Is Michael Richards racist or just a shitty comedian?

I rarely comment on the overdone topic du jour on this blog but the disaster that is Michael Richards’ “nigger” rant is interesting to me on a number of levels.  First, although I never intended it, I’ve become a bit of a target for racists on YouTube because I made a couple of anti-racist videos.  Second, I have some aspirations to being a comedic performer and this spectacular cock-up by Richards will, I believe, ultimately come to be seen as the quintessential example of what a stand-up comedian MUST NOT DO.

Rule one for comedians: when faced with a heckler, do not lose your shit.  Rule two for comedians: when faced with a heckler DO NOT LOSE YOUR SHIT!  And just for Richards, I’ll throw in rule three: if you’re going to use racial epithets, make sure you know where you’re going with the routine.  After having watched the video of Richards, I came to two conclusions.  One; he certainly has racist tendencies.  He may not have overt racist tendencies in his day to day life and he may even consider himself not to be racist at all, but at the very least, significant amounts of latent racism came spewing out of him.  Two; he really isn’t a very good stand-up comedian.

For those who like to watch videos, here he is:

For those who don’t watch videos, here are the lowlights.  The video is taken on someone’s camera phone – they seem to be a quick thinker who realises that Richards is losing it and they start videoing after he has already started screaming.  The video starts with him yelling:

“Shut up!  50 years ago we’d have you hanging upside down with a fucking fork up your ass!”

To my mind, this is the most racist thing he says.  He really sounds like he’s missing the good old days when white folks would simply string up any uppity niggers.  He then continues in the following vein:

“You can talk, you can talk, you can talk!  You’re brave now motherfucker!  Throw his ass out!  He’s a nigger, He’s a nigger, he’s a nigger! (at this point you hear the holder of the camera say “oh my god!”)  A nigger!  Look, there’s a nigger!”

At this point the recipient of the abuse (and the audience generally) seem stunned by the tirade and Richards continues:

“Ooooh, oooh.  All right, see?  This shocks you, it shocks you to see what’s buried beneath you stupid motherfuckers?”

At this point, someone in the audience (it seems like it’s the target of Richards’ abuse) responds:

Audience Member: “That was uncalled for.”

Richards: “What was uncalled for?  It’s uncalled for for you to interrupt my ass you cheap motherfucker!  You guys have been talking and talking and talking.  I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.”

There is still laughter at this point.  Some nervous, some seems genuine and some seems to be laughing at the spectacle of Richards self-destructing.  The holder of the camera says “This guy is going nuts.” 

Richards: (said in a gentle tone of voice) “What’s the matter?  Is this too much for you to handle?” (the video cuts at this point and then continues – I don’t know why.) “They’re going to arrest me for calling a black man a nigger?”

Right about here the audience seriously turns on him.  You can hear quite a few angry voices and people start to leave, one saying “That was uncalled for you fucking cracker-ass motherfucker,” on the way out.  This is actually how I respond to the racists on YouTube, I’m always calling them hillbilly crackers.  This seems to be pretty much the exact response Richards wanted and now it looks as if he’s trying to make a point:

“Cracker ass?  You calling me cracker ass, nigger?”

There’s a bit of back and forth until the audience member hits Richards with the ultimate insult, the truth:

Audience Member: “You’re just not funny.  That why you’re a reject, never had no shows, never had no movies, ‘Seinfeld’ – that’s it.” 

Richards: “Oh I guess you got me there, you’re absolutely right.  I’m just a wash-up, gotta stand on the stage.”

Audience: “That’s un-fucking-called for.  That aint necessary.”

Richards: “Well, you interrupted me pal.  That’s what happens when you interrupt the white man, don’t you know?  You see?  You see, there’s still those words, those words, those words.”

