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YouTube is my life – for real!

So I’ve made a momentous decision to stop messing about with this online stuff and do it for real. Namely, I am going to spend the next six months focusing primarily on YouTube as my source of revenue. I’ll be increasing my activity in other online arenas as well, like this blog and Facebook. But given that YouTube is already a revenue stream for me, that’s where most of my energy will be going.

The YouTube Partner Program is not the most secure way to earn an income. YouTube would be well within their rights to alter the deal or to revoke the Partner Program altogether any time they felt like it. This isn’t something I think is going to happen but it would be stupid to think it’s impossible. So while my initial goal is to raise my profile on YouTube, it isn’t the only part of my strategy.

I will be working with a friend who is a well known comedy director to write some scripts that we will develop into videos. While these will go onto YouTube, they are also being developed with an eye to other possible revenue streams: DVDs, iTunes and selling them to TV stations are all options.  In short, I’m going to be busy. And I plan to be dragging quite a few other people in to make them busy as well.

Stay tuned

And yes, the inspiration for this post’s title is this legendary YouTube video:


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