Do you love me? I mean really, really love me? What I’m saying is, do you love me more than your money? You know you can prove it. You can give some of your money to me.  In fact, it’s better than simply giving money to me. You would be exchanging money. For a piece of me. Kind of.

I have a range of t-shirts for sale. There are a couple of designs available on RedBubble and Zazzle. Zazzle lets you (the buyer) customise the products but RedBubble produces higher quality t-shirts. You pay for the quality difference but the choice is yours.

Unlike some sites which essentially put transfers onto t-shirts the RedBubble ones are actually screen printed which produces a way better looking and longer lasting result. Zazzle was pretty much an experiment suggested by a few people and I bought the cheapest shirt they make ($12.95US) to see the quality and I have to admit I was impressed. Not as good as Redbubble but damn cheap.

In all stores you can choose from this more or less default “Angry” image:

Angry Shirt

Angry Shirt

You can procure this lovely design from this RedBubble link, or this Zazzle link.

And there is also this design that I’ve been using as an icon on various sites:

AngryAussie Mask Design

AngryAussie Mask Design

Which is also available from this RedBubble link and this Zazzle link.

If you want to see what they look like when being worn, here’s a video I made while wearing the Zazzle shirt:

And here’s me doing a bit of a fashion parade with different shirts from RedBubble:


16 responses to “T-Shirts

  1. Emma

    You rock Andrew
    cant wait for the t-shirt YAY

  2. spookyet

    I can’t wait until you sell the funny, offending ones that you use in your videos. Those are awesome. I love those catchy phrases.

  3. Jackie

    I can’t wait to get my shirt!! You da bomb Andrew!!

  4. James

    I Want a T-Shirt

  5. Zombie Apocalypse! 5Stars I Want a T-Shirt!

  6. David(Holland)

    Hey you fuck………
    Keep on doing the good work……..!!

  7. cathy neely

    fuck hey

    u crazy,,,ahaha

    anyway we are tryin to organise 30 year reunion for 2011,,, if there is any chance of u joinin facebook,,, just so we can get every1 2gther,,
    cheers mate,,,

  8. Ellie4musel0l

    Mr angry.. I wish i had asked for one of your tshirts for christmas. Fekadek.

  9. Great shirt but won’t be people be afraid if I wear those ? 😀

    I agree redbubble shirt are better

  10. I praise those angry expression on T-Shirts

  11. Ash

    Love the prints! 🙂

  12. Kansan

    LOLOLOLOLLLOLOLOLOLOL The Aussies have it covered when it comes to telling the irrelevant media where to go with their b.s and whining.

  13. thatsme

    Where in the archives is your rant against poor grammar? Can’t find it- searched through a few years already?
    There Their etc
    cheers from an old colleague

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