At this point, Richards simply gives up and walks off stage.  The whole thing stunned not so much because he repeatedly said nigger but because he didn’t know where to go once he’d done it.  He clearly thought he was saying something funny, then saying something insightful.  But he was nowhere near good enough to carry it off.  Any sort of performance is a risk and the higher the risk of your act, the better you have to be to carry it off.  If you’re walking a tightrope one foot off the ground, it doesn’t really matter if you’re no good.  If you fall you won’t be seriously hurt.  But if you’re 100 metres up with no net you’d better be fucking good because if you screw up, the results will be catastrophic.

Plus, can someone explain to me why he always says things three times?  I think he should go with Tourette’s Syndrome as a defence.  Richards undoubtedly knows the following Lenny Bruce routine (he wishes he was good enough to shine Bruce’s shoes).  In what is probably Bruce’s most famous routine, he underlaid his monologue with a character, an imaginary audience member:
“The reason I don’t get hung up with, well, say, integration, is that by the time Bob Newhart is integrated, I’m bigoted. And anyway, Martin Luther King, Bayard Rustin are geniuses, the battle’s won. By the way, are there any niggers here tonight?
(Outraged whisper) “What did he say?’Are there any niggers here tonight?’ Jesus Christ! Does he have to get that low for laughs? Wow! Have I ever talked about the Schwarzes when the Schwarzes had gone home? Or spoken about the Moulonjohns when they’d left? Or placated some Southerner by absence of voice when he ranted and raved about nigger nigger nigger?

Are there any niggers here tonight? I know that one nigger who works here, I see him back there. Oh, there’s two niggers, customers, and, ah, aha! Between those two niggers sits one kike– man, thank God for the kike! Uh, two kikes. That’s two kikes, and three niggers, and one spic. One spic– two, three spics. One mick. One mick, one spic, one hick, thick, funcky, spunky boogey. And there’s another kike. Three kikes. Three kikes, one guinea, one greaseball. Three greaseballs, two guineas. Two guineas, one hunky funky lace-curtain Irish mick. That mick spic hunky funky boogey. Two guineas plus three greaseballs and four boogies makes usually three spics. Minus two Yid spic Polack funky spunky Polacks.

AUCTIONEER: Five more niggers! Five more niggers!

GAMBLER: I pass with six niggers and eight micks and four spics.

The point? That the word’s suppression gives it the power, the violence, the viciousness. If President Kennedy got on television and said, “Tonight I’d like to introduce the niggers in my cabinet,: and he yelled “nig- gerniggerniggerniggerniggerniggergigger” at every nigger he saw, “boogeyboogeyboogeyboogeyboogey,nig-gerniggerniggernigger” till nigger didn’t mean anything any more, till nigger lost its meaning– you’d never make any four-year-old “nigger” cry when he came home from school.”

The routine of Bruce’s is doubly audacious when you realise he did it about 40 years ago.  When you really look at what Richards said, I think it’s safe to say he’s probably no more than halfway up the racism scale for white people (a lot of latent racism but he’d be very unlikely to act in an overtly racist way in his day to day life).  Stress has a way of revealing what you’re really thinking.  Driving is often a good measure of how tolerant you really are – if you can drive through heavy traffic without ever hurling a racist or sexist epithet, you’re doing fairly well. 

Apparently, Richards actually went back onstage in the same club the next night.  That would take some balls, mostly because he has to realise that he got himself in this position because he’s really not a very good stand-up comedian.  His rather shell-shocked attempt at an apology on Letterman is quite revealing too.  He never once tries to justify what he said (good for him) but he doesn’t say anything particularly coherent.  Letterman keeps feeding him lines to respond to but he’s too dazed to properly take advantage of the opportunities offered. 

I found it quite revealing watching Jerry Seinfeld during this exchange.  Seinfeld is clear that he thinks Richards deserves the chance to make amends but he never once utters the old chestnut “I know he isn’t racist.”  Seinfeld seem really uncomfortable, even pissed off by the whole thing.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he feels tainted by association.  It seems like he’s saying “Here’s your platform to make amends but that’s all I’m doing.  You’re on your own with this one, buddy.”

