Should your website have a flash intro?

When Flash first landed on the World Wide Web (we still called it that back in those days) it was very popular and it became common for websites that wanted to look “cool” to load a Flash animation when a visitor arrived at the site. The standard method was to force the user to sit through this animation to convince them of how cool you were.

As time passed it became widely accepted that this practice was, to use the technical term, totally fucked. Despite years of frustrated users screaming at the websites to get that stupid fucking intro out of their way and let them use the site, some sites argue that there are certain cases where a Flash into is still a good idea.

Maybe so. I’m a helpful guy. Really. So I’ve provided this handy flow chart for all web designers and marketing people to consult before they put a Flash intro in place. Use this and no matter what your product, no matter who your target audience, you will always reach the right decision:

Flash flowchart

Thanks to everyone for the overwhelmingly positive response to this post. I fixed the appalling typos that were in the first paragraph after they were pointed out to me.  Interestingly (to me at least) this post has also been translated into Italian:



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264 responses to “Should your website have a flash intro?

  1. You made my day much better, thanks!

    The graph rocks LoL 🙂

  2. Bwaha! Yep, that about sums it up. The only website that could possibly benefit from a flash intro is a website that sells flash intros…

  3. Well that’s a relief, I couldn’t be bothered making a flash intro, I don’t even have anything to offer anyone :/

  4. Lol. And you couldn’t be more right.

  5. Kurt Cameron

    Flash intros prepare me for an awesome web site. That way, I don’t feel like I’m jumping out of a hot tub and into the snow. Switching gears like that can be a bit much to handle.

    I need to be lubed up. Tell me I’m pretty. Make me feel special before letting me in.

  6. AP

    go and google the term ‘preloader’ before you spout off about subjects you obviously have NO idea about

  7. aiwxx

    Too true.
    Nice graph too.


  8. Lisa

    …and don’t even get me started on flash navigations…

  9. MohawkCoder

    Sites without flash or which are all ‘cross browser compatible’ are a joke.

  10. I like your graphic, although it could have been better if you have a flash intro.

  11. Genius!
    s/a Flash intro/Flash/g

  12. I love using Flash more than anything… but I love it for making games and animations. Flash intros and even Flash websites in general are garbage.

  13. Excellent. Printing the chart now and preparing to use it as stimulus for discussion with some Flash developers and fans.

  14. Derek

    dude, check your grammer

  15. Simon

    I like flash intro, they are all flashy and stuff, very web 4.0 things. When i want to make love to a beautiful woman, i talk about flash intros and they usually get all exited.

    Thank you Adobe!

  16. Leetamus

    If you have a 100% flash site which is big enough to need a preloader (eg a video production site) a light intro is a nice way to pass the time while you wait for the site to load. Better than looking at a percentage bar for 15 seconds.. A rare but valid scenario.

    I’m a flash dev and personally I’ve never used one or been asked to use one by a client. They don’t do your SEO any favours either…

  17. SpyGuitar

    Rather reminiscent of Toothpaste for Dinner’s Pan Flute Flowchart:

  18. awesome. pure awesome.

  19. Dan

    Can you do another for intro/splash pages, please?

  20. This is a cool blog – I have added you to our favourites and will visit again soon!

  21. Best advice Ive seen today.

  22. Michelle

    This is about how I feel. I’m actually designing a site now for a client who INSISTS on having a flash intro. I’ve wasted so much time and effort trying to talk them out of it, but they’re really insistent. I should send them this..

  23. madridy

    I am sure you have a good point but for the stupid websites which use the flash intro without making any meaning or attraction for the visitor. On the other hand, I thinks it is useful only for showing some attractive features of a specific product on other meaning ” for Marketing”. 🙂

    but really I like your blog specially the lovely chart of hating the flashes.

  24. I use flash, but not as an intro. Rather I use it opposite my listing of photo galleries…shows some of my favorites in a slide show.

  25. Very funny, got to print the chart now.

  26. Pat

    Right up there with the all flash web sites for web developers. Only tag they know is embed.

  27. So what is it about leap years that does not make you angry ?

  28. jcarmi76

    Dude that is so right on! I agree the same thing applies to any sort of splash page. Another good one would be “Should I paginate my articles?” Yeah, if you want to piss off your entire audience instantly.

