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One job I won’t be doing

I’ve mentioned a few times I’m leaving my current job soon.  I don’t know what my next job will be but I’ve come to the realisation that there are some jobs I can’t do.  It may surprise you to learn this, but there are some jobs that aren’t suited to people prone to explosive outbursts of anger.

So yeah, I figure that I’ll never be a starship captain.  And not only because Star Trek is fictional and I need a factual job.  It seems every crew from every series are a bunch of whiners.  I don’t think I’d even be able to limit myself to a phaser set to stun.  I’d be handing out photon torpedo suppositories.  And I’d tell the really annoying ones I was beaming them down to a planet to explore than make sure I missed by a few million kilometres and beamed them into the heart of a sun.

Although it would make for some great TV.



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