All I know is that it would be very unlikely for me to call someone a nigger onstage in any circumstances.  And I certainly wouldn’t attempt a similar riff to Bruce’s without a shitload of rehearsal.  Having said this, here a video response to the situation I did last night:



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59 responses to “Is Michael Richards racist or just a shitty comedian?

  1. When I hadn’t seen the video, I was somehow sympathizing with Richards. Sometimes when the anger is too much things come out of your mouth that you don’t want spewing out like that. But, after I saw it, I think he did really lose his shit. I think he suffers from some disorder definitely because he kept ranting his shit thrice like you said.

    I liked Kramer and feel sorry that now I can’t.

  2. Richards is a racist AND a shitty commedian who committed suicide on stage.

  3. Of course that is just my opinion (and I have one of those about EVERYTHING). 😀 Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Suroor: he definitely has a few problems that were coming out on stage there.

    Sandra: a pretty accurate opinion I reckon 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. tom

    as an aside, it must be hard to be a one-trick pony like “Kramer” and want to break out of your schtick but you can’t. i guess you got to stick to your schtick :}

    no way the guy was pulling a lenny bruce. and did you see, those guys weren’t even heckling him? they were having a birthday party and were just being loud. i’ve been at rock shows where the lead singer stopped the show and yelled at the audience for talking amongst themselves while he was performing (once it was actually a famous punk rocker too!)

    rule for performers – just do your bit. (i like your Agile approach to comedy too – it’s kind of a systems theory feedback loop)

  6. Hm. He’s a fucking idiot.
    It doesn’t take a genius to see that. And with all the racial tensions in America, you can easily understand why it was such a faux pas.

    The impact wouldn’t have been the same in other countries, but it doesn’t change the fact what he is. He’s a washed-up hillbilly fucker who needs a brain.

    Racism is hard to understand for anyone who hasn’t experienced being a visible minority. I am serious when I tell you that I can see when people are racist towards me. It’s a vibe, a micro-expression of the face of disdain and hate that is like nothing else.

    The “don’t ask don’t tell policy” isn’t helping because talking about it will make the whole problem a lot better. But in America, a lot of neighborhoods are still naturally segregated by ethnicity. This happens in other countries as well, but it isn’t as polarized, in my opinion.

    Oh well, what the fuck do I know anyways?
    Happy weekend. It’s 16h45 and I’m about to head home with the wife on the scooter.

  7. Tom: I agree, he lost his shit, pure and simple.

    Range: Yeah, a lot more than a micro-expression from Richards.

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  9. Moesha Tinnitus

    How about people in the audience learn to shut the fuck up and respect the performer.
    Blacks who are jumping on this as racism are crybabies who try to make white people feel guilty and most likely complain about whites as well.

    Michael Richards is funny as fuck. It’s sad he bowed to the pressure of bringing in ‘Reverend’ Jesse Jackson a guy who can’t keep his dick in his pants & has kids outside of marriage.

    It’s rare to find a black person who is aware that he was telling a heckler to shut the fuck up. Any black comedian who goes on & on about how uncool crackers or honkies are & no one even notices or says a thing.

    It makes me think some blacks are going too far & that America is the land of political correctness bullshit.

  10. Bob

    Well, the truth is:

    A: Black!!, NOT African-American, thank you. They are black, just as I am white. If we’re going to go to this point, then I require that I be addressed as an Irish-American.

    B: Even the black guy who was talking back to Richards couldn’t even use proper English!!! Is it a surprise? Hardly. They couldn’t talk their way into a job if they wanted to. Oh, but wait…we have social services and welfare to take care of them all. Don’t deny it…you know where your tax dollars are going.

    C: Even if he is racist, WHO CARES? It was his routine! Let him have the stage. I’ve listened to many comedians who I have hated but didn’t start screaming out slang jibberish to him on stage.