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  30. Ben

    Do some sites still have Flash intros? Haven’t seen any lately. Thought we were done with this one.

  31. Ha, the comments are just as hilarious as the post! I think 90% of restaurants and chefs pages are flash, I should forward this to them 🙂

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  33. LOL

    although you are completely wrong about one thing… “no matter what your target audience”

    Your fallacy (and those who previously posted) is in forgetting how many people still have nfi how to use the Internet, you are obviously so engrossed within the web environment and your peers of web savvy gurus that you is too far disconnected with those who are clueless and ask wtf is the web again???

    For example I had a haircut the other day and the hair dresser an elderly lady mentioned she is so clueless she’s scared to even turn her computer on… incase she short circuts the entire block or gets a virus… I wasn’t about to discuss the Internet if we were still at level ‘power on’

    It just so happens that pixelvision’s target market is not so far from this elderly lady in terms of web knowledge, so when they finally manage to view our website or I show them, I experience regularly a “WOW thats (fucking) awesome” effect from our icecream into. (

    Although with the decline of flash favourability we will obviously look into something different perhaps two years from now… and theres still the indexing issue :S

  34. Elwin

    LOL and amen!

  35. mario

    You should have made that chart in Flash!

  36. gideon

    I freakin lol’d. Twice!

  37. Shhhhhh…
    …don’t tell other webmasters about this.

    The more sites that have these audience killers the better for me 🙂

  38. Mr. Angry,

    It depends on the length of the intro I think. Anything over 5 seconds is to much. People have short attention spans, especially when it comes to the web. So, in my opinion; if you so desire a flash intro make it short. It’s probably best to just not have one though.


  39. Could you please come up with a similar chart to help people decide whether their website should be all-Flash with no “plain HTML” or “lo-fi” version?

    Seriously, these designers deserve to have
    1) their broadband connections torn out and replaced by a 26.6 modem for a month
    2) their eyes glued shut and forced to use a screen reader for a month

  40. emptywalls

    LOL’d, saved, printed, hung next to desk.

  41. Daniel

    Good job…but..You should have made it with flash. O the irony.

  42. lateralgurl

    Don’t even get me started on music on webpages. Automatically playing and you forgot your volume on high!!

    Imagine stumbling on one of those quiet place. Keep in mind we don’t all have the same mutual agreement in musical tastes!!
    These are definitely worse things than flash. Great article.

  43. badmindtime

    tired: Flash intro (since oh, maybe 1998)
    wired: complete, integrated, cool Flash site – – a la, or (two sites I wish I had designed!)

    And don’t worry so much about SEO – – oh, are you trying to make money? sorry, I thot you were artist.

    Or, I guess, pick one or the other. Yeah, that’s it.

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  45. Is my flash intro too much?

    Thanks in advance

  46. The simple answer is no. Flash intros just suck for the most part. some sites do it very well, but they have a designed purpose behind them other than just looking “really awesome”.

    While I am here protesting flash intros, cane someone also speak out on those flash shopping sites? They crash your browser, run up your CPU cycles, are slow, an jerky. And for many of them you can’t save the page because the thing you are looking at is stuck inside some flash animation and isn’t a actual page (to their credit, some sites do have an ability to link to specific stuff you are viewing).

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  50. Thank you, i have so many clients that think Flash is necessary to create a good site have to educate them about the content and structure that make a web site “good.” its only good if it delivers the message to the user!

  51. AR

    AP is an idiot, please disregard him obviously missing the whole focus of this article.

  52. W.G.

    You preach the truth. Amen. Hallelujah. There is nothing special about it.

    And even less special about entire sites built in Flash.

  53. JC

    Here’s why you need a flash intro, you see, your website needs to tell a story, you see, you need to make an emotional connection with the visitor, you see, then tell the visitor a story they can identify with, you see, flash intros are good for this, you see, connect with your customer, you see, then sell them shit, you see, high conversion rates are attributable to really cool flash intros, you see, no need to waste money optimizing landing pages and getting a good ROI, you see…ROI= return on intro, you see, you see?

