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Mr Poop-Your-Pants

A little while ago, on of my friends on YouTube, Cory Williams (AKA Mr Safety of SMP Films) did a video where he wondered if he was doomed to be known as “the Mean Kitty guy”.  Cory has done a huge amount of work creating online videos and is deservedly one of the top 20 most subscribed people of all time on YouTube. 
But by far his most popular video on YouTube is a song he wrote when he acquired an unusually aggressive kitten.  Because it was always fighting with him he named it Sparta and wrote a song called “Hey Little Sparta” AKA The Mean Kitty Song. 
Prior to this video, Cory’s most popular video had been seen well over a million times.  The Mean Kitty Song exploded past that and had been viewed around six million times last time I looked.  I’m sure Cory was as surprised by this as anyone.  Now, whenever he makes a video featuring Sparta it’s viewed hundreds of thousands of times within days.  All good, but Cory was a little worried that this might ultimately be limiting and he would be forever doomed to be known as “Mean Kitty Guy”.
Count your lucky stars.
Judging by the traffic to this blog, I’m likely to be known as “Mr Shit Your Pants”.  Far and away the most popular thing I’ve ever written on this blog was my rant about the diet pill “alli” that has the unfortunate effect of making users lose control of their bowels and shit orange oil. 
I wrote it almost a year ago and at the time it was a big hit on Reddit and Digg, generating well over 100,000 hits in a matter of days.  It appears the appeal of poop humour doesn’t fade because somebody re-posted the link to Reddit last week which resulted in another 20,000+ hits.  I didn’t even know you could re-submit stuff to Reddit (note to self: mark diary for six months from now to submit it again. Muahahahahahah, more readers!)
As much as being known as “Funny Orange Oily Shit Guy” doesn’t sound too great, it’s better than not being known at all!  Plus, it isn’t really that bad.  Longer term readers of this blog may remember that I almost went to the USA last year to be interviewed for a current affairs show on one of the big 3 broadcast networks.  The journalist who found me actually discovered me thanks to the notoriety of that post.
And he didn’t want to interview me about people shitting their pants!  He was actually researching “anger” and decided because of the popularity of that post I might make a good interview subject.  So I am apparently a world-renowned expert on anger.
Hey, Michelle Pfeiffer’s first starring role was in “Grease 2” and that didn’t hold her back.  Poop jokes will always make people laugh but that doesn’t mean I’m stuck telling them for the rest of my life!


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