    D: When will we finally have solice in the truth that the majority of blacks in this country are second-class citizens and loved to be treated as such? That’s the problem. They don’t have to be “ghetto” if they didn’t want to be. And don’t give me that crap that their dialect is a form English, or that their way of life is a ‘culture’. Since when is promoting gangbang sex, drugs, dressing like a thug, and drive-by shootings an appropriate culture in this country? That’s what the middle school black kids are watching and listening to on the computer everyday in school. Shouldn’t that tell us something? Aren’t the black families (and I use that term loosely, assured) perpetuating what they don’t want to be? They say that they are an oppressed race, but then they have no issue with accepting a welfare check from the government EVERY MONTH for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Do you think I’m stretching it? Think again. In most of the cities in the North East, 80% of the black families are under subsidy from the government. Coincidence? Is it also any wonder that our prison population is 85% black male? Hmmm, I guess the majority of white people in this world love to sugar coat the truth, deny that they know they are smarter than the average black man, and hide behind their SUV and soccer nets saying that they aren’t racist. I don’t think that you can live in this world without having some sort of ‘racist’ quality to you. THIS IS REALITY–At least I’m willing to stand up and say it for those who have always thought it but never spoke.

  11. Moesha: did he bring in Jesse Jackson? I thought it was Al Sharpton. And so far as audiences respecting performers, that would be nice but the number one rule for a stand-up comedian is don’t let hecklers get to you. It’s nice you have that much faith in Michael Richards but there isn’t a lot of evidence to support your assertion about his comedic skills (in the stand-up arena at least)

    Bob: gee thanks for that. Trying to make Richards look moderate by comparison?

  12. Mr Angry: Look who crawled out of the cracks, closet racists! The comments speak for themselves!

  13. joe bali

    LOOK!! While it MIGHT be true that there ARE a lot of trashy blacks who live on crime, welfare and handouts, there was NO excuse for Michael Richards rant on the stage.

    If he would have substituted the words “spick” or “wop” or “jew” or “bulldyke,” it still would have gone NOPLACE. He was just up there yelling “nigga, nigga nigga. ” There was NO punchline and NO PLACE TO GO with his “routine.” You can see him meltdown on stage with the wimpy “see… there’s still those words…those words…those words…………”

    At least the comics who DO use ethnic humor or racial humor HAVE A POINT or a DIRECTION in which they are going. All Richards did was launch into a rant that went absolutely NOWHERE. It just shows that he needs LOTS OF WORK at doing standup. The race part is pretty much incidental.

  14. Scooter

    There is no good excuse for such behavior. The only think I can think of is that he’s nuts or is on drugs.

    I know that when people get mad they pick on any aspect of the person they are mad at. Big nose, fat, ugly, short, bald, etc. but Richards went way off the deep end. He is on stage in public and needed to just get mad but then ignore the heckler. That’s what a Pro would do. His act was offensive to more than just African Americans. I’m white, but I would have walked out and demanded my money back as well. People don’t go to a comedy club for such a display of lunacy.

  15. range: yeah, they’re barely worth responding too, although Joe and scooter do a good job.

    joe: I do think the biggest point is he’s no god at standup – you can’t do risky material if you’re no good. Besides Lenny Bruce, there have been a lot of black comedians who were good at racial humour (Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle) and Sarah Silverman is good at being incredibly offensive and incredibly funny at the same time.

    scooter: he just sucks really.

  16. Who Cares?

    Who really gives a shit? Ask me you can’t be that sensitive. Black people are way to sensitive about that stupid word. Stick’s and stones eh? Now they want money from richards? Now thats a NIGGER.

  17. I guess I can understand why these guys don’t leave an url or email when they post comments, they are just cowards spewing hate from their keyboards, safe in anonymity.

  18. Who Cares?

    Definition of a nigger.

    1) Somebody who wants to get something for nothing.
    2) Someone who truely beilves the world revolves around themselves with no regard to anyone else.

    As far as i’m concerned this doesn’t have to be a black person. However the truth hurts most and they seem to be the group that see’s rage when called this. Ever wonder why a white person could give a rats ass when called a racial slur?

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  20. who cares: uhhh, right. Not much hate coming through in your words. And as for why whites are rarely troubled by racial slurs – that tends to come with absolute power. What do you care about what people say to you when they can’t take away anything you have?

