Internet dating and relationships tips from Mr Angry

Long time readers of this blog will recognise the content of these videos.  I actually wrote this material quite a while ago but had some fun this week making videos of it.  This first video eases people into the idea of online dating by giving a few keys tips:

As the first one was popular I went into more detail with this video:

And to round things off, my all round tips for relationships success:

Mr Angry: solving the age-old conflict between the sexes.



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17 responses to “Internet dating and relationships tips from Mr Angry

  1. i really enjoyed this one – a good friend of mine is guilty of the last of your pet peeves, and all i need to do now is work out how to make her watch and learn from you 😉

  2. Ah! This was fun. I’ll show this to my husband 🙂

  3. vetti: they’re all based on real experiences so your friend isn’t alone

    suroor: education, mr angry style

  4. she may not be alone, but her behaviour is really annoying me!

  5. Now if you could just do some dating tips for guys that include:
    #1 – brush your teeth – that green fungus growing on your gums may be a great conversation piece with the guys but a girl isn’t gonna kiss you

    #2 – stop living at home and/or having your mom wash our underwear — much less BUY your underwear for you!

    #3 – just because your character on your MMORPG is buff, doesn’t mean you look like. Guess what? You’ve been sitting in your parents basement for 3 weeks straight, playing this damn game. Not only are you NOT buff, but you ARE pasty white, your eyes are red rimmed like you crawled out from hell, your gut is hanging over your food stained sweats from under your too tight High School t-shirt and for GOD’S SAKE – it’s called soap and water.. .try it sometime. Yes, women are attracted to pheremones but not if we can’t find them under the 3 weeks worth of funk!

    Kitty out! meow…. 🙂

  6. vetti: I agree it’s annoying, pretty much why I’m venting on the subject

    cinnkitty: awesome rules, love them all!

  7. a suggestion for the fellers and the birds: too much cologne isn’t a style statement, it’s chemical warfare, it’s sick-making and it’s wrong.

  8. Umm…”birds” meaning girls right?? Do the chicks where you live wear cologne?? That’s kind of manly, well — at least where I come from. 🙂

    Oh.. and so you don’t think I’m only down on the guys….here’s one of my favorite Foamy the Squirrel rants, that basically explains how crazy we women get…. Enjoy!

  9. The women here have a fondness for cologne, and tight blue singlets.

    Just like truck drivers…. 🙂

  10. Sorry- that’s a Yass thing (a country town in NSW)…

  11. Cologne…. maybe it’s an Australian thing.

  12. Gruntski – umm…okay humor the little girl from Atlanta, Georgia…….

    Yass thing???
    Country town in NSW???

    Please explain…..(and I’ll probably kick myself when you do and say “DOH!” I knew that!) 🙂

  13. Gruntski lives in a town by the name of Yass. It’s in the state of New South Wales (it’s south-west of Sydney)

    Mate, you *have* to provide the link to the McDonald’s sign to show CinnKitty a bit of local colour!

  14. enough already! if I’d used another generic word, like “perfume” you would have asked why blokes wear perfume, I suppose? geez!!!

    not that there’s anything wrong with tight singlets

    folks do things differently in NSW, especially in Yass

  15. Ah, those mind games… I never was good at seeing when those were going on.

    In fact, I made it a point not to take hints, which caused many people to become upset, but ultimately they learnt the hard way that actually asking for stuff not only gets it, but avoids people resenting you because they feel manipulated.

    Worst possible thing for someone to say in response to “what’s the matter.” is “if you cared you should know.”

    I fucking hate it when people say that. I do care, that’s why I’m asking – but there’s a whole plethora of things that could be upsetting you, and I haven’t figured out which one is most likely.

    Plus it’s important not simply to remember what to say, but also how to say it… Pausing for thought when answering a woman’s question (and it’s always a woman who notices these things.) is usually taken as a sign you’re making up a lie. If you find yourself accidentally pausing though, don’t panic – just take the time to think up something really good. (Or pretend you didn’t hear.)

  16. Vetti – sorry, I wasnt’ trying nit-pick, I just wasn’t sure if it was a culture / slang difference. Turns out, it kind of is. I always love learning new things about new places!

    Matter of fact – I had to do a search on “tight blue singlets” because I didn’t get that reference either. The Yahoo Answer page caught my attention:

    “there is a detailed stereotype of what bogans wear, which includes Moccasin-style slippers, ugg boots, tight black jeans, singlets, flannelette shirts (or black jerseys and jeans in Waitakere/West Auckland) and prominent tattoos, short, stubbies (tight ‘footy shorts’), blue singlets and thongs/jandals (the footwear Americans call ‘flip-flops’, not the underwear) and sunnies.”

    Somehow — that still didn’t really answer my question. But boy did it bring up others!

    Mr. Angry – okay, this is the USA public school system at work for you. I had to pull up a map of Australia because I thought “Hey, I knew a couple of guys from Perth..that’s probably near Yass.” Umm…NO, silly me, that’s like saying New York is probably near Los Angeles… except multiplied by 4. 🙂

    Massif – yeah….you are right. Hell, I admit I’ve behaved that way at times too. But, even worse than “if you cared you should know” is the Dreaded “Nothing” response. At least with the first one, the guy is getting a clue that, yeah…something is wrong. With the Dreaded “Nothing”… the guy is screwed! If he takes it at face value he’s screwed because then she thinks he doesn’t care enough and if he tries to come up with the reason, then he’s liable to hang himself by admitting something that wasn’t the reason in the first place, but damn well is now. 😉

    Ahhh….ain’t dating grand? (snicker)

  17. Massif: that’s another flavour of response I’m all too familiar with

    CinnKitty: I would make similar geographical mistakes with several parts of the world, don’t worry. Plus, I think you hit the nail on the head exactly with why the “nothing” response is the worst of all.

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