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Satire and Terrorism

Waking up to more news that humans are essentially shit is never good.The murder by Islamic extremists of staff, visitors and police at the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo was truly appalling on every level. Sometimes I have trouble processing the idea that some people will inflict violence and murder because they were “offended”. Then I realise I probably have too high an opinion of humans and I’m forgetting how fucked some of them are.

Actually, I’m not sure that’s a failing on my part.

Anyway, I’m one of the majority who didn’t actually know anything about the magazine Charlie Hebdo before this attack. Looking at material that’s been published today it seems obvious they’ve gone out of their way to antagonise a whole range of people, Muslims have only been one of many targets. “Equal opportunity offenders” as many people have put it. Anyone who’s paid attention to things I’ve done will know I have no time for any type of religion or for people who think I should give a shit about the fact they are “offended” by something.

But I also have no time for bigots and among the covers of Charlie Hebdo I’ve seen published today was material that’s undeniably racist (not just racist representations of Arabic Muslims but also Jews and Africans), sexist, homophobic, slut-shaming, fat-shaming and more. And none of it seemed very sophisticated. Overall, it was very juvenile in tone. Like someone in Australia criticising Clive Palmer or Gina Rinehart by saying they’re fat.

The publishers had every right to publish the material they did, as they saw it they were on a mission. But when an all white editorial team publishes material that includes the most regressive sort of bigoted visuals about their non-white targets it’s more than reasonable to ask why their satire has to be so racist. In fact, in general, in would hurt white satirists (and white fans of satire) to shut the fuck up and listen to people of colour who say “what you call satire, we call racism”.

I’m not saying every cry of racism/sexism etc is valid (like I said – not a fan of easily offended people) but it rarely hurts to have a conversation when someone raises it. The free speech absolutists (usually white and male) have a tendency to be self-centred and obnoxious and are also usually lying They all have something they think is unreasonable to say but if you happen to be their chosen target and take exception to what they say, you’re overly sensitive.

In short, the perpetrators of these murders are utter scum. Worthless filth who epitomise everything that is wrong with humanity. The murders cannot be justified or even mitigated by any rational or vaguely decent person. But I still don’t have a lot of time for people who justify what they call “equal opportunity offending” when they really mean “stop calling attention to the fact I just want to slag off brown people”.


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1+1 DOES NOT =3

A few thoughts on facts, lies, disagreement, argument and controversy.

I’ll start with a self-evident fact. 1+1=2. There’s no shades of grey there, it’s a simple, irrefutable mathematical fact that 1+1=2. Now imagine someone comes along and wants to propose that 1+1 in fact =4. I don’t know why they want to assert something so ridiculous. Maybe a magic bloke in the sky told them. Or maybe they have a book that they declare is the divine word of this magic bloke in the sky despite the fact it’s nothing more than a bunch of fairy stories invented centuries ago to scare illiterate goat herders into behaving themselves.

Whatever. They’re being very loud about their belief that 1+1=4. No amount of evidence will sway them. The fact that every credible mathematician in the world tells them that, no, your point of view isn’t valid, 1+1 is definitely 2 doesn’t even slow them down. They trot out someone they call a “creation mathematician” who says that because the magic bloke in the sky created everything including numbers, whatever he says about numbers must be true, therefore 1+1=4.

The actual mathematicians spend a bit of time trying to think of the most polite way to say “Fuck off and leave us alone you deranged, inbred fuckwit”. In the meantime, some other people who believe in the magic bloke in the sky start to think the creation mathematicians are onto something. “I’ve never understood mathematics, I’ve failed every maths test I’ve taken in my life. I reckon it’s because the mathematicians are wrong. All that complicated thinking is just there to confuse us. I believe the magic bloke in the sky says 1+1=4.”

It never occurs to them that the reason they don’t understand mathematics is that they are really fucking stupid. Likewise, not understanding mathematics is a good indication you should leave it to the mathematicians rather than shouting that the simpler thing you’ve decided you believe in is more valid.

Soon, politicians start to latch onto creation mathematics. They’ve known for years that it’s easier to get ten morons to vote for them than it is to get one smart person on their side. They have all had expensive educations at the most prestigious universities in the country and they know creation mathematics is fucking insane. They also know how much the inbred yokels lap it up when they talk about being simple folk who believe in the same “down home” values.

So it starts to be put about that creation mathematics should be part of the school curriculum. Because so many uninformed morons believe it, it should be taught alongside mathematical principles that have been proven by the greatest thinkers in history. Because the blatherings of clueless fuckwits have the same validity as the output of the finest minds known to humanity – what are you, an elitist or something?

Most maths teachers jack up at this saying “creation mathematics” isn’t mathematics and has no place in a classroom because it’s fucking voodoo. The weasel politicians say you should “teach the controversy” despite the fact the only controversy is the fact that morons whose outlook belongs more in the middle ages think they deserve to be taken seriously.