    Range: You get used to the “anonymous coward” aspect after a while – particularly if you take any sort of a stand against racists on youtube

  21. Yep I can see that. Bigoted idiots. I actually had to censor myself, because I make my posts “family friendly”, whatever the hell that means.

    In my book, the only people who can use the N word are African-Americans.

  22. Who Cares?

    Honestly enlighten me. Where is the hate in my words. I swear that people with a cause are ten times more annoying then any racist I’ve ever met. Your so consumed with whats politically correct, you don’t want to hurt ANYONES feelings, I think honestly this line of thinking leads to the problem in the first place. If people wheren’t so sheltered from their feelings maybe they’d do something about their short comings. But no lets protect everyone in a bubble. Wouldn’t want them to be sad becuase we called them a name. Just becuase you call someone a nigger doesn’t mean you have “hate”. You’ve called some one a stupid mother fucker, dumb ass, an imbread? I mean people these are just words. If I had hate I honestly wouldn’t use words, but actions. This is’t hate this is speech. Calling someone a nigger is the right ever american. Its an opinion. Its not hate. Saying I think all people of a paticular race should be killed, thats hate.

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  24. range: I noticed that, although you should re-check your post, I noticed you put the word “fucker” in your own commentary 🙂

    who cares: any word is hateful if used with hate. You used nigger in a very hateful and belittling way. I used nigger quite a bit in a context that I thought was appropriate. I’m not telling you what to say or think but I’m free to draw my own conclusions about your motivations from the way you express yourself. If I was feeling really mean I’d suggest you go exercise your freedom of expression to say “nigger” in a black neighbourhood 😀

  25. Who Cares?

    Used the word in a hateful way. So its not wrong to try to take advantage of a person simply becuase he has money? Had this been another audience member would the guy being trying to get monetary compensation? No but becuase Richards has money this guy is traumatized. And he must sue for money. He is taking advantage of peoples sensitivities, I’m sorry but just becuase someone offended you doesn’t give you the right to get money. The “African-American” is doing something no better then the “European-American”. Lets “pretend” that this is going to scar me for life, and sue him. Since Richards isn’t from African descent its okay to sue. But if Dave Chappelle did the same thing, its funny. Right? Jesus again, who cares, the black guy pissed off the white guy, the white guy used racial slurs, the black guy also used racial slurs. Its an exchange of words. Richards didn’t try to kill anyone, he got his feelings hurt, and in turn hurt the other guys feelings, who in turned tried to hurt feelings back. Are you not seeing that this is just natural human nature. Not true “raceism”, if you want raceism, then pick on the clan, then I’d be behind. This was just a verbal spat.

  26. I think the suing thing is more indicative of a society-wide problem of people going to litigation as a first resort rather than dealing with actual problems. I think the race issue is totally secondary (if this is even happening – I haven’t heard about it but it sounds totally plausible).

    Your whole judgement is from the position of privilege rather than from oppression which you don’t seem to understand. You don’t really get to tell black people when they can and can’t be offended. Having said that, my view is that any lawsuit that might arise out of this is totally frivoulous and more harmful to black people generally than Michael Richards specifically.

    My main point is Richards doesn’t deserve to have a career as a stand-up because he’s no fucking good at it. I think any white comedian can say nigger, kike, spic, wop, mick, cracker or whatever if they want to. But if they aren’t actually funny, I’m not going to defend them.

  27. Who Cares?

    He’s “right to be a stand-up” should come down to the people who book him, and attend his show. Obviously if he can’t fill a room, then he isn’t going to be a sucessful stand up. I personally have never seen his act, have you?

  28. Well, I think by that measure it’s safe to say his stand-up “career” is over isn’t it? Yeah, I’ve seen him perform on video. He fucking died!

  29. Mr Angry, yeah I noticed that. I thought I had gotten them all, but you know how it is, racism just makes me really angry! I guess I am on the right blog for that kind of feeling!

