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Yard work sucks

Seriously.  I fucking hate yard work.  On top of everything else I’m doing, I’m trying to prepare for a kid’s party on Sunday.  And it looks like we’re in for a few days of torrential rain so I had to get out and mow the lawn and trim the edges this morning before the storm set in.

Have I mentioned before that I’m very lazy?  And out of shape?  I pretty much got a year’s worth of exercise crammed into a few hours today.  And it feels like my fucking arms are going to fall off.  It’s almost beyond my abilities right now to sit here and type.

And after months of preparation the big YouTube gathering starts in about 36 hours.  Wait a minute, it’s actually 2 and 1/2 days not 1 and 1/2.  I’m right on the edge of freaking out over this.  One of the ways this is manifesting is I’ve had no sense of time this week.  It feels like everything is going to happen NOW.  I’m consistently forgetting which day of the week it is.  On Monday I thought it was Friday and had a panic attack.

Next week it will all be over.  And I’m sure I’ll have no idea whatsoever what to do with myself.



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