Then someone suggests a compromise, maybe we should follow the middle ground. Maybe neither “extreme” is right. This is bullshit for a couple of reasons. First, there’s only one extreme here – the extreme stupidity in believing in superstitious rubbish like creation mathematics over science. Second, the two viewpoints are not equally valid. The rantings of an ignorant fool who believes in a magic bloke in the sky simply don’t belong in the same place as the works of someone following rigorous scientific and/or academic process.

In short, a compromise would be saying 1+1=3 and that simply isn’t right. There are times when compromise is a good thing (in fact, this is probably the case most of the time) but sometimes it is simply not a legitimate option. Sometimes one answer is absolutely right and one asnwer is absolutely wrong. 1+1 will never =3.

Obviously, nothing as stupid as this could happen in the real world, I was using this fictional example to illustrate a point. I’m a very reasonable person (despite some performances that may suggest otherwise). I know some people can’t tell the difference between a performance and real life but trust me, in real life I’m likely to go out of my way to avoid offending someone. But I won’t back away from a fight when some fucking moron wants to fly in the face of reality with their stupid ideology.

So don’t expect me to “respect” someone who doesn’t deserve any respect. Sometimes people are so ignorant, so duplicitous and so WRONG that contempt is all they deserve. And I have to admit, I enjoy dishing it out.


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Atheist bigots – shut the fuck up

People who think the simple fact they profess to be atheists makes them automatically smarter than anyone who believes in god can shut the fuck up any time now.  I’m not sure what pisses me off most about this attitude – the innate arrogance, the internal logical contradiction or the ignoring of objectively observable reality.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think religious fundamentalists are morons.  I’ve been very clear that I think people who want to place their religious beliefs on an equal footing on science are evil and enemies of humanity.  None of that means there aren’t atheists who are utter fuckwits.  I can’t stand people who push the line “I think believing in god is stupid, I don’t believe in god, therefore I’m smarter than anyone who believes in god.” 

My response is: shut the fuck up you egotistical, self-deluding simpleton. 

Because this type of bigot reflexively accuses me of being a religious fundamentalist I’ll waste a little time explaining what my beliefs are.  (I call this a waste of time because it’s no easier to reach atheist bigots than it is to reach any other sort of bigot.  Who else but a religious nut would challenge their sacred belief is the superiority of atheism?)  My take on the question “Does god exist?” is that it’s irrelevant.

The idea that any “supreme being” could possibly give a shit what us insignificant insects get up to is laughable.  And the idea that said deity would punish us for eternity for not bowing down and offering out lifelong obeisance is fucking ridiculous.  Those are human behaviours.  Any being with those sorts of failings is a long way from supreme.  

And I wholeheartedly reject every religion on the planet.  No matter how humble and selfless the beliefs of any individual may be, religious institutions exist solely to exert power over other people.  Fuck that.  Besides which, all religions are working on the assumption that at least 95% of the planet is wrong (when it comes down to it, intra-religion sects hate each other more than they do outsiders).  Why not go with the odds and assume 100% of them are wrong?

So if I reject religion, why am I telling hardcore atheists to shut the fuck up? Maybe you consider yourself a follower of science and rational, objective reason.  Good for you.  That doesn’t make you innately more intelligent than ANYONE.  Atheism is a belief system the same as any religion.  You can’t prove that god doesn’t exist any more than anyone can prove god does exist.  You believe that your rational thought system is right and religious belief is wrong.  But by itself, that isn’t a measure of intelligence.

Sure, you can point to insane bastards who reject conclusive science like evolution in favour of their literal interpretation of religious texts.  Being able to point out complete freaks doesn’t define you as a genius.  In fact, an arrogant belief in one’s superiority is usually a sure sign of lack of intelligence.  Intelligent people are actually the most likely to say “I don’t know”.  Something religious fundamentalists and atheist bigots have in common is an unswerving beliefs in their rightness – there is something essentially wrong with anyone who disagrees with them.

When someone says “My fundamental non-religious beliefs make me automatically smarter than someone with fundamental religious beliefs” I say “Shut the fuck up!”  The fact that someone who would say that is too stupid to see the inherent logical contradiction would be funny if it wasn’t sad.  Neither intelligence nor your worth as a human is measured solely on where you lie on the religion/atheism continuum.  Unless the person doing the measuring is a fundamentalist zealot.

It really bugs me how atheist zealots argue they are more intelligent than religious believers in the face of objective evidence to the contrary.  Saying that a belief in god makes you automatically stupid denies obvious things like the number of scientists and scholars who are religious.  Not to mention the amount of scholarly work that has been done through the ages and continues to be done by religious groups.

