More mistaken racism on Australian TV

I mentioned earlier in the week how touring rapper Xzibit seemed to have grabbed the wrong end of the stick when accusing an Australian TV show of racism. Thinking about it brought to mind a classic moment from Australian TV in the 70s as I recount in this video:



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8 responses to “More mistaken racism on Australian TV

  1. some times it seems that “celebrities” like xzibit are almost overly sensitive to racism. i find racism as a reason to ban or censor something unless its well founded, there are few such dumb cases in here ie. there was is a game that they play during PE classes in elementary called “kuka pelkää mustaa miestä” which is loosely translated “who is afraid of the black man?” its sort of like game of tag back then ministry of education decided to ban the game because of its name . thats for one example though personally when i was young i imaged the “black man” to be some sort of nightmarish pitch black silhouette figure.

  2. there’s a T in youTube

  3. shadow: hahahaha “who’s afraid of the black man”… wow, that game would really freak out the PC police.

    brahnamin: Thanks! correction made.

  4. Sir Henry

    THIS is the joke that Bob Hawke told to roomful of people at a dinner in Melbourne.

    The joke is set in India. To tell it, Hawke affects an Indian accent. The build-up involves the Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, asking a Harvard-educated aide on how best to divert the country’s attention from the mess she is making as a leader.

    The answer is to run a monster national lottery with three mystery prizes. For added authenticity, every Indian seems to start each sentence with “Oh dear me”.

    Eventually the time comes for the monster lottery to be drawn in a vast stadium.

    The way Hawke tells it, there are lots of “little men” present. Finally, one “puts his hand in his dirty little dhoti and pulls out his ticket”. It’s third prize: a free trip around the world on Air India.

    Then another little man comes forward. This time it’s second prize: a fruitcake. The little man complains that the third prize is better. Mimicking the compere, Hawke moves smoothly to the denouement. “This is a very, very special fruitcake. It was baked by our esteemed and glorious Prime Minister, Mrs Gandhi.”

    The little man says — according to Hawke — “fuck Mrs Gandhi”. To which the compere replies: “Oh, no, no, no, you will be wanting first prize.”

  5. Hey Mr. Angry!
    Remember I made mention of your PM making some kind of speech that basically said “If you don’t like it, get the fuck out?”……

    Well, I found the story!!! And on Snopes, no less, which means it’s actually true. ha..ha..ha…

  6. Sir Henry: was he drunk when he made that joke?

    cinnkitty: the intent was definitelty true, I just used more colourful language 😉 And for the record, anyone who wants to try and introduce laws based on the fundamentalist interpretation of ANY religion can get the fuck out as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Sir Henry

    Bob was on the piss major in those days. Then he went on the wagon. A retrograde step in my umble op. A retrograde step in my umble op.

    Bob on the piss was totally unpredictable, danger man. He’d go totally apeshit over trivialities and tell off colour jokes like the one cited.

    Sober he revealed his true self, a corrupt turd. You know what they say Angry, in sobero veritas.

    I saw the Bert and Ali piece on telly. It was very funny.

    There was also a great moment in television with Don and Bert and the snakes. Some zoo johnny brought some pythons to the studio for a segment and apparently this was Bert’s idea of a joke. Don was absolutely terrified of snakes, really phobic to the amped up max.

    Don comes bouncing out, this was not in the rehearsal – and sees Bert with this dirty big boa handing one to Don. Meltdown! Don had a screaming, crying fit live on TV. Great stuff. But cruel. So Bert has a sadistic streak.

    And speaking of cruelty, although it was a cheap thrill just the same, Buddha Laurie Oakes interviewed The Mad Monk, Tony Abbott on Aboriginal health and the intervention.

    I hope Nine sees fit to post a vid as well as this

    Remember Robert De Niro as Al Capone in Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables?

    He calls a meeting of the capos and they all sit around this huge boardroom table. Al starts off jolly and then brings out a baseball bat which he slaps into his hand a few times.

    There is deathly quiet as Al launches into a monologue about doing the right thing.

    Then we see bits of brain and gore hit the walls as Al makes rhetorical point flesh.

    The Laurie Oakes interview was similar. Read it for TV technique. Impressive.

  8. Damn! Nice allegory with Laurie Oakes, I’m gonna hafta watch it. And Bob’s back off the wagon these days. I don’t know if he gets pissed but he definitely has a wine with dinner.

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