  54. Bob

    July 16, 2009 at 4:10 am

    dude, check your grammer”

    Dude, check your spelling.

  55. sensico

    lol, I love the graph and it seems very accurate and scientific to me 🙂 I definitely hate flash intros, not only do some of them slow my browser down causing me to either close the tab or skip intro.
    Flash intro is definitely a bad idea.

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  57. This is so good. I’ve tweeted this (@dianebourque) so that I can present the chart to any client who might be thinking of having a flash intro for his/her website. With so little words, it says it all.

  58. I love your flow chart! That made my day. I generally tend to stay away from websites that use flash…. unless they are absolutely useful to me or contain some content that I can’t find anywhere else. Flash has some great purposes….. but not for websites. I would never use flash for any main part of any of my sites because they take too long to load…some of them even take forever to load on a fast connection and that really sucks. Flash does not make a website cool. I do agree however that flash can help you make some nice presentations but don’t use it to build your whole site or force me to sit through it just to get in to see what your site offers.

  59. J. Roveda Jr.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, really funny! And so true also!

  60. LMAO, amazing. Totally agree.

  61. fb4wineries

    Dude, I’ve not seen your site before, but the link was on the WordPress home page, and I had to see. Flash is great technology, and has its place, but NOT as an Intro page. Just freaking pisses me off. Almost as much as the “new” technology that shows an ad “while the page loads”. Gak.

  62. digimediaman

    Now that’s just dang funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  63. I enjoy reading your post, keep posting like this informative article, I’ll be back to read your next posting :).


  64. Forrester McLeod

    A moment of appreciative silence for His Holiness the Angry One…


  65. I will now forward this link to every single designer I have ever worked with on a web dev project. Not only that, but I will forward it to clients as I begin projects.

  66. Beta Tester

    Use Flash Block .Problem Solved.

  67. OMG I totally agree. That stuff pisses me off so much you don’t even know. And when I see that I begin to feel sorry for people with slow internet or computers.

    I hate flash intro’s and a lot of the flash sites in general they take way to long to load, and the stuff they do (unless its animation) can be done faster and better I think with out it. Just show the content.

    Maybe google or hotmail should put a flash intro, then we’ll see how people like it.

    And I thought I was the only one that dislikes flash intros and site.

  68. Just need to upgrade from a dial up modem… 🙂

  69. Omar Modesto

    Hah. There can never be enough emphasis on the issue of Flash intros.
    And now, with a nice little flow chart!

  70. I’m a fan of flow charts.
    I’m not a fan of Flash.
    This is perfect. Thank you. I think I might have to save it and share it with some of my clients.

  71. I hate flash intros. Just get me to the content already.

  72. samrick06

    It’s not bad as people thinks……much better.

  73. samrick06

    I have used it , and experienced very good .

  74. JP

    So how do you feel about non-flash one big image splash pages like this ?

  75. I still think it works for some out there – the retarded, those with very poor eyesight come to mind immediately (for the latter Flash allows for audio so a female voice will state ‘company logo miving across screen’). They are still a part of the WWW and it would be rude to ignore them – I favour inclusion for all. So I WILL have a logo move across the screen with a big ‘click here to enter the site’ appearing in a pulse-like motion. All others can just bugger off – this is for an elite few only.

  76. shinziesz


    Intro pages made out of Flash or Like the one you just posted are so out of style, and oh “iframe” come on..

  77. gyahahahah…
    love this flow chart. it’s looking nice for flash fans hehehe…

  78. Mohit Atale

    I can’t agree with those who won’t agree with you. LOL

    Flash Intro make me sick.

    Those who have flash intro on their site should give the other feature of skipping that intro to users like me.

  79. Rob Moir

    Mr Angry,
    I totally need you to come round and carve this into the foreheads of a few people where I work. They won’t listen to me even though I’m the only person in the room who’s ever produced a website that gets more than 20 visitors a day, but of course they’ll listen to a consultant who says exactly the same thing.

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  82. captiveenrapture


    Well You can still pick up traffic on your site even if you have a flash intro on. I did SEO on a web site with flash intro and you can Google it search for = electronic catalogues and you will find Ecat website.

    i do agree with the “skip intro” button. 4 sure!!! Yet . Flash Intro’s is amazing if they are done right.
    The creative minds of artists sharing that in flash. is amazing!…. Just look for the better ones.!!!