Why are some atheists so scared to admit that they are following a deeply held belief rather than some objective reality?  What the hell is wrong with belief?  When you can admit you hold beliefs rather than some indisputable truth you’re saying that you’re still open to questions.  You’re intelligent and objective enough to admit that there is always more to learn. 

Of course you think your beliefs are right.  By definition when you believe something you think you’re right.  And it makes sense to defend your beliefs passionately and point out what you think is wrong with contradictory views.  But a sure sign of an ignorant, anti-intellectual fuckwit is someone who’s convinced they have no more to learn and it’s impossible they will ever be proved wrong.

I’ve learned from experience that there is a certain (small) subset of atheists who are incapable of making the concession they could be wrong.  In this they are every bit as much a fundamentalist as the most backward religious freak.  Pressing them on this point tends to make them freak out.  But I don’t give a fuck.

Atheist bigots need to shut the fuck up.


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The following people can shut the fuck up (part one)

Any time now…
Let me preface this by saying concentrated stupidity annoys me more than I realised.  I’ve just taken a long weekend off to have a lovely, restful time in a Bed & Breakfast on the coast northeast of Melbourne (I may share some videos of this break at a later date).  This was a proper holiday – I not only didn’t post any videos or make any blog posts, I didn’t  go online at all.  This meant when I got home I had about 200 comments to read through.
There are a couple of videos I’ve posted to YouTube where I was, quite frankly, deliberately trying to pick a fight.  I picked some groups who annoyed the shit out of me and went for their throats.  This results in me regularly getting stupid comments from said antagonised groups which was exactly what I wanted.  As my general obsessive pattern is to check messages several times a day, I usually only have to deal with these moronic comments one at a time which makes them funny.
But having not looked at messages for three days meant I had to read through about a dozen really stupid comments in rapid succession.  This got very fucking annoying.  To clarify: I don’t mind when people disagree with me.  I know very intelligent people frequently have divergent opinions.  That’s why they’re called opinions, they’re subjective – they are not objective reality.  I get on  quite well with some people who disagree with me on almost every political and social issue.
It’s stupid people that piss me off.  People who obsessively cling to dogma and seem to believe if they repeat the same, easily disprovable crap over and over it will magically become true.  And what’s more, these brain-damaged rejects have some insane belief that I am compelled to “debate” them.  Let me make this clear: you can have whatever insane beliefs you want, I really don’t give a fuck.  But when you want to control public discourse or you want to influence politics in such a way that it affects everyone’s lives then I’m not going to be quiet.
But I’m not going to “debate” you.  First, I have better things to do with my time.  I will decide when I want to go back and forth with someone, I will not have this requirement forced on me by someone I regard as a fuckwit.  Second, some things simply aren’t up for debate.  The evidence is in.  The fact that some loudmouths (including people who may run for US President) insist on spouting insane shit doesn’t mean there’s any “debate”.  It simply means that loudmouths are spouting insane shit.
So that’s the preamble, let’s get to the first group who can shut the fuck up any time now:
Believe in the magic bloke in the sky all you like – I don’t think belief in god means a person in stupid.  I’ve met way to many smart religious people and way too many stupid atheists to fall into that trap.  But creationism is plain fucking stupid.  Denying evolution is plain fucking stupid.  Trying to subvert the teaching of science in schools is sick, evil and wrong.  And it must be stopped.
I have actually had to deal with morons saying creationism is valid science.  There is no science whatsoever in creationism or its evil, inbred cousin, so-called “intelligent” design.  ID is nothing apart from creationism wearing a cheap white smock they bought at a costume shop that they think makes them look like a scientist.  The evil scum who propose that this drivel should be taught as science are worse than pure religious creationists. 
At least the religious fundamentalists wear their ignorance proudly.  The unintelligent design shysters aren’t even that honest.  I’d hate to break it to you freaks, but your lies are really obvious.  You can repeatedly say your spirit worhip is science but it doesn’t stop being voodoo.  And I really don’t fucking care how much you have politicians scared into not speaking out against you.  The fact that the President of the USA says your shit should be taught alongside evolution doesn’t make it valid.  It simply means he’s a fucking moron.
So, in short, I will not engage creationists.  They’re not worth it.  I will, however, enjoy myself by taunting them and even viciously attacking them.  They aren’t worth expending one iota of intellectual effort.  They are beneath contempt.  But I will take every opportunity to have fun by ripping them apart.
Oh, and for those fuckwits who are such a charming mix of pedantry, indignation and flat-out stupidity – this isn’t an ad hominem attack.  If I said you are stupid which proves your argument is stupid that would be an ad hominem attack.  Science has objectively proven your argument is unmitigated bullshit so I don’t have to do that.  I’m launching personal attacks on you because it’s fun.


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