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Worst photo ever competition entrants

Let me just say there are some brave people out there.  I mean, I’m an idiot – it’s no surprise that I’d circulate a bad photo of myself.  But quite a few hardy souls entered my competition to try to come up with a worse photo than mine.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure.  Let the parade of horror begin!

Feel free to cast a vote below!



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Competition time (Worst photo ever)

Way back when we had a gathering for YouTube people in Melbourne a certain photo was taken of me.  We were having a party and there may have been alcohol involved and I may have consumed some of this hypothetical alcohol.  Or a lot.  It’s hard to be sure – my memory of events is a little hazy.

I had always assumed that this photo (without a doubt the worst photo of me ever taken) could be used to blackmail me.  So to head that off, I’ve decided to release the photo myself.  And why not celebrate the horror of bad photography?  So I’m running a competition as described in the following video.  To win the one-of-a-kind Mr Angry apron see if you have a worse photo of yourself.

You have nothing to lose but your dignity.


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I hate running competitions!

Why do I hate running competitions?  Because I have to pick a winner.  Or, more accurately, because I have to tell a bunch of other people they didn’t win.  I hate doing that.  Especially when I’ve run a competition where people have taken the time to put some creativity into their response.
I really wish I could send everybody a prize.  Because in a very important way, everyone who enters is a winner.  But in a far more accurate way, most entrants end up being losers.  Anyway, as I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been running a competition on YouTube where people who don’t have a video camera (or have a crappy one) can win a new digital camera from me.
I’ve finally gotten around to narrowing the entrants (about 20 of them) down to five finalists.  This was not an easy task and would have been bloody impossible without the input provided by my lovely girlfriend. 
For those who would like to help me out by providing some input, here are the finalists:
Damn these people and their creativity making it so hard for me to choose!


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Free sex and money – best competition ever!

There may be a little hyperbole in that title.  But I’m running a competition nevertheless.  Ever wanter to be a video blogger but you don’t have a camera?  I could help you with that.  I’m giving away a cheap (and quite frankly dodgy – particularly audio-wise) digital camera to the person who can convince me that they would make the best use of said camera.

The details:

This is mainly aimed at my YouTube audience but I thought I’d post it here as well to see if anyone was interested.  I’ve taken to calling it my “better than nothing” competition.  For the obvious reason.


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Help me promote the Melbourne YouTube gathering

So I mentioned previously that I’d been to the YouTube party in Sydney and had a great time.  Now I’m in full swing organising the gathering for YouTube users in Melbourne (known colloquially as AusOne) which will be in Federation Square on December 1st.

One thing I don’t think I mentioned about the Sydney gathering was I stole a bunch of YouTube shirts.  And they’re all too small for me.  So I’m giving them away.  After asking for suggestions on YouTube for what people should do to win a t-shirt, the best suggestion was that they should go to people who do the best promotion for the gathering.

So, if you feel like helping me out, come up with some creative ideas to get the word out.  Here’s me showing off the t-shirts:

If you’re interested, let me warn you: the shirts are really petite sizes.  I actually tried on the XL one and I could barely get my arms through the sleeves.  And let’s not even get started on how my gut hung out.

I have a slightly significant post planned in response to a question Funky Brown Chick left me on voicemail (call 0403069148 in Australia, 61403069148 if you’re overseas).  She asked me why I blog.  A fair question.  And since she asked, I’ve received some major news that makes for a really good answer.

But I’m too damn tired to write it now.


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