  83. Great! I definitively agree with you (and everyone else, it seems)

  84. umstrum

    right!! it just makes sense now)))

  85. Nice work! I hate flash intros so much. They are such a waste of time. Appreciate the graph as well.

  86. Last time I brought up CSS vs Flash to a “Design Guru” he told me “#!% I can hack a CSS website anytime! Can’t hack Flash though!”

    This was for a project this past March too…

    but in the end guess who’s proposal won :/ pft!

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  88. Yeah they should, it shouldn’t be any longer then 5 secs.

  89. captiveenrapture

    Agree , short, interesting, captivating. And artistic to the max!!!!

    Kind Regards.

  90. Ah, now I see why this is the #1 post on WordPress right now: because you’re a fucking genius!

  91. kigonjiro

    Probably you will need to repost this the next year another time. Too many teenagers creating web pages with flash.

    Do you want your visitors going away from your door without open it? Put a Flash intro.

  92. Nice post. Pity I had to sit through your flash animation before I could read it…

  93. I think you could have made your point better if you had done it in flash… a nice interactive piece that let’s the user decide their path, of course, with the same outcomes however.

  94. basimamin


    The creators or Flash, are minutes away from meeting you with your lawyer!

  95. missvforprez

    I love your blog! Cool shit 🙂

  96. I’d have to admit often times I skip the flash intro to get to the detail. But you can’t leave out flash, lots of people looking to choose one product over another make their choice based on how tech savvy the one is over the other.

  97. Probably a better question would be ‘Should your web site be ever built in Flash at all?’ and the outcomes would be exactly the same. 🙂

  98. I find if you use the terms “Flashturbation” and “Flashturbator”, they get the hint very quickly.

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  100. Funny post, among other things! 🙂

  101. David

    Hahahah Great post my dear man, I totally agree! Flash intro’s are only BAD for you, nothing else.

    Very good perspective, Hellish good Chart 😀

  102. avirto

    100% correct:)

  103. LOL …. a very structural flowchart, me personally never like flash as part of a web page.

  104. jinrepublik

    setuju (agree…!!)

  105. touchingjoy

    Flow Charts have never once made my heart skip a beat. Until today.

    Thank you for stating what I’ve been saying for years.

  106. Affe


    I’ve had problems with clients insisting also. Many years ago when flash intros were really hot. I compared it to a real life situation trying to make them understand how stupid it was.

    You have a shop on the main street with lots of similar shops and competition close by. Each time a customer is about to open the door and enter your shop a clown is jumping out in front of them, blocking the way and performs some cool tricks, juggling or whatever.

    Maybe not all of the first time visitors will find it annoying but for the second and third time customers the irritation will be 100%, if you will get any second and third time customers that is.

  107. womdavid

    i think it would be useful as a first brand impression. if it was programmed to not show up on repeat visits it would be an effective tool to help new customers feel good about your product or service.

  108. innashmun

    why do pop stars use Flash sites then?

  109. TP

    agreed. gimme data. now.

    @AP: “Preload.” Heh, heh, mmmmheh.

  110. powersystem4all

    Yes thats right.

    Its all depends upon How interesting your content is.

  111. It’s ok to say “fuck” in a post? Shit! that’s SO cool! I agree about flash intros, but you do have a lot of “brain dead” folks out there buying it. I’m a wedding photographer and almost to a man, (or girl) they all have the same lame ass flash site! There’s a company out there that sells them all day long for 300 bucks, they are pure trash! Sad part is, bridal clients are suckered in by the sappy music and effects. 😦

    BTW………… Nice choice of blog template. 🙂

  112. Great flowchart. Thanks for the chuckle.

  113. paxetconcordia


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  115. Spot on angry man! Couldn’t have said or illustrated it any better.

    @hadley – A first time web user is only that once. The second time web user is only 2 minutes older than the first time web user and they already get frustrated at stupid flash intros. Do those people still say WOW when they skip the flash intro? That’s what you should be trying to achieve.

