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Fred in 30 years

“Fred” is the user name of the most subscribed channel on YouTube.  He was the first person to pass one million subscribers.  Rumour has it he makes $US5,000-10,000 each week just from Adsense revenue via YouTube. There are Fred branded shirts on sale at Hot Topic in the US (an probably other places).  I try not to let these facts depress me.

I frequently get asked what I think of Fred by people who say kind things like I deserve more success than him. The truth is, I have nothing against him. He’s not really my “thing” but good luck to him for his success. Rather than wasting time obsessing over the idea that he doesn’t deserve his level of success, I prefer to look on his success as a positive example of what is possible.

This video is my idea of what Fred will look like in 30 years.  By this time he is sure to have one billion subscribers.

And I have been warned about the “Fred Army”. Like I give a shit. If people can’t tell that this isn’t done in a mean spirited way then they are fucking morons. As Shakespeare was fond of saying “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.”



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