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Play-doh toy looks like a cock – so does Scott Morrison

The first TFU Friday starts with Scott Morrison, the minister for being an evil bastard whose responsibilities move from immigration to social services. Read this story if you want a taste of the bastardry to come. Then there’s the delightful drug-fucked couple that police found in a cupboard they thought they were trapped in. And finally, the furore about Hasbro’s cock-shaped play-doh extruder. Although I think that says more about the parents than the kids.


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TFU Files – Lying gay conservatives

One of my favourite topics earned a guernsey for this week’s TFU Friday – anti-gay conservatives who are actually gay. Roy Ashburn isn’t as spectacular as Ted Haggard (using church money to buy crack cocaine and gay escorts) or as funny as Larry Craig (I have a “wide stance”) but he’s one of the boys now.

Here’s a fun slideshow of anti-gay hypocrites through the years.

The other story that caught my eye was so fucked up it’s almost sad. Fox News sued for the right to deliberately lie to the public – and they won. How do you even satirise an outfit that has stopped even pretending they have a soul?


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Totally fucked up or totally cool?

Funniest eyewitness statements ever. Who says street shootings can’t be funny?

Sometimes it’s only your point of view the determines whether or not something is Totally Fucked Up. This TFU Friday it’s up to you to decide whether or not the stories are Totally Fucked Up or totally cool.

First is “Internet sensation” Clare Werbeloff who gave a funny account of a shooting in Sydney’s Kings Cross.  Some call here a bogan, some even call her a fake. Check it out for yourself

And then there’s Josko Risa, currently running for mayor of the Croatian town Prolozac. The slogan for his openly corrupt campaign is “All for me, none for you.”

And thanks to Nick for pointing me to that one!

And finally there’s my “friends” at The Taboo Group who previously sent me Chuck and are now sending me mutilated Barbie heads in the mail.

Here’s some info about the movie “Prey” I missed seeing. DAMMIT!


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