  116. AuzzieHiker

    Thanks very much for passing this on. I was about to put together a marketing process model and outline the pros/cons of utilizing flash for a site home page, but the flow chart was so simplistic, yet so powerfully accurate, it saved me countless hours of research and analysis. I’m proud a fellow Aussie came up with it.

  117. candice

    so wait, flash intros are bad now? O_o

  118. James

    Thank you for the laugh.

  119. siubak

    The flow chart was really funny. Always skipped the intro of flash sites, but must admit that flash sites without intros are pretty cool stuff. Especially the ones that put a lot of effort into interactivity and not so much the “Oh look at me I’m so cool” factor.

  120. Could never figure out how those flash intros work. Thanks for the heads-up. Now I know what not to do when I am constructing my site.

  121. Its one thing when you see some business website with flash intro, but can someone explain to me why a graphic design firm would use flash intro?


  122. Thank god for those “skip intro” buttons…

  123. Here Here, well said – Love the flow chart, makes perfect sense, everytime.

    Flash into on a site = Trailers at a movie, no one wants to see em!

  124. itsmejinhee

    haha thxxx for setting me on the right path

  125. IF you want to use flash, put it inside the site or in an html page. Or have another site that is the motion version. I don’t think it needs to be an either or.

  126. littlexriddle

    i agree . . . fantastic
    hur hur hur

  127. Thanks for a intresting read, always learn something new and I will return to your blog. Thank You

  128. Gigolo8

    Now that chart was worth comin here hahaha.
    So now common sense upsets people eh?
    Keep talkin it!


  129. Thanks for a intresting read, always learn something new and I will return to your blog. Thank You

  130. Funny as hell. And great chart. I fell off my chair. I might have spontaneously combusted if you had a flash intro on the post.

    I feel obligated to say my current site has a flash intro, but heck, we built it 8 years ago when it was a ballsy idea. Promise: version 2.0 will be way cooler, and intro-less.

    May I blogroll you? (Unlike a flash intro, I’ll actually ask permission if I can intrude on your professional time.)

  131. IMO

    totally agreed. I get super annoyed by those >:X

  132. fucking perfect. love it.

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  134. Well I love flash intro’s! Check out this baby…

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  136. Justin

    I assume that this could also be applied to silverlight?

  137. It’s funny cuz it’s true.

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  139. Nik

    Nice graph…I learned something about the internet today 😀

  140. aldouswright

    waste of time and effort. I skip it no matter how good it looks like, NO TO FLASH INTROS!

  141. Forrester McLeod

    I’ve given this a lot of thought after reading your post the other day and have decided I’m going to hire a REALLY cool cabana boy, clone him like a quadrodillion times, and teach them all how to apparate every time my site gets hit. They’ll just appear and do crazy groovy hand movments in front of whoever’s looking at my site’s screen!!!


  142. sasha

    Hey thanks for your opinion… in some sites flash gives a good impression of the brand but otherwise it is a complete waste of time, energy and money for some!!!
    I would suggest… think before you get a flash intro!!!!

  143. develop5889

    I would say, it depends on each person needs, since with using this fancy flah intro, we can produce stunning appearance to visitor.
    When we want to amaze visitors on their fist visit, we need something to catch their attention, for example by using this flash intro 😀

    How’s it?

    myDUMDum Blog

  144. Totally loving this and wondering how I can show it to a couple of friends that have just developed sites using a Flash intro without totally pissing them off.

  145. shelly

    Nice One! Is this for the webmasters out there? *kidding*

  146. It would be cruel to stand in the way of my readers. They want to get in there and start reading. No flash intro for me, thanks.

  147. Couldn’t agree with you more.

  148. captiveenrapture

    Could it be that just like we get everyday artists there is online artists aswell? yes – designing and developing a flash intro or a flash website is an art!.
    and then i do agree that corny flash intro’s is a big no no specially when there is now skip intro button.

    So. should your web site have a flash intro?

    : yes. just make sure you develop and design it right, to have it drawing attention and not piss people off.

    Flash rocks – IF you use it right.

    and for those developers that made you guys angry and dislike Flash . very sorry on their behave not all of us screw up flash intro’s.

    Captivate ♫

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  150. DMC

    What is it with all the idiots in this thread, trying to stick up for Flash intros??


