Some more Angry News updates

So let me update you on some important news stories that might have slipped by you.  First, evidence that Microsoft runs the world: a law is being proposed in New York that could see you fined $100 if you use your iPod while crossing the road:

OK, I’m being deliberately leading with this story.  The law would actually impose the same fine for using any electronic device while crossing the road (e.g. mobile phone, Blackberry, portable game unit) but it’s more fun to say something inflammatory like you’ll get fined for using an iPod.

This second story is about a new product being marketed by Coke that they claim will actually burn calories.  Their claims are under investigation by (among others) the Connecticut Attorney General because of the strong suspicion that they’re, you know, talking shit.

If it turns out this drink does actually make you lose weight, I wonder what the side effects of drinking excessive amounts of it are?  Because you know for sure that people aren’t going to limit themselves to three a day if they can lose weight by drinking more.



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3 responses to “Some more Angry News updates

  1. Weight loss or no, I don’t limit myself to 3 diet cokes a day. You know my philosophy: anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

  2. Mayn… I would be drinking that crap like water.

  3. Sandra: me too, I measure my consumption in litres, not cans. Those guys should sponsor me.

    Nikki: You and me both.

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