Do I look ready to you?

Well, wish me luck.  Tonight I step onto a stage in front of a live audience.  No idea what sort of audience it will be or how large – it depends on who’s interested in seeing an open mic night I guess.  I don’t know if there are any professional comedians filling out the bill.  Maybe I should have asked that. 

Anyway, here’s a video of me rehearsing last night.

I figured it was a safe bet to go with toilet humour.  My friend Adrian reckons the venue in question attracts a toilet humour crowd so hopefully I’ll do OK.  I got approval to video my performance so barring any disasters, you should be seeing how I went sometime over the next couple of days.



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8 responses to “Do I look ready to you?

  1. Well, did you get any laughs? I’m curious. I didn’t think it was real funny. I thought there needed to be a break in the flow, and perhaps a change of tone or subject along the way. If you are trying to be angry you are coming off more bitchy and complaining and not really angry enough. Get angry dammit! Go postal on their asses!

    I did a bit once about the second coming of Christ that really bombed. I found out later I was in the company of a bunch of bible thumping baptists. … ouch. Hey, I thought it was hilarious. The place just got real quiet.

  2. Matt

    I know the feeling about going in urinals. Except the toilets at my work, I wouldn’t even take a piss in. But yea i don’t feel comfortable showing my wang to other people. I especially hate when people try to start conversation with you on the urinal.

  3. Jeannie: you might have bombed with the baptists but at least you got a funny story out of it 🙂 And I’ll work on developing longer, angrier pieces as I go on – for my debut I’m pitching to the lowest common denominator.

    Matt: Public toilet are truly gross. Hopefully everyone will laugh at the shared experience aspect.

  4. saly

    Unfortunately the video wouldn’t play on my f****** machine. I’m pissed!

    But, if you have rehearsed well then you’ll rock (Inshallah). Go get them humourous tiger!:-)

  5. I like it, I’m not usaully a fan of toilet humor, but I liked this. 🙂

    At first couldn’t imagine how Angry Man would have looked without the cutting, but I really thought you managed to pull him off.

  6. Saly: I’ll provide a lot of alternatives when I upload the live video tonight including links to YouTube and a Revver version

    Jason: thanks! It was a really different experience doing it live as you’ll see if you come back later. I keep walking out of shot on the camera (I’d set it up on a tripod) but I think it’s worth watching.

  7. Where have you been Maryam? 🙂 Watch the Mr Angry Live video and you tell me!

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