A message to the nazis

How ya doing bitches?  It seems some self-proclaimed aryan saviour of the white race has stumbled across my blog while doing their one-handed web surfing and warned their circle-jerking brethren on some racist forum about how I dared to speak against their glorious plans for the future.  This post is going to include some instructions for the inbred nazi fools who seem likely to drool there way in here for a while at least.

Regular readers may have noticed comments popping up for my post from last month “YouTube is overrun by nazis”.  This is the one the sad little boys are apparently discussing on their forum.  I noticed links to their forum popping up in my referrer logs the other day but haven’t had a chance to check it out to see what they’re actually saying.  The site is barred from my work based internet access and I’ve had more interesting things to do at home for the last few days.  Hopefully they’ll get bored soon and go back to sitting in pools of their own excrement fantasising about how they’re the master race but there’s likely to be a few comments from them.

So, pay attention nazi losers.  Here are the rules.  This is my place so they are my rules.  Subject to change at whim and without notice.  I get to say whatever I fucking like here and I get to delete comments any time I feel like it.  I’ve been getting this crap on YouTube for a while and I tend to let it go there, simply because the moron quotient on YT is much higher than in my little corner of the blogosphere.  I honestly don’t feel like subjecting my regular readers to the depth of bile that I get on YT so I will be deleting comments whenever I feel like it.

Don’t waste time going off on some insane rant about “freedom of speech”.  Fuck you.  Cretinous morons who think they have the right to deprive others of the freedom to live their lives the way they choose have no rights here.  You may not see the blindingly obvious inconsistencies in your rantings but I, along with other intelligent humans, can and I have no desire to indulge your diseased ravings.

Personally I find the vast majority of drivel spouted by racists/nationalist/nazis/aryans to be deeply amusing.  To watch you brain dead morons flail and thrash about, completely oblivious to how clearly you are showing yourself to be contemptible idiots gives me quite a good laugh.  In fact I regard you rockapes as free entertainment.  I’m the organ grinder and you’re the particularly ugly lobotomised monkeys who dance to my tune on my command.  The fact that you can’t grasp that every time you bang out some shit on the keyboard with your six-fingered hands you are playing into my plan is really funny. 

As a friend on YT put it – how does it feel to be controlled by somebody you despise?  I love the conundrum this puts these fuckwits into.  They want to respond with their mindless braying about the superiority of the white race but now they know I want them to respond because I get my best laugh of the day out of their idiocy.  They want to respond but they know I’m compelling them to respond but they don’t want to do what I want but they want to respond but that’s what I want them to do but they don’t want to do what I want.  I really enjoy the mental image of their feeble little brains imploding from the cognitive dissonance.

So that’s the rules for nazis in this playpen.  You want freedom of speech?  Stay in the pit of filth you’ve created for yourself and leave decent humans alone.  Here I set the rules and I don’t give a shit what you think about that.  Oh, and some minor points that I don’t consider important at all but you fuckwits obsess about them.  I’m not Jewish.  I’m not gay.  I don’t consider either term an insult so don’t waste your time.  I’m 6th generation Australian from Scots/Irish heritage.  I don’t care what you believe about me.

And the whole “Mr Angry” thing including the mask?  It’s a CHARACTER.  I know most of you nazi morons are no good at abstract thought (or any level of thinking at all) but many people understand the idea of creating a character to make a particular point or simply to entertain.  The character and the person behind it are separate entities.  And the mask sure as shit isn’t about hiding from you fuck-knuckles.  You pathetic bastards are completely incidental to my life and don’t figure into any significant decision I make.

I’ll round off with a saying that will be familiar to regular readers: fuck you in the neck with a swastika you pathetic, snivelling, cowardly, insecure nazi losers.  You are not the master race.  You are not growing in numbers.  You are not going to “rise up”.  You are an embarrassment to humanity; a discredited and defeated bunch of abject losers.



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10 responses to “A message to the nazis

  1. ‘I get to say whatever I fucking like here and I get to delete comments any time I feel like it. ‘

    And if you don’t like it you fuckwads Mr. Angry has an adopted American Mom who can still kick ass – LARGE! So leave him the hell alone.

  2. Yeah but, Mr. Angry, how do you really feel about these losers? Heh…

    They want to respond but they know I’m compelling them to respond but they don’t want to do what I want but they want to respond but that’s what I want them to do but they don’t want to do what I want.

    They want to respond but they know I’m compelling them to respond but they don’t want to do what I want but they want to respond but that’s what I want them to do but they don’t want to do what I want.
    As Mr. Spock once said to Captain Kirk, “A dazzling display of logic…”

  3. Doohh!! I wish WordPress had ‘comment preview’!!

  4. Frankly, I’m waiting for them to rise up. I get to start shooting them legally. I guarantee I’m a better shot than most of them.

  5. gruntski

    Well said, and in your usual diplomatic way!!! (Are you in the public service, by chance? 🙂

    BTW, I actually mean it…. Well Said!!!

  6. Sandra: I pity the fool that doesn’t heed your warning!

    Kyklops: I love messing with their heads

    labrat: We’ll keep a running tally and see who bags the most

    gruntski: I do my best, I find a gentle message works better than a harsh one!

  7. Lee

    When the Nazis pushed for a rematch of the war to end all wars I was only an egg and never got to shoot one or anything like that.

    Then after developing arms, legs and experiencing the first shock of breathing air, soon after became aware that my parents were very right wing, so followed their ideals as childen do.

    Finally I developed a brain, discarded my parents politics and being interested in wildlife, evolution and such things began to wonder if a nazi would make a good pet.

    On further consideration I thought that this would be to much hassle due to all the paperwork involved, as the dangerous wild animal act states that a licence is needed to keep any living creature that is a potential threat to other people.

  8. And yet they’re left to run around feral when caring people like you are willing to keep them out of harm’s way. It just isn’t right.

  9. I’d normally erase all of these as spam, but it’s pretty funny.

  10. This is so deeply into the surreal end of the spectrum I think any further comment from me is superfluous.

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