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God’s to-do list

Found stuck to a very large fridge somehwre in the cosmos:

God's to-do list

For those who can’t tell, I spent a lot of time in Catholic school.



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Reasons I rip on haters

People often ask me, if I think haters are such a waste of space, why do I take the time to rip on them?  I punch those people in the face.  I have a range of reasons for ripping on haters and they are neatly explained in this graph:

haters chart

haters chart

Colourful AND informative!


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The blog is dead – long live the blog

I know there are more abandoned blogs than active blogs out there but I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about neglecting my little corner of the blogosphere.  Not too guilty.  It isn’t as if I’ve been drowning kittens.  More like maybe I kicked a puppy. The kick may have even been accidental. Like I slipped and before I regained my balance my foot made contact with a puppy.  So not that bad.

Okay, so maybe the puppy was startled and yelped in fear. Maybe it even ran off. Into traffic. And was disembowelled by a tram. But that’s hardly my fault. What was the stupid fucking puppy doing getting in my way anyhow?

So anyway, I’ve been neglecting this blog which is not particularly nice because this blog has been good to me.  So I’m thinking it’s time for a resurrection of sorts.  My grand plan is to start using the blog more often again but in different ways.  The whole “being angry all the time” shtick has gotten a bit boring for me.  At least writing about it has gotten old.  I tried to avoid being half-arsed with blog posts so as a result posting took a lot of time and effort which had stopped seeming like it was worth it.

YouTube was my downfall.  It’s so easy.  For me, anyway.  It isn’t that I don’t put a lot of work into my videos and responding to comments, I do.  But I do find it very easy to spend the time and execute on YouTube and less so here on the blog.  So YouTube has thrived while the blog has withered.  That’s life.  The fact that I’ve been getting into Twitter lately hasn’t helped the blog either (follow me if you aren’t already).  Facebook still doesn’t appeal to me (nor do MySpace or any of the others) but YouTube still has me hooked. But I’m not ready to give up on the blog completely.

I have a bit of a re-invention in mind.  The plan is mostly formed but it will likely evolve.  The posts will be more regular but shorter. And probably much more visual.  I’m getting into the idea of doing more humorous graphs and charts.  And maybe demotivators. And the surveys WordPress lets you do (probably tied to my YouTube videos). Maybe even a webcomic.

Shallow crowd pleasing stuff in other words. You’ll love it.

Oh, and I’m revisiting my blogroll too because I know there’s some dead blogs there.  And I’ll be trying to visit those who are still active more often.  So if you consider yourself an old faithful and you’re not on the blogroll maybe you should drop me a line 😉

Be seeing you soon! Probably.


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