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Rick Perry smells worse than cat poo

It’s TFU Friday and this week I’m talking about Rick Santorum, stinky cat poo and horrible bugs. Those are different stories, by the way, it isn’t all about Santorum. Honest.

Links for more info:

I’m usually up late and so I see a lot of infomercials. It bugs me how often they are blatantly lying and apparently it bugged a New York judge as well who found it “highly implausible” 11 panelists would “stick their noses in jars of excrement and report 44 independent times that they smelled nothing unpleasant.”

And the world is full of people who want to tell you how fucked up Rick Santorum is.

If you really want to know more about that horrible Satan Bug, what’s wrong with you? But there’s info here

And I’ll round off with my friend AIDzee off his head on drugs:




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Meeting Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

I don’t know what 2012 will bring but it certainly started on a high note for me. On New Year’s Eve I met my long-time literary hero Neil Gaiman and his lovely wife Amanda Palmer. The tickets weren’t cheap but they were certainly worth it. I think I can still hear myself from 15 years ago screaming with excitement as the echoes of this event reach me.

I hope I didn’t make a mess of my Sandman comics.

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Sexy Strippers at Trash Masque New Year’s Eve Party

I usually don’t make a big thing of New Year’s Eve, it’s too much of an arbitrary thing for me. But it was a little different this year when my all time literary hero, Neil Gaiman decided to host a New Year’s Eve party here in Melbourne with his lovely wife Amanda Palmer and a host of other performers.

The theme of the night was Trash Masquerade and there were lots of impressive costumes. Among the entertainers were the following pair:

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Let’s Get Angry – Music video with Refuge From Reno

One of my favourite things about YouTube is the opportunity it provided to get in touch with truly awesome people. Even better is when you get to work with them. Some very talented and fun guys from Adelaide known as Refuge From Reno came to Melbourne to do a couple of collaborations, including this one with me:

We had enormous fun making this although I think I scared Tyson with the intensity of my screaming. There was actually heaps more of me screaming, Tyson just chose the high points for the video. We may release the rest at a later date.

And yes, this did hurt my throat. By the way, this is the other collaboration the boys did while in Melbourne – a Christmas special:

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2012 End Of The World Survival Kit Competition

What better way to start a new year than to acknowledge we’re all going to die?

Actually, I started the year in a far better way – the Trash Masquerade Ball hosted by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. I will be posting much more video from the night over the coming days. And yes, I can anticipate the demand so I’ll upload the full video of the sexy strippers first.

So far as the competition goes, if you want to enter, post comments on my YouTube channel to let me know how the world will end. Best answer wins. I’ll probably be guided my the most thumbs up for a comment but I reserve the right to make my own decision if I think someone’s been playing silly buggers or cheating.

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