sunk by #LibSpill

Tony Abbott is circling the drain and it keeps getting funnier. He is so screwed and I couldn’t be happier. Even if he survives the spill he seems too arrogant to realise he’s mortally wounded and is dragging his party down with him.

A RABBI who knew an accused child abuser might flee the country says he did not know at the time that it was illegal for an adult to touch a child’s genitals. If his god was real he would be struck dead.

Missouri boy’s family stages his own 4-hour kidnapping for being ‘too nice’ to strangers

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Anti-vaxxers – they aren’t getting any smarter

This is one of those things that seems so apt I start to suspect it’s fake. Spotted on, this purports to be an editorial cartoon from the 1940s. If it’s real and not a mock-up, it’s mildly terrifying how fitting it is today. My favourites are the “Faddist” and “anti-everything” – they really remind me of the anti-vaxxers plaguing the world right now.

Anti-Vaxxers from the 1940s

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A new blog milestone

I didn’t make any big announcement about it but on January first I decided I’d see if I could get back to my old standard of posting at least once every day. This is something I managed for the first year of this blog and coming up to my nine year anniversary I decided to see if I could do it again.

That’s one months down – the first month I’ve posted something every day since June 2007! In order to celebrate essentially re-birthing this blog I thought I’d go about revamping my blog roll too. If you have a blog that you update regularly (that’s important!) let’s be blog buddies. Put a link to your blog in the comments for this post and I’ll add at least a few to my blog roll.

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Queensland election disaster means Abbott is finsihed!

Ding dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? Well, several actually. Campbell Newman has done the seemingly impossible – go from winning an historic majority in a state election to losing power in a single term. Then there is Tony Abbott. His cavalcade of fuckwittery is seen to have been a major contributor to one term conservative governments in Victoria and Queensland and there are very few people who think it won’t happen to the Federal LNP as well.

It appears enough of his own party has had enough of his shit that they are going to knife him. Or maybe they’ll put a loaded gun on the table in front of him and say “You know what you should do?” When MPs are being so direct as to say “All we are talking about now is the timing and method of execution,” off the record, that’s pretty bad. But when an MP is willing to say on camera what Jane Prentice says in this video – well, that’s simply unprecedented.

AIDzee and I can barely restrain our glee.

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Angry Comix – #MyOzObituary

Inspired by the hashtag generated by the justified disgust at the appalling opening of Colleen McCullough’s obituary in Murdoch rag “The Australian”, I imagine how my favourite masked characters might be remembered.


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Colleen McCullough dies, Tony Abbott politically dead, “raw milk” drinkers hopefully dead soon

I rarely watch my own videos back. This time I kind of had to in order to be able to write a description. I may have had a few drinks – enough that I didn’t have a really clear memory of what I said.

This video covers Tony Abbott making a fool of himself (again) by awarding a knighthood to Prince Philip (even Andrew Bolt thinks it’s idiotic), the appalling obituary for Colleen McCullough published by Murdoch rag The Australian which essentially led by calling her fat and ugly, some idiocy from Murdoch’s Fox network and some real idiots who thinks pasteurisation of milk is bad despite their “raw milk” causing kids to be hospitalised and even dying.

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Tony Abbott’s days are numbered

I have to admit that I am having the most extreme case of schadenfreude imaginable as Tony Abbott implodes. I’m too drunk to go into much depth with this but to see someone who represents everything I despise go down in a screaming heap with nobody to blame but himself – well, it’s just delicious.

He has nobody undermining him. Gillard had to deal with Rudd being a total piece of shit from day one. Bot Abbott has nobody screwing him over – everything he’s done has been unforced errors.

I fucking love it!

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