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Stupid Google Tricks Part 1

What should I be angry about today?

How Moderate Muslims Should Not Get Angry With Their Extremist Brothers

“Radical Islam has become an off-the-peg label that young Muslims can wear to rebel against their dads and wider British society. Like punks before them, they’ll grow up and grow out of it.”

Why black folks should especially be angry regarding recent terrorist activity

“The series of Live 8 concerts have confirmed what many Africans and people of African decent have known for years: Our motherland is in dire need of help.”

Why I’m angry today

“…most of these nutjobs are conservative or ultraconservative or suprafuckinginsaneconservative … and I want as little “me” time with them as possible.”

Whats made you angry/upset today…

“…that half my course is maths and i didn’t even do it past gcse … that i woke up at 3 and wasted the whole day … that the only food i have left is an onion and some pasta”

MySpace Sued By Angry Parents

“If the parents wish to sue myspace then the local police should arrest the parents for reckless endangerment.”

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I’m not alone!

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The real inconvenient truth is that global warming deniers are liars

Here’s one for those with too much time on their hands.  You can use up ten minutes of it watching this video.  As I point out in this video, I recently did a piece going to town on Sheryl Crow for her stupid line about limiting people to using a single square of toilet paper.  It was definitely a stupid thing to say and saying it was a joke doesn’t make it any less stupid. 

But there’s being stupid in the name of getting attention and there’s being an evil, malicious liar in the name of… well, who knows what.  I have seen and heard so many things recently from global warming deniers that have made me so angry, I decided to cut loose on them.

I make a disclaimer in the video but I’ll make it here as well for people who don’t watch the video: having doubts regarding some of the claims made regarding climate change doesn’t make you a liar.  Healthy scepticism is an attitude I recommend people carry with them at all times.  But the campaign against the reality of climate change is not driven by scepticism.  The people behind these orchestrated campaigns are nothing less than self-interested liars.

Coincidentally, Scott Adams has just posted an interesting series of links on his Dilbert blog that cover both the pro and con arguments about climate change.  Follow this link for the first part and check through his follow up posts for more.  Feed your scepticism with a range of conflicting views.  Then you’ll at least have some food for rational thought.


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Where’s mine?

I had an interesting chat with my friend Adrian Calear last week.  He’s a director (he directed the shows for the comedians I featured during the recent Melbourne Comedy Festival – you can see the videos under the link at the top of this page) and he knows what he talking about.  He’s been in the performing/directing caper for longer than I’ve been in IT and he’s seen the sorts of things that frustrate performers.

Remember last week when I was having a self-indulgent rant about not being as famous as I deserved to be (particularly on YouTube)?  Adrian has seen this dozens of times and gone through it himself.  essentially, it seems that it’s quite common for a performer to think “hey, I’m better than that loser!  Why is that bastard getting all the attention that is rightfully mine?”

It doesn’t really matter if you’re right – obsessing over other people like that does you no good.  Not only will it eat you up, you’ll probably miss when you actually have achieved something worth celebrating.  Gotta look for the good times not obsess over the bad times. 

So, in short, no more emo behaviour from me.  For now.  For anyone who was actually worried, I knew it was self indulgent crap at the time.  I just felt like having a spray.  I get like that sometimes.


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The angry view of Wallstrip

Ever since the news of Wallstrip being bought by CBS came out I’ve been seeing a range of reactions.  The more I saw negative and, frankly, jealous responses the more pissed off I became.  And when I get pissed off I make videos.


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Eye poppin’ stuff!

In this uncertain world, there’s on thing we can all agree on: it’s always fun to stare in morbid fascination at someone with physical differences.

MR ANGRY HEALTH WARNING: You may not want to watch this video if you’re eating.  Especially if you’re eating boiled eggs.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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Laughter Therapy II – The Revenge

This video serves to purposes: finally getting me out of the crap mood I’ve been in all week and letting my daughter get some revenge she was after.  If Hollywood won’t stop churning out sequels, why shouldn’t I follow suit?

The voice-over for the trailer would go like this:

She was subjected to laughter therapy against her will, now she’s back for revenge.  Laughter Therapy II – this time it’s personal.

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Cooking with Mr Angry

I’m thinking of making some cooking videos.  Seriously.  I like to do different things occasionally and it would be good to do something that might surprise people.  I’m actually a pretty good cook and I reckon I could teach people a few simple recipes.  With a Mr Angry twist, of course.

To give you an example of a Mr Angry twist I provide you this illustration of some stupid crap I have to put up with at work.  I’m a big fan of the toasted sandwich (I think I may have mentioned that before.)  I think the simple act of toasting a sandwich makes it taste much better.  I’m one of those type who thinks it isn’t a good toasted sandwich unless there’s butter on the outside. 

I say butter for ease of reference but I also mean that to include margarine and any other weird vegetable oil based spread (what the fuck is a stearate anyway?)

Putting the butter on the outside makes it taste better and it smells good while cooking as well.  I’m always looking for ways to add a little extra taste and one thing I really like to add to the butter on the outside is powdered/grated parmesan cheese.  This smells and tastes great and makes the outside go really crispy.  Awesome.

Now, of course, the “smells and tastes great” is only my opinion and it’s an opinion not shared by everybody.  Using parmesan in the workplace may well generate complaints of a “horrible stink”.  Like I give a shit.  Even stranger than people who don’t like the smell are people who do like the smell but complain anyway because “it’s making me hungry”.  Whatever, freako.  When did I become your mother?  Go eat something if you’re so fucking hungry and leave me the fuck alone.

That’s the sort of attitude I’d bring to a cooking show.  When I’m cooking a meal you’d best be speaking up early if you’re not fond of garlic, mushrooms and/or cheese because I tend to put shitloads of each of these into whatever I’m cooking.  Even if it doesn’t seem appropriate.

On many occasions I’ve brought food that I’ve made at home in to work and people have asked me for the recipe.  So I tell them something like it has mushrooms and garlic… then they ask me what quantities are involved.  How much garlic should I put in?  I dunno, how much do you like?  If I made some videos I could point the questioners in that direction when they ask, so they’d end up getting advice like this:

“OK, so put plenty of garlic in here.  There’s really no such thing as too much garlic.  Some people will disagree and say they can’t handle a lot of garlic.  You know what?  Fuck those people.”


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