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And now for something different

A bit of a change of pace for me now (I haven’t gotten back into the rhythm of writing in my lunch hour yet – maybe next week.)  Completely out of left field, I decided to tell a story from my youth.  As I explain in the video, this was inspired by watching someone else on YouTube telling a story about a burglar.

There was this one time when I was about 17…


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May you live in interesting times

There is a proverb that goes “May you live in interesting times”.  Many people say this is actually more of a curse than a proverb.  The idea is that “interesting” means trouble.  Well, the blogging bot from the future has an opinion on that.

So these interesting times will definitely be challenging.  But I side with the blogging bot from the future.  This is an adventure.  Maybe even a revolution.  And I’m all for creating the future – right here, right now.


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