  151. DMC

    Also, there’s no ‘art’ in making Flash intros. They are ALL corny, and they all suck.


  152. Well said and I love the graph.

  153. I don’t know, this team makes a pretty compelling argument (by “exceeding the perceived limits of design”)…see for yourself:

  154. there’s a place for everything – not sure where a flash intro fits in but definitely not on the web.

  155. Love this! thanks for posting.

  156. Absolutely beautiful advice… love it!

  157. Great post to start the day with 🙂 thank you.

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  162. Great post – love the chart. My colleague and I have often pondered the same question, so we put together this handy little site to help make the decision easier:

  163. Birgit Arkesteijn

    Fantastic! Surely even the most thick idiot will understand THAT diagram?

    Hate flash? Love Firefox’s flashblock add-on!


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  166. did you create this?

    coz igot sent this on friday at work! zoink 🙂

    check out the number of comments you got on this post 😀 😀 😀

  167. Spot on. Get on with the show. Stop stopping me from getting in the site.

  168. Arber

    And i take it the ‘fucking idiot’ part is you trying to be cool, just like a flash intro?

  169. I am definately refering to this chart, the next time i’m in a creative meeting where someone suggests a flash intro.

    Should probably print a couple out and distribute them around the office too.

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  174. @ Derek

    dude, check your spelling

  175. dkintheuk

    @ Derek
    dude, check your spelling

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  177. I very interested in the graph of your web. graphics are very good.


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  180. Joe Palmer

    Yes, the narcissism of these “developers” is palpable, BUT… most have included a “close” or “skip” button to bypass sucking the greasy cock of Satan. Now, if you prefer to suck Satan’s greasy throbbing cock, that’s cool…just know you have a choice.

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  183. Dom

    Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

  184. i never use flash in my blog intro. because it can slow my blog loading. not all of them like this intro may me it waste their tim. all they need is load the website or blog less than 3 sec i think 🙂 ..
    by the way thanks for sharing my friend keep blogging 🙂

  185. never laughed like this long time ago , very funny
    used it on my facebook under funny internet people title, adding ur link. hope u dont mind

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  188. Josh

    Awesome, now I don’t need to learn Flash. Our site will launch that much sooner.

  189. Ian

    I love the flowchart – you don’t mind if I use it as part of our design process 😉

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  191. this is genius.
    and so true.
    thumbs up for u.

  192. okay, what I feel is that we shouldnt have flash I think that each website should accept the browser even if it dosnet have flash because that isnt far I cant ven get on any site without having “flash”

  193. Aislinn Lujan

    Sadly, this is a look into my grim, grim future…

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  196. I agree with the article and the flow chart is great

  197. Many of people blog about this issue but you said really true words.

  198. slwdroppp

    i’m in a web design class and our prof is requiring us to have a flash intro for our final website. wtf??

  199. Here’s a Flash intro, good or evil?

    I think it’s pretty good use here.

  200. Knowing the response this will get, I kept my info private.

    The reason why you all hate flash so much is because you dont know how to use it. Flash developers can do anything in 1/2 the time it takes
    people who hand code everything and or use tables,
    css, div tags, ect.

    There is no right or wrong way to design a site, just because you all are stuck using old technology doesnt mean flash is bad. Your just afraid to learn something new.

    Flash is the way to go. Disagree? oh well.

  201. Anon

    I find this as I am finishing a flash intro for a client and dying on the inside.

  202. Just the word ‘Flash’ brings up associations of public exhibitionism, I might add. Another good reason to avoid a ‘Flash’ introduction.

  203. lynx

    John Gag
    July 16, 2009 at 9:11 am
    Is my flash intro too much?
    Thanks in advance


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  205. juz wow what u’ve impressed upon us here about really made me happier! (ok i know u must think im a crazy haha!) good flash

  206. I have just shown this page to a client and they still wan’t the shoddy flash intro – nightmare !

  207. So does my client, can anyone reccommend a site with a guide how to do one ?


  208. Don’t have yet but i am changing design of my site so definitely place a flash intro and sure this will drive more customers.

  209. hahaha, how very true. I like that diagram.
    I get so annoyed when I visit a site and it has a flash intro, or worse music or video that you just can’t shut up.

