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Melbourne Graffiti History at Gasworks

I teamed up a little while ago with another local who’s heavily into the graffiti scene.  I’ve posted lots of videos in the past showing the graffiti around Melbourne but I don’t really know any detail about the scene.  The guy you’ll see in this video goes by the name DurtCityDestroyers on YouTube and he’s running a gallery show at a gallery called Gasworks (ut’s housed in an old gasworks building) that details the history of the Melbourne graffiti scene.

I’ll warn you up front, this guy doesn’t stop moving – he’s stuck on permanent fast forward!

Oh, and I have no idea what the story is with the bloke in the helmet.  Durt said he would explain it to me but I haven’t heard from him recently.  For anyone in Melbourne looking for something to do, the gallery launch is this Tuesday:

“Grassroots – an urban arts experience”
Gasworks Foyer Gallery
9th Sept – 20th Sept 2008
Launch on Tuesday 9th September 7pm – 9pm



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Relaxing at the Aquarium

If you’re in need of some relaxation then these videos I shot at Melbourne Aquarium might help. The first is some general shots set to music:

This one features the ever popular shark feeding. And freakishly large stingrays. Enjoy!


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Melbourne awesomeness – the best street art in the world

One of the great things about working in the CBD of Melbourne is the diversity.  Lots of great place to eat, great places to shop, an interesting array of people.  And some of the best street art you’ll find anywhere in the world.  Here’s some examples that I shot on a recent lunch hour.  Everything you see in these videos was in just two alleys, about a two minute walk away from each other.

Music in both videos is from NSG’s debut album, “Working Class Superstar”.



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A voyage on the Enterprize – attacked by pirates!

For any Star Trek fans who are having trouble dealing with the delays to the new Star Trek movie – I have something to tide you over.  On a recent weekend I got to go on a reproduction of the Enterprise that will be used in the new movie.
Actually, that’s close to a complete lie.  The Enterprize I was on is actually a reproduction of the tall ship that brought the first white settlers to Melbourne.  Which mean it’s Batman’s ship.  I’m not making that up.  Melbourne was founded by Batman.  Is your city that cool?
So maybe my weekend had nothing to do with Star Trek (although there is an image of the Enterprize in the opening credits of the most recent series, “Enterprise”) and I didn’t see any caped crusaders.  But I am pretty sure there was a genuine pirate on board.  Judge for yourself:
All in all, a fine way to spend a sunny day in Melbourne.


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How to speak Oz – lesson one

With the Melbourne As One gathering for YouTubers fast approaching (December 1st for those who need reminding) I find myself with a lot to do.  I’m answering questions, still hopeful of securing some sponsorship, organising events for the days and working with the Burnet Institute who are running the World AIDS Day Concert which is also on at Federation Square on the same day.

But I need to do more.  Now that several people from overseas have confirmed the will be coming I have realised I need to help them.  With the local language.  Many of them assume they will be OK because they think they speak English.  Sadly, some will find they only speak American which is not the same thing at all.

Teaching these people to speak Australian (or Strine as it is know to academics) will not be an easy task.  But I am not daunted.  I will start with the basics and work up from there.  Todays lesson covers two things visitors absolutely must know:


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Help me promote the Melbourne YouTube gathering

So I mentioned previously that I’d been to the YouTube party in Sydney and had a great time.  Now I’m in full swing organising the gathering for YouTube users in Melbourne (known colloquially as AusOne) which will be in Federation Square on December 1st.

One thing I don’t think I mentioned about the Sydney gathering was I stole a bunch of YouTube shirts.  And they’re all too small for me.  So I’m giving them away.  After asking for suggestions on YouTube for what people should do to win a t-shirt, the best suggestion was that they should go to people who do the best promotion for the gathering.

So, if you feel like helping me out, come up with some creative ideas to get the word out.  Here’s me showing off the t-shirts:

If you’re interested, let me warn you: the shirts are really petite sizes.  I actually tried on the XL one and I could barely get my arms through the sleeves.  And let’s not even get started on how my gut hung out.

I have a slightly significant post planned in response to a question Funky Brown Chick left me on voicemail (call 0403069148 in Australia, 61403069148 if you’re overseas).  She asked me why I blog.  A fair question.  And since she asked, I’ve received some major news that makes for a really good answer.

But I’m too damn tired to write it now.


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Walking tours of Melbourne

One of the things we want to do with the upcoming As One gathering in Melbourne is make it something more than standing around and saying hello. From all accounts (from those who have attended other gatherings) this is actually a fun thing to do and if that’s all we manage to get happening in Sydney then it will be a success.

But for Melbourne we’re planning to “take it to the next level” as they say. I’m not sure exactly who “they” are in this context but I’m sure somebody says that. To that end, we’re in the midst of planning a range of activities for the day.

When considering the nature of the likely attendees (people with video cameras) and the fact many of them may not know Melbourne very well we decided showing off some of the more hidden, yet visually interesting, parts of Melbourne would be a good idea. So we will be offering some walking tours to show off some Melbourne secrets.

Fortunately, as this video shows, there are many interesting things only a short walk from our gathering point.


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