John Stewart is Ripping Me Off!

Well, not really. But I did just see on The Daily Show that he did the exact same joke about that scumbag Republican Mark Foley that I did the other day for The Angry News video “Republican Sex Shenanigans.” He used the line that Foley had sponsored legislation to protect minors from online predators “so he could have them all to himself.”

Quite frankly, this rocks. It might not have been the best joke in the world but it was good enough for the Daily Show. That makes me think I might have a future.

Coincidentally, this really illustrates the pointlessness of the non-story from a few weeks ago where some people were saying The Colbert Report ripped off ZeFrank. It’s simple folks – if you come up with an obvious joke about a current event, you won’t be the only one who comes up with it.


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