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Religious nut hell-bent on bringing about the end of days

You don’t have to know much about me to know I think climate change deniers are utter fuckwits. Science-denying, politically-motivated lying morons. I gave up even attempting to engage with these idiots years ago – it’s an utterly wasted effort. A mild example of their stupidity is this effort from Fox:


What global warming? Glad you asked, Fox. The fucking global warming that’s fucking happening fucking everywhere. “Winter” does not negate the science that proves climate change. I could try to explain the difference between climate and weather. Or I could just say fuck the fuck off you fucking fucks.

This is what passes for logic with these fools “it’s cold here at this very moment therefore climate change isn’t real.” I assume they also assert there is no hunger in the world while gorging on a huge meal and say there is no poverty while rolling around naked in piles of their Murdoch cash.

Seriously, those are things i assume they do.

It’s bad enough when media outlets vomit these lies. It’s worse when politicians do it. It’s far worse when politicians who have control over policy do it. Like US Republican senator James Inhofe who decreed that “Man can’t change climate.” Apparently only his magic friend who lives in the clouds can do that. Fuck science, he’s got an imaginary friend who’s really powerful. Oh, and he chairs the senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee.

We are so fucked.

Hey, why not lighten the mood with this classic from 2008:



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