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Who the fuck is Paul McCartney anyway?

On New Year’s Eve, Kanye West released surprise track in which he duets with Paul McCartney. Twitter lit up with people first saying “who is this unknown signing with Kanye” then with people ranting that if you know Kanye but not McCartney, you’re an idiot.

A lot of outlets have pointed out that many of the most widely circulated “who is this McCartney?” tweets were obvious jokes (including this interview with the guy who posted probably the most widely circulated tweet).



There’s nothing quite like someone rushing to pass judgement on someone else in an attempt to show their intellectual superiority when all they really show is that they’re the prize fuckwit.

I’ll take it one step further than pointing out to self-important idiots that they were too fucking stupid to get an obvious joke. I’m going to back the Kanye fans who genuinely never heard of┬áPaul McCartney. Why the fuck should they know who Paul McCartney is? What has that boring old bastard contributed to music in the last 40 years that wasn’t complete shit?

Let me stop you before you jump up and say how much you love Paul McCartney. I don’t fucking care. All that tells me is you have awful taste in music. You have the whitest, blandest most boring taste is music imaginable. If you like the Beatles that’s one thing. They were a major force in mid-20th century music. And they broke up over forty years ago. Move the fuck on. Liking the Beatles and wanting to insist they are more important today than Kanye just makes you conservative. Liking anything McCartney did after? I get as much musical pleasure from pouring lukewarm porridge into my ears.

I also don’t care if you don’t like Kanye’s music (as opposed to not liking Kanye himself – that’s a whole other issue). Liking or not liking the music is simply personal taste, but Kanye is a major force in music today. Saying otherwise makes you look stupid. McCartney is fuck all on today’s music scene.

As a kind of footnote, it’s almost impossible to parody how stupid people are today. We are surrounded by so many examples of stupidity every single day that no matter how much you exaggerate your “joke” there’s probably someone who actually believes that shit literally. I mean, global warming deniers, am I right? Those fuckers are in government. That’s the real issue, not your grumpy old man routine about kids today.

Now get off my lawn!


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Racists upset that Miss America isn’t white enough

Not all racists are objectively stupid and not all stupid people are racists. But holy crap some racists are prone to saying skull-fuckingly stupid things. Then they compound their public racism and stupidity by being oblivious to how staggeringly racist their pronouncements are. Say what you will about the Aryan Brotherhood, at least they tend to be honest about who and what they are.

The latest expression of this racist stupidity came when the winner of the 2014 Miss America Pageant (yeah, that’s still a thing) turned out to be not white enough for a number of Americans. Miss New York, and now Miss America 2014, is Syracuse, NY born Nina Davuluri. Possibly worse than being brown, she had the audacity to be the offspring of people with a name that simply doesn’t sound white enough.

And fuck anyone who says the responses were anything but racist. If Miss New York had been a first generation American who was blonde, blue eyed and named Anderson with parents from Sweden none of these idiots would have batted an eyelid. The simple fact Nina Davuluri is brown-skinned with a surname they don’t recognise is all these morons need to justify saying she isn’t American.

Twitter fairly exploded with the indignation of these ignorant racists which doesn’t surprise me. What does blow my mind is these idiots live in such a self-absorbed bubble that they clearly didn’t realise there would be any negative response to their profoundly offensive racism being vomited across a public forum. Several sites have collected choice examples of their bigotry, collecting gems such as calling her, an Arab, a Muslim, al-qaeda, a camel jockey and a terrorist – none of which even have the dubious saving grace of being factually accurate.

At least some of the bigots accurately grasped Davuluri’s Indian heritage. It’s probably a matter of personal taste whether you are more disgusted by the bigots who think she’s Arabic or the bigots who realise her family is Indian. Myself, I find it too tough to call which group is more offensive.

While I’m not into witch-hunts myself I did get some amusement from seeing how many of the Twitter accounts that have been publicly shamed have been deleted or switched to protected mode. I’m sure they’re outraged at the fact that people actually disagreed with them and regard their public outing as bigots as an infringement of their civil liberties. Which it obviously isn’t. The right to free speech is NOT the same as not same avoiding any responsibility or consequences for the shit you dribble. And if they’re not claiming free speech they’re claiming anyone who criticises their bigotry is kowtowing to political correctness.

The same people who say they should be allowed to say whatever hateful thing they want to regarding any minority are invariably the same freaks who invoke “9/11” as something holy that must not be sullied. In fact, several of these utter fucking morons said that allowing Nina Davuluri to win Miss America so close to 9/11 was some sort of horrific insult. This would be a moronic even if she was Muslim but we come back the she is, in fact, not Muslim. I’m sure these morons would mutter something along the lines of “same part of the world”. This glosses over the fact that Ms Davuluri was born in America, not India but even if she had been, it’s worth pointing out (seeing as the majority of these drooling idiots thing Iraq was responsible for 9/11) Paris is closer to Baghdad than New Delhi is.

Still, brown people – fuck ’em, amirite?

At the end of this, I’m left with one question: why does it appear that the Miss America crown is being nailed into the winner’s skull? That shit looks painful.


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