Expensive Google schwag

When I was writing my piece on Monday about Googlejuice I stumbled across an advertisement for an AdSense presentation Google were having in Melbourne on Wednesday.  As I’d never seen a Google presentation I thought it might be interesting.  Besides, WordPress may not support AdSense on hosted blogs right now but they might in the future and I might be able to make a few bob.

It was an interesting enough presentation, the speaker that interested me the most was the founder of Geekzone, a New Zealand based geek website.  He was interesting because he makes enough money from AdSense to quit his fairly lucrative day job and run his site full time.  So it can be done.

I had to take the afternoon off work to attend the presentation and, as I’m a contractor, that means I don’t get paid for that half of the day.  In terms of measurable outcomes I got a Google schwag bag and the only thing I’ll be keeping out of that is a Google pen.  So that’s essentially a $300 pen.

It had better write bloody well.



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7 responses to “Expensive Google schwag

  1. And it was good to meet you there too!

    I am back in New Zealand now 🙂

  2. Hi Mauricio, thanks for dropping by. I’ll be visiting Geekzone later.

  3. Ah well, knowledge is worth a thousand bob.. how much exactly is a “bob” anyway?

  4. I’ve got log! 😀

    PS. Nice to see all the comedy logging around here. I’ll pray for your pen and the greatness of it.

  5. Hope it was a damn good pen!

  6. Michelle: in ye olde times it was a shilling. I think in modern time you can conveniently refer to any denomination as a bob.

    Daniel: Good on you! And thanks for the support

    Sandra: It had better be!

  7. As always, the way Google works is painfully hidden from bloggers or webmasters. They do not reveal their payscheme, so you have to try it out to see how much money it generates. I have read that it generates a certain amount per thousand clicks or hits.

    IMHO, you need to have a lot of visits per day for this to pay off. Like close to 10000 a day for it to have some sort of real impact on your finances.

    I get the feeling that they pay you like 1$ or 1 cent per thousand hits or something like that.

    Maybe bloggers who use Adsense could give us a few examples.

    I was looking into it for my backup blog which will become my main blog pretty soon, thememoirs.org.


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