Armageddon is upon us

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s a lot of chatter these days about the apocalypse. Many people are looking at trouble in the middle east thinking that we could be seeing the beginning of the end of days. Some people consider this with trepidation, scarily enough others can’t wait for Armageddon because in their mind it will be followed by the rapture. Even more scary, it’s hard to escape the feeling that the mood in the Whitehouse might be leaning towards “Yay, apocalypse! This rocks!”

Whether people are looking forward to judgement day or not, there’s a lot of conjecture around where to find definitive signs. I’ll tell you where conclusive evidence of impending Armageddon can be found:

In the supermarkets.

There are all sorts of things in supermarkets these days. Many useful, many bizarre. Before I tell you the definitive sign I saw, a little explanation. For those who have never heard of “bubble and squeak” this is a rather odd English term for what is essentially leftovers. The basic recipe is you mix up whatever bits of food you have left over with some egg and re-cook that to make another meal. The other day in the supermarket I saw…

Frozen bubble and squeak.

That’s right, no longer is it enough to provide frozen meals for people who don’t have the time to cook. Now we have frozen leftovers for people to lazy to eat a meal and save their own leftovers. I can’t think of a better indicator that society is doomed.

Any god that would allow the existence of frozen bubble and squeak has abandoned his people. The end of days is upon us.



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17 responses to “Armageddon is upon us

  1. dragonlady474

    Bubble and Squeak?? Sounds like someone is choking a balloon animal. lol

  2. OMFG! Give me a break. BLECH

  3. It isn’t the most appetising sounding dish in the world, is it?

  4. j

    Actually – it’s quite nice as a quick emergency side-dish … although one must be around 98% exhausted prior to actually getting this one out of the freezer … the remaining 2% of the body’s energy is used during the cooking, at which point one tends to eat slowly and quietly …

  5. Salamaat,
    I don’t get it…whose left overs are they selling??

    This one lady at work, looked at my left overs from dinner; i was having for lunch the next day ( a nice pasta dish btw) and goes “I don’t like left overs I just love FRESH food”…

    then proceeds to heat up a frozen dish.

    i was like ??? Frozen is the New Fresh nowadays?

    I think *some* religious people are idiotic enough to blow all of us out of existence to hasten the end of the world. I just don’t get it; i always thought as humans we are charged to take care of the environment and other humans and the point is to make life as nice; peaceful and livable as possible for EVERYONE involved. The mentality of violence for some religious ends really baffles me…and yes, this is coming from a Mozlem… the end of the world must be near:)

  6. I would buy it, but I’d eat it frozen. Just to be different.

  7. dragonlady474

    But if you’re going to buy something frozen anyway, why not pick up something that IS appetizing? lol

  8. custador

    I’ve seen worse: Frozen Donner Kebabs. Donner meat, salad and sauce, in the pitta, then the whole lot frozen. Because picking up the phone and havinga kebab delivered is less effort than microwaving a foul tasting soggy thing out of the freezer? Hmmm.

  9. Salamaat Maliha: so a peace loving, rational Muslim is another sign of the apocalypse? We’re in terrible trouble 🙂

    Michelle: Excellent, we must always find ways to buck the system

    dragonlady: eating nice food is toooo easy

    custador: oh god, frozen kebab sound really horrible.

  10. Salamaat,
    all this talk on the apocalypse got me thinking and writing a new series on the post apocalyptic world…i know you are busy; but when you get a chance take a peek:) The title is “The year is 3000 AD” (I know i am being too optimistic to give us that long:)

  11. Oh I am there. And to everyone else, I can’t recommend reading Maliha’s fiction highly enough. Go now —-> read it!

  12. I only eat fresh food most of the time. Frozen stuff isn’t that good for you. If you can, buy fresh veggies. My 15 minute meal involves a nice rare to medium-rare steak with steamed veggies. Doesn’t take long and it’s very good, costs about C5-8$, depending on the cut you take.

    PS, I’m pretty sure that the American readers don’t know what Bubble and Squeak is. I do because my wife’s parents are from Britain.

  13. Range: I think you’re right about bubble & squeak, hopefully my definition made sense.

  14. Aaron

    Frozen Donner Kebabs. Donner meat, salad and sauce, in the pitta

    Well, they would be frozen, wouldn’t they?

  15. I think the suggestion was that it’s truly disgusting to freeze them all together.

  16. WebGirlie

    Ever had frozen noodles? *shudder*

  17. Ewww, I’m really hoping this doesn’t degenerate into a competition for the grossest frozen food.

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