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Cory Delaney, party boy, is an idiot. The media are BIGGER IDIOTS

Sadly, this travesty of a non-story seems to have travelled around the world.  A 16 year old is allowed to “stay with friends while his mum and step dad go on a holiday.  Nothing should go wrong because he’s sternly told “no parties”.  Yeah, that’ll work.  The inevitable happens and the kid organises a party.

Except this particular knucklehead youthful arrogance and a complete inability to understand the concept of consequences and couples that with modern communications.  He’s actually stupid enough to announce the party and give out his home address on MySpace.  The predictable outcome ensues – a huge crowd shows up, the party gets out of control and the cops are called.

At this point, most people are probably thinking “been there, done that” (apart from the MySpace debacle).  Not quite.  The cops say there were 500 people (that’s a suspicious round number – I strongly suspect it’s bullshit).  The crowd was described as violent (riotous if you believe some reports) and the cops called in the dog squad and helicopter to disperse them.

This still wouldn’t have been a particularly unusual story if it wasn’t for the media angle.  One of the particularly cretinous tabloid “current affairs” shows decided it was their moral duty to publicly humiliate a 16 year old.  Yeah, way to take the moral high ground.  The intent was bad enough but when you couple that with a host who’s too incompetent to get the better of a none too bright kid, well, it devolves into the realm of deeply pathetic.

Predictably, the interview clip was a huge hit on YouTube.  If you haven’t seen it already, check it out and see who you think comes off as the bigger idiot:

While I’m not a fan of self-absorbed teenagers who seem to have been coddled their whole lives and have never been bothered with anything so tiresome as having to face the consequences of their actions, I really hate shitty media outlets.  I mean, seriously, an irresponsible 16 year old?  That’s a news story?  And the media wonder why they have all the credibility of a used car salesman.


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