Mr Angry Vlog Number 8

Due to popular demand, here is the vlog I recorded on the weekend – high pitched noise problem and all. I’m glad everyone convinced me to do this as I quite liked the performance, it was a hard decision to ditch it. And a wrong decision according to the consensus. So enjoy. And you only have yourselves to blame if it hurts your ears.

Still, then you’d know my pain. I have this fucked-up high pitched tinnitus in my ears 24/7.

This is the link in case I screwed up the embed again:

As always, if you feel so disposed distribute this far and wide. Embed the video on your own site, tell people you wrote the script, hell, say it’s you in a mask if you like – just link back to the original youtube video. BTW, if anyone knows the secret to promoting a video on youtube, let me know because I haven’t worked that one out yet.



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10 responses to “Mr Angry Vlog Number 8

  1. 2 words
    Emmalina dancing.

    Get a hot chick to dance or complain in your video.

    Check out filthywhore.

  2. Shit on the walls. Wow That is like a zoo out there… With chimpanzees. I’ve never had that one.

    Hey Mr Angry, I wish you’d change themes, this one isn’t compatible for some reason with coComments, so I can’t track the conversations. All other themes from WP are.

  3. I still don’t know what Cocomments is. I might change themes when WordPress make a few more customisable but right now, this one is meeting my major needs right now.

  4. coComments is a way to track all the comments you make on blogs. Its very useful, because you can check when somebody posts something on a post that you were commenting on. It is interesting, because the comments become like converstations.

    There is a firefox extension that manages the coComments beautifully and also a bookmarklet for IE.

    I mentioned it to the coComment crew and they said that they will resolve the issue with an update later on in the week.

  5. Shit smeared on bathroom walls is a common tactic of Caterpillar Union employees when they’re pissed at management, according to my son-in-law who works there.

    Many office employees don’t wash their hands after using the toilet.

    I worked at a clothing store, and I threw away the filthy scummy liquid handsoap dispenser, and bought a new one from my own money.

    When I told the female manager what I did, she got on a power trip control freak hissy fit and asked me why on earth I did that.

    I said, “Because the fucking thing was filthy and scummmy, that’s fucking why the fuck I did it, o fucking kay?”

  6. I dont like CoComment, BTW. I post so many comments at other blogs, it would mess up my sidebar to display them all.

  7. Vaspers: you said those actualy Words? Cool. AS for shit smearing as revenge… that sounds like literally shitting in you own nest. Take a big dump on the boss’s desk I say.

    Range: glad there’s a solution coming. Like I said, I have my eye on some of the other themes as soon as WordPress make them customisable.

  8. ROFLMAO…. People are quite fucking disgusting aren’t they. Makes me want to drunkmouse.exe thier fucking PC when I work on it, with a nice little banner scrolling accross the screen..” Fuck you in the Neck with a Aligator Shit you inconsiderate prick”

  9. hahahahaha! Women are, more often than not, more disgusting than men. Im being serious. We know that you have this weird expectation of how sweet and sanitary we are, so we igure “what the hell, I’ll give em sweet and nice!” It’s revolting. Shit on thewalls? thats nothing. Blood on the seat/ floor/doorhandle, piss in the sanitary disposal unit, USED tampons clogging the sink- don’t even get me started.

  10. bof: it’s disgusting people who keep my blog running

    happychick: OMG! lalalalalalal -not listening – lalalalalalala

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