  30. Who Cares?

    I don’t know maybe I’m just a biggot that doesn’t beilve “speech” is racist. If someone’s being a nigger then their being a nigger, if someones being white-trash then their white-trash. Doesn’t mean I personally beilve that about the entire race. Just the person I am speaking of. I am not a person who thinks I am better than a entire race. But do beilve if a person is being a nigger, then they should be called a nigger. People are just to damn sensistive. Would it have been better if richards took the definition of the word and called him that? What if he said “Hey you ignorant, self-centered, african-american” would that be better even though he is breaking the word down? Explain this.

  31. range: it’s all about the anger here!

    whocares: a bit of sensitivity never goes astray. I definitely don’t believe in “banning” words but if you are going to say something confronting you’d better be damn good at delivering it if you want to get away with it. In my mind, use of words like nigger is a totally separate issue to Richards’ performance. He screwed up, he was neither funny enough nor focussed enough to get away with it and he just came off as an abusive bigot.

  32. I used the same Lenny Bruce sketch at my blog. As Jerry Sadowitz says – “A joke’s a fuckin’ joke’s a fuckin’ joke” – except poor ol Kramer man cannot carry it off.

    Regarding your latest stand up bit – I assume you posted it because you want constructive criticism – it’s very good, but be funnier faster – you’ll have an audience that doesn’t know you and is expecting funny NOW, they won’t wait for the long warm up at the top of the piece. A couple of quick zingers should do it. Good luck.

  33. Black Man

    I didnt bother to read your jism tripe. Michael Richards is a butt puppet for the real racists. They installed a pull string on his back “i’m sorry for sayin’ nigga”
    Watch walmart for the action figure. “Oops I sed nigga”
    I hear the word nigger more times while sitting at a fucking red light than I’ve ever heard white people say in in my whole life. There should be a sign. You can only say nigger if you are black and havent finished 2nd grade.

  34. HKMGB: Thanks for the feedback – I tend to agree with you that it needs some sharp jokes at the start.

    Black Man: Well, you’ve certainly raised the standard of debate by not reading the piece. Although the action figure would probably be a big seller.

  35. Black Man

    Your action figure doll should say’s “Dis kraker ass aint eva gonna say nigga cause day be beatin up on me”

  36. HAHAAHAHAHAHA You are a way better comedian than Richards. You make the dolls and I’ll market them through this blog.

  37. MichaelAZ

    How sad, How ignorant these posts are. Jack-ass “Bob” on November 25 says that they are black and if they want to be called African-Americans, then he demands to be called Irish-American.

    Ooooh! That’s really smart! Actually, you can call yourself whatever you want. I think I’ll call you Bob-The-Moron. You know why Bob? Because we DO CALL IRISH PEOPLE Irish-Americans. Why don’t you just say what you feel? “I love George Bush; I’m a racist and I don’t think niggers deserve any special titles.” Black is okay and Nigger is okay, but we don’t want your brain to melt if you have to pronounce two words.

    The Who Cares person is equally as brain-dead. Who cares actually wrote: “I do believe someone should be called a nigger if they are a nigger.”

    Okay, by that logic, I think someone who is clearly uneducated and racist should be called out as well: WhoCares- your ignorance is an overpowering stench.

    Mr. Angry, to answer your question: 1st of all Michael Richards is not and has never been a good comedian. Like the guy said, Seinfeld was pretty much it.

    Also, he is a racist as well as many of your readers, apparently.

  38. Now that’s how to get the link to your commercial site to stay in the comments section – make an actual comment! Akismet blocked the above comment because it contained a link to a casino site but I reinstated it because it’s a damn good comment! You called those two guys out perfectly but I’d like to offer a defence of my readers:

    There’s a world of difference between who i consider my reader and people who stumble upon my blog. Those two are definitely the latter; I suspect they had never read my blog before searching for info on Richards and I’ll wager they’ll never read anything else I’ll write. My regulars are the people I consider “my readers”. Nobody who was racist would hang around here long because I’d piss them off too much!