  210. Top advice, love it!
    How cool are the graphics too?! right?!

  211. Very funny. There’s also a serious debate about the merits of Flash design from a conversion optimization perspective here:

  212. I just love flash content on websites. My site does not have any flash content but sure i will add flash intro. But i am little confused about search engine terms about flash content on site.

  213. Man – You’re really angry!

    Regarding the Flash design intro, if it’s not part of (incorporated in) the main website then you are looking for trouble. A hit or miss situation within the 3 second rule. I don’t believe in intro. We don’t use it. Just get to the point. Show the user what they came for.

    The only use maybe for a magician’s website.

  214. I actually found that quite funny x]

    We always listen to what the customer wants before we advise them on what’s best for them. 🙂

  215. bob

    It depends on what kind of website you have.
    For a simple, fashion, non function oriented website , flash is a good idea.
    Just take a look at like Coca-cola, BMW, Nokia etc. Flash has always been the favorite of those big brands.

  216. Loving your post. I think you should post more often, you clearly have talent for blogging!

  217. Flash intro is good idea, it depends upon you business you are running. Because video says lot’s of words to the consumers with excellent presentation.


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  219. I think a flash header is ok as long as your site is fast enough to load it i hate slow loading websites

  220. Can’t say abt the function of the site but yes..function of a designing company…will surly…speed up.

  221. It’s hard to keep all your clients happy and regardless of what you say some of they just love ”Flash”.

  222. Please ban flash intro’s. Nothing worse than a flash intro when you just want to get onto the site to buy something or find out some information.

    If I’m visiting a design company, photo company etc then fine I want to see what you can produce, otherwise don’t bother.

  223. Flash alwasy seems to load to slowly so I often skip it.

    Its not that easy to SEO a flash design, although it is getting easier. If you want your business to grow fast then I would give the Flash intro a miss. If your business is about design then use flash in your portfolio.

  224. Website Development


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  226. As a novice web designer I created a website for my golf club, the site uses some flash, what could I use instead, any advice would be most helpful.

  227. Mate
    i’ve just joined the conversation but – this is so true! i still battle with clients asking for me to make the font on their site 18 point, pink and flash on and off!!! and we’re talking some very hefty clients.

    Flash is fine if used in moderation e.g. a 1 pixel x 1 pixel square on the sitemap page!!

    Long live Ajax and Javascript

  228. :o) Classic. It’s a sorry state of affairs that more than 2 years after this post there are still Flash-intro sites out there!

  229. Pingback: Flash out the Flash intro (rude humor) |

  230. In over ten years of working as a website designer we have coded perhaps 2 flash intros….We always advise clients to steer clear of them due to seo reasons.

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  232. Pingback: The Web logix Blog » Blog Archive » Why are intro pages bad for your SEO

  233. lesley

    Thanks I won’t add flash to my site.! ” I wasn’t about to discuss the Internet if we were still at level ‘power on’” by haddley hahaha LOOOl This post and its comments excellent.

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  235. I Believe blog post, “Should your website have a flash intro?

    | Angry 365 Days a Year” was indeed fantastic! I reallycan’t see eye to eye along with u more! At last seems like I actuallystumbled upon a web site really worth looking through. Thanks for your time, Roma

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  237. Can I just say what a relief to find somebody that truly understands what they are talking about on the internet. You actually realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people should look at this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you’re not more popular since you definitely possess the gift.

  238. I tiny bit of flash does create a bit of interest to a website. Just enough to grab your attention, but not too fussy that it annoys you. Keep it simple.

  239. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who has been doing a little research on this.
    And he in fact ordered me breakfast due to the fact
    that I found it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!

    But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about this matter
    here on your internet site.

  240. Thanks. I seriously don’t know why designers/developers are still using flash videos to introduce a website. Personally, I don’t feel that any website should be introduced with a video. Nice graph BTW

  241. Not a great fan of flash. I prefer a crisp simple site, but I can see that certain sites need to have an element of flash. I suppose it all come down to the nature of the website and the target of the audience.

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  243. Think there are better options to using flash. I found flash can make a site look too busy.

  244. Simply just desired to say I am just glad that i stumbled on the web page.

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