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STFU Cards

I’ve gone a bit mad recently making things on various websites that allow you to create custom products. I’ve done this previously with a lot of t-shirts (why not go here and buy one?) but this splurge has been more “branding” merch which I intend to give away.

The first cards arrived today and I got a tad excited.

When I posted about the new cards on Facebook, the suggestion of doing paste-ups was raised and I said I’d provide some images for anyone who wanted to do that. Without further ado, here’s a download link for the image on the card.

Also, I played with it on the site which turns images into pdf files that print over a number of A4 pages. Click here to get a version that runs over 4 pages. Click here to get a version that runs over 8 pages.

Or download the original link and play around on Blockposters to make it whatever size you want!



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Magical peeing leaf man

Melbourne is home to a lot of art. But none so magnificent as the magical peeing leaf man. It was a very ephemeral piece of art, probably only existing for a few hours. So I share it with you here in the hope it will speak to the ages.

And yes, you can get a version of the t-shirt I’m wearing by clicking here. You’d even be supporting me by getting one. People always ask me about this shirt so I thought I’d post a direct link.

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