Naked Vicar with a potato stuck in his bum

I’m not saying that religious orders specifically attract perverted people.  I’m not saying that people who preach morality to others have a disturbing habit of indulging in extreme perversions of their own.  But it’s really noticeable when it’s true.

An old sketch comedy show in Australia was actually called the Naked Vicar Show – I’m sure they would have had a field day with this.  This story has, unsurprisingly, been covered quite a bit in the media.  I think my favourite is this collection of stories from The Guardian.

I really don’t get people in this situation making up absurd lies – it’s obvious what really happened.  When you make up appalling lies it makes you untrustworthy as well as kinky.



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7 responses to “Naked Vicar with a potato stuck in his bum

  1. toshach

    Hehe – this stuff kills me and yet I sit here and witness a large population still taking people like this seriously (well, people like this who havn’t been outed yet – this bloke is probably beyond taking seriously now). Must pick you up on one remark. “When you make up appalling lies it makes you untrustworthy as well as kinky.”. I would have thought its within their job description in big bold scripture that lying is part and parcel of the job.. And kinky – what other organisation promotes, with vigor, the wearing of fancy dresses and pointy hats by their male employees. The kink is there to see in all its weird glory. I guess we are just so used to seeing it and historically never being allowed to question it, we just shrug and think these bizarre fantastical rituals are normal… Perhaps we can add self impaling onto assorted blessed vegetables as a new ritual.

  2. E0157H7

    I think that severe repression breeds a more intense form of atypical behavior. Most people do some funky experimentation at some point in their lives, be it drugs, sexual (the two most common) or terrible performance art. Most people get it out of their systems, or settle into a less extreme and calmer groove. In a situation where Everything is Bad Al the Time, that weirdness kind of backs up and manifests itself in strange and almost always covert ways. One of the side effects is incredible cognitive dissonance, because I doubt that a potato is going to fit up there without some serious practice and determination.

  3. custador

    Personally, I’m perfectly open about my perversions 😀 I have a titanium ring through my todger and my missus likes to stick a finger up me during sex, and you know what? It’s grrrreat 😀 Seriously, though, what the fuck? A potato? Have these people never hear of passiononline dot com or what?

  4. Toshach: Maybe this guy wanted us to all find out!

    E0157H7: I agree that extreme repression tends to produce extreme perversion.

    Custador: There are certainly far easier and safer ways for this guy to get his jollies.

  5. DOA

    This was my favorite bit: “But our staff deal with them in a discreet, professional and kind way.”
    This is from a newspaper. Anyone see the problem here?

    Still if the guy likes potatoes that’s just fine by me. Much better than the usual pedophile types.

  6. lizzybee

    I don’t think I’ll ever look at a french fry the same way again…

  7. DOA: This habit doesn’t fill me with confidence about leaving this vicar alone with altar boys

    lizzy: Never accept chips and gravy from this vicar!

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