Guerrilla Warfare in Lakes Entrance

I am such a putz.

Those who pay attention will know I intend to post a new piece to this blog every day for a year.  So I went away this weekend leaving my faithful computer at home.  No problem, I had a plan: I’d post on Saturday morning before I left and on Sunday night when I got back .  Brilliant.  Except I straight up forgot!  I left on Saturday without posting.  So I was desperately hoping that I could find somewhere that provided internet access when I got to the destination.

Now, in these modern times, pretty much all motels provide internet access.  Unfortunately, it seems what they all provide is wireless internet access that you can get onto if you have your own laptop with a wireless modem.  If you don’t have your own laptop, you’re pretty much fucked.  I don’t have a laptop.  I know, I know… join the 21st century Mr Angry, that isn’t very web 2.0 of you.

The only place I found that provided internet access and a computer to access it from was the most expensive place in town – double the price of anywhere else.  And it was available for guests only.  It seemed as though I was going to miss a daily posting for the first time in 8 months!  Then I had a brainwave.  I asked if I could inspect their internet facilities.  The receptionist pointed me to their business centre and I went in and had a look.

The room was unsupervised.  That was in my favour.  The computer wasn’t locked.  Another point in my favour.  The internet access was live!  I figured I had about sixty seconds before someone came in to check what I was doing.  That’s why yesterday’s post was two lines long.  I’d always wanted to wage guerrilla warfare against the forces of oppression.  I struck, stealthy as a ninja and faded into the night.

I have to admit, I didn’t think it would be so hard to get internet access in what’s supposed to be a tourist destination.  This place (Lakes Entrance) is quite a nice location but it’s a fucking hole.  I mean, if you’re looking for entertainment keep driving.  By 8.30 on a Saturday night everything is closed.  8 fucking 30 on a Saturday fucking night and it’s fucking summer in a so-called resort destination.  Fucking yokels.

Anyway, I had a good time and even shot a video while I was there.  My wonderful girlfriend indulged me and played along with my stupid joke.  Actually, I think the only reason I got away with doing this is she didn’t realise that me saying “bow-chicka-bow-bow” was a joke about 70’s porn soundtracks.

Straight after making this video I went to clean the pool and then delivered a pizza with extra salami.




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5 responses to “Guerrilla Warfare in Lakes Entrance

  1. Tha’s nasty, Mr A- Bow chick bow bow….. Say g’day to Mrs A for me..

    Got back from Melb, only to find my internet doesn’t work at all. Fucking Telstra. Two working days, they reckon, and that’s if they can find what the problem is (I have had nothing but dramas from Telstra since I go the phone and internet connected 6 months ago).

    See what happens when you privatise? T3, and then…… nothing. Nada. SFA.

  2. Yeah, I distrust Telstra deeply. It was good to catch up with you in melbourne! Don’t forget to work on some guest posts for when I go on holidays in January.

  3. Haha! Well, you didn’t disappoint us – you did post.

  4. I have a solution for you. If your cellphone can send emails, you can blog with an email of WP by setting up a flickr account. By email a pic with some text from your mobile, it will be sent to flickr account and then automatically posted on your blog. I used to do that when I was away, the posts weren’t very long, but it solves that problem.

  5. Suroor: it was a close thing!

    Range: that’s great advice, thanks!

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