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  40. Al

    Everyone who says Richards is a one trick pony and Seinfeld is the only thing he’s ever done need to go rent UHF. That is one of the funniest movies ever made. When they showed it to test audiences it got better score’s than any other movie the studio had EVER shown a test audience. The reason it bombed at the box office is that it opened on the same day as Batman. Richards would have never gotten the Kramer part if he hadn’t been in UHF.

  41. Argo

    The only people who are African-American are people who are born in Africa and move to America.

    If you’re born in America than your an American.

  42. Al: Was that the Weird Al Yankovic movie?

    Argo: you won’t get any argument from me but try telling that to the KKK.

  43. Geez he loses it…. oh kramer 😦

  44. Youpeople areidiots

    Seriously, I can tell some of you people were born after the 1980s. Michael Richards was a comedian genius in the 1980s, and he acted in many movies like UHF and Transylvania 65000. These movies made him into a star. Those roles (and his standup) landed him the TV spot as Kramer in Seinfeld, so I laugh at the people who think Seinfeld was his ONLY show. He was in many comedy movies and unlike what you and these idiots think he was very good at it.

  45. Darksearcher

    I’m not a racist.

  46. Darksearcher

    Also, Mr Angry, a stand up is not the same thing as acting, so shut your fucking hole.

  47. Methinks the lady doth protest too much. Seriously, do you think other people are as stupid as you? NOBODY except a scumfuck racist leads in with “I’m not a racist”. Fucking moron.

  48. Nickey Black

    I can’t even watch Seinfeld anymore because of Mike, but I watch Curb your Enthusiasm and I love it and I’m a BLACK MAN

    Some of the comments on here were very racist, worst than what Mike said. I mean white ppl, Spanish, disabled, Moslem and plenty others are on welfare.

    This is an old post, but boy my mouth dropped!

    Have fun humans, DEAD RACISM.

  49. Tony

    I don’t know about Lenny Bruces’ personal beliefs, but to say there is racism (latent or otherwise) misses the point of the routine. It was daring, intelligent and far more relevant than alot of posts on here.

    By the way, I find Richard Pryor extremely racist and funny as hell. Chris Rock – yawn.

  50. someonesopinion

    I’m in no way a “racist”, I’m myself latinoamerican. But man… when you find yourself in the USA in front of these “african-americans”, you know they are in no way the poor victims, the good people, the nice fellas that you thought. Most USA’s “african-americans” are way too different from decent black people from latinamerica. You see, here they don’t have this stereotype, this fake trauma thing about racism, this “gansta ghetto” pose. In here they aren’t the m***f**** they are in the USA; instead, they are good friends, smart, active members of our community. In the USA, they’re mostly just a huge pain in the ass; they’re just big headed phonys. Before watching the TMZ video I may have thought on Richards’ behavior as completely wrong and disgusting, but now, under clear light, I totally understand him. Furthermore, these “african-americans” are giving away tons of reasons to be despised: “Cracker”, “White boy”, “Uncalled for”x100 times… wow. Hell of a solid argument. The right course of action was taken by those guys, wasn’t it?
    Whether Richards is a good or bad comedian/actor is out of place in this post, by the way.

  51. Everything about your comment is racist and outright fucking stupid. Moron.

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  53. crackerasshonkey

    He done nothing wrong yall seem to not realize the video starts in the middle of what was goin on. I was there. The man kept interupting and spewing racial slurs at Richard . After several times and an about a hundred honkeys and crackers later RichardS then lost his cool and blew up. Why is it that black comedians like kat williams and kevin heart an shit can get on stage and make all the racial slurs they want but let a white comedian do it while defending himself an they lose everything they have cause somehow they are the racist

    • You’re a pathetically obvious liar and racist. Richards himself disagrees with you. You’re nothing but a shit talking racist. And 8 fucking years out of date.

  54. Jake

    nothing is off limits for a comedian regardless of whether its funny, intelligent, daring, or any other adjective.

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