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Haters don’t count – this is for the hated

I’ve had a few discourses on the topic of haters and negative behaviour in the past but until reading this recent guest post on BoingBoing I’d never considered that by labelling someone else a hater I’m effectively labelling myself “the hated”.  I found that a little jarring (which I don’t think was the author’s intent) because it’s such a negative and (to me) submissive word.

What I liked about the post is that he was giving people who might feel alone and victimised a lifeline. You’re not alone. You’re not at fault. You’re not powerless. Here are some ways to deal with haters.  It inspired me to do the following video:

When I’ve dealt with the topic I’ve always tried to do it as a show of support for other people who find themselves on the receiving end of abuse.  Attacking haters can be fun but it’s ultimately pointless.  This is simply because there is not point to hater behaviour no matter how much they talk themselves up.  They are weak, pathetic people with nothing of value to offer so they seek to tear others down.

A friend of mine once described the situation as the world being made up of two types of people: mountain climbers and ditch diggers.  When mountain climbers see someone above them thy start climbing in order to reach the same heights. When ditch diggers see someone above them they start digging a hole with the hope that the other person will fall into it.

So my philosophy is: don’t let haters get to you.  Their attacks on you are nothing more than their admission you are better than them.  You’re better and they have no hope of ever equalling you so they want to drag you down.  Ignore them and they’ll fester away in the dark hole they’ve created for themselves.

And just to round off, here’s a link to Ricky Gervais’ blog:



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Yolog a day – Day 2: Recommended reading

I thought I’d throw out a few reading recommendations. I could give heaps more but this is a start.

And here’s some free stuff online:


Science Fiction!

Zombies! (Start with Monster Island)

Cory Doctorow’s stuff:

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Yolog a Day – Day 1 Communication

I’ve been inspired to shift gears for a week by Anakin1814 a YouTube friend so it’s all his fault.  I’m making a personal video each day for a week (which is called a yolog not vlog no matter how many fools say otherwise) just to explore some ideas. In this first one,  I talk about my approach to online communication and a few other things.

You also get to meet my stitch baby!  The stitch baby was made for me by the wonderful Lucy!

Actually, I almost re-shot this because I watched it and I wasn’t very lively. But I covered a lot of stuff I wanted to and I don’t mind the conversational style.


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Angels and Demons = Horseshit and Bollocks

I was just at the movies and noticed a poster for the forthcoming sequel to The DaVinci Code, Angel and Demons.  A more accurate title would be Horseshit and Bollocks.  I’ve never bothered to read any of Dan Brown’s books or watched the previous movie.  The list of books I want to read before that is too long and life is too short.   For that reason I won’t pass judgement on his writing – there’s plenty of other people doing that.  Whether his writing is good or bad is immaterial to why his books and more specifically the hype around them pisses me off.

Bad fiction I can deal with.  But when a hack writer uses the hype of “this is inspired by the truth” to sell books I feel like getting out the angry hammer and looking for skulls to crack.  Particularly annoying is how it appeals to conspiracy theory whackjobs.  And in case anyone is unclear on how I feel about those brain dead, self-important conspiracy-spouting shit-weasels who’d rather jack off to their insane fantasies of how they are the only ones clever enough to see through vast conspiracies that “the sheeple” are duped by… well, I think they’re just super.

I really want to reiterate that this isn’t about the quality (or lack thereof) of Dan Brown’s writing.  I don’t look down on people who read and enjoy his books.  Lots of intelligent people I know fall into this category. I simply choose not to do so myself.  It’s the fucked up “wooo isn’t it spooky that all these secrets exist” bullshit that I can’t tolerate.  If the choice is between reading nothing and reading Dan Brown then definitely read Dan Brown.  Even ingesting the verbal diarrhoea that Oprah recommends is better than simply watching Oprah.

That goes for Twilight too.  It’s really trendy to say the Twilight books are shit and they only appeal to dippy little girls and Mormons.  They are still fucking books!  Reading is a good thing!  You know what I started out reading? Comic books.  And how many idiotic adults think they are trash that should be banned?  I’m not even talking about deep and meaningful “graphic novels” – I’m talking trashy, pulpy comic books.  Then I graduated to reading Doctor Who novelisations. 

If any adult had tried to rip these from my grasp and force me to read “real books” that would have been the last thing I ever read.  But because I was reading what I wanted, I enjoyed reading and slowly progressed to more challenging books.  These days I even occasionally commit literature.  Why do people not get this and insist on telling those who read things they don’t approve of to stop that right now!   They’ll stop all right.  And never pick up a book again.

So yeah, if Dan Brown would lay off his “it’s true!” schtick I’d be less inclined to want to bash his brains out with a cricket bat.  Even if he is a shitty writer.


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800 YouTube videos – maybe the haters are right

Waaaaaay back in June 2006 when I started on YouTube, I wouldn’t have believed I’d manage to make over 800 videos. After the fact it seems to have been very easy to do.  I hate to think where this creative energy would have ended up without this. I suspect there would have been heads on sticks at the bottom of my garden.

As is usual for my 100 milestone, I’ve done a compilation of clips of videos 701-799. If you have a spare 15 minutes, sit back and enjoy!


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