Why I don’t watch TV

Well, to be fair, I watch a lot of TV.  But I watch almost no commercial broadcast TV and I definitely never watch any of their stupid fucked-up so-called current affairs reporting shows.  A truly appalling example of what I fucking hate about these piece of shit infotainment shows has just been perpetrated.

It all starts on YouTube.  Which I like.  One of the highest profile YouTubers  who goes by the user name of Boh3m3 does a video entitled “The Australians are fooling us all”.  I have no idea what prompted him to do this, but it was a fairly innocent little piss-take where he rips on Australians, mostly to do with Vegemite.  Here’s the video:

He wound up a lot of Australians and got a lot of responses.  Most of the responses seemed to get the joke but a disturbing number seemed deeply affronted.  Then the true horror begins… This was actually featured on a prime-time current affairs show as a fucking “news” item:

Now, I get that this is actually supposed to be a piss-take on the show but it’s just fucking embarrassing that making a big scene about this is worth three fucking minutes of airtime!  I just cringed in horror while watching this video.  Which I watched on YouTube – I would have no idea that it had been broadcast otherwise (see my previous note on not watching this fucked up piece of shit tabloid show.)

Boh3m3 of course responded to the news that he’d been on Australian TV:

I was actually at a loss as to what this melding of YouTube and tabloid TV meant, but fortunately, I received a message from the future that explained it all: this is the end of civilisation as we know it.

You heard it here first, folks!  The Vegemite wars are coming!  Choose your side wisely.



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11 responses to “Why I don’t watch TV

  1. Nothing can be much weirder than some of my breakfasts. The first time I ever heard of vegemite was from Happychick in this post: http://jcoftw.wordpress.com/2006/04/30/weird-breakfasts/

    I was embarassed to admit that I’ve live this old and never had heard of Vegemite, much less tasted it.

    I personally take offense at that prick, cause Chick loves it. And the asshole is American. Find his address I’ll go kick him to hell and back.

  2. This is a good example of one simple, but still true point: the “traditional” media (tv, newspapers, etc.), on a very fundamental level, just don’t get “the internets”. They have no idea what it’s about, what happens “here”, what’s “real” and what isn’t, etc, etc, etc…

  3. Sandra: With you after him, he can stop being worried about vengeful Australians – he’s dead.

    Kyklops: they are so far away from getting it, it’s embarrassing.

  4. Ha! You should try Marmite, disgusting stuff.

    If I remember the difference is that Marmite is even more black. The adverts actually ran along the lines of “you’ll love it, or hate it.” with marriages collapsing etc… over the differences.

    And once you’ve done that try Bovril! Bovril! Beef! In a hot drink!!! Who the fuck thought that one up?

  5. Hmm… beef in a hot drink… the only thing better might be beef in a cold beer…

  6. gamini

    You have to have a good taste buds to enjoy marmite of vegemite. It is not definitely for people brought up with industrial foods from fast food joints. Not definitely for the ones who drink beer that tate like “goat piss”. You know the kinds like Pabst Blue Ribbon and the like every hick town advertises ! If you enjoy good wines, good coffee and things like olives…you are well on your way to enjoy the taste of Marmite. There is a reason why Marmite has been around for A LONG TIME.

  7. Massif: Everyone forgets Promite! Where’s Promite in all this?

    Kyklops: I’m sure you can get beef flavoured ice cream in Japan.

    Gamini: a niche market perhaps.

  8. Will

    Not only is vegemite a powerful method of nutrition, it is also a miracle cure – After a suggestion from a co-worker, my mum (not mom) put a dab of vegemite on her mouth ulcer…10 minutes later, the pain was gone!
    A GP I know prescribes vegemite on toast to his kids when they’re sick. Fixes them right up!

  9. The power of vegemite knows no limits.

  10. vetti

    commercial tv is the biggest joke there is. i love boh3m3, he’s a piss taker in the best aussie tradition. and yes, i am eating vegemite toast right now…

  11. gruntski

    Ahhh.. Good to see you here, Vett-star. And TV is shit. I have lived with no broadcast TV in my house for over two and a half years. The only thing that gets watched in my house is DVD’s/Videos, and Mr Angry (but of course!!)

    Oh, and the odd Angry rant that gets created when something pisses me off… but editing doesn’t count…

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