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Angry Comix – #MyOzObituary

Inspired by the hashtag generated by the justified disgust at the appalling opening of Colleen McCullough’s obituary in Murdoch rag “The Australian”, I imagine how my favourite masked characters might be remembered.


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Colleen McCullough dies, Tony Abbott politically dead, “raw milk” drinkers hopefully dead soon

I rarely watch my own videos back. This time I kind of had to in order to be able to write a description. I may have had a few drinks – enough that I didn’t have a really clear memory of what I said.

This video covers Tony Abbott making a fool of himself (again) by awarding a knighthood to Prince Philip (even Andrew Bolt thinks it’s idiotic), the appalling obituary for Colleen McCullough published by Murdoch rag The Australian which essentially led by calling her fat and ugly, some idiocy from Murdoch’s Fox network and some real idiots who thinks pasteurisation of milk is bad despite their “raw milk” causing kids to be hospitalised and even dying.

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