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Here’s another way to make me angry – blatantly misrepresent a product. New research from Australia’s leading consumer advocate has revealed only a handful of more than 150 so-called healthy snack bars contained any real nutritional value, with many instead loaded with disturbing levels of sugar, salt and saturated fats.

Less than 10% of these fucking things marketed as “healthy” actually met healthy nutritional requirements. The quaintly named “Nice & Natural Yoghurt Natural Nut Bar” actually has more kilojoules than a Mars bar. And I’m a real fan of the Sunibrite Muesli Slices which contain as much saturated fat as a fry-up of two bacon rashers, two fried eggs and a fried tomato.

Some negative nellies would use this as an excuse to give up: “Why try to be healthy? They’re all lying to us about what they’re selling.” Well, that loser shit don’t fly with Mr Angry. I’m taking control. I’m gonna set up a stall outside a “health food” shop frying up bacon and handing out flyers showing my bacon is healthier than their “health food bars”. And god help the hippie that tries to get in my way.

The URL for this video is

For the full, awful truth, check this report from an actual newspaper:

Mars Bars as healthy as breakfast bar snacks


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