This blog has multiple personality disorder

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed this blog has multiple personality disorder.  It’s the blog that has the problem, by the way, not me.  The fact that I treat the blog as a separate entity rather than simply something I write is not an indication of a mental disorder.

There’s the general reason I started the blog, to vent about stupid shit that makes me angry.  Then there’s the times I write about work issues in a more serious way (with less swearing).  Then there’s the time I respond to world events in an at least slightly serious way.  And the times I respond to world events in an utterly frivolous and childish way.  And, of course, the videos. 

There are times when I think I should be more consistent.  Or at least more coherent.  Then I remember that no bastard is paying me for this.  That tends to justify my idea that “this blog is about whatever the fuck I want it to be about.”  Subject to change without notice. 

Sometimes I think I should take the easy way out.  Or at least what would be the easy way for me.  That would be to spend my time always writing pieces in response to current events.  The main reason I don’t do that is because this is what I see as the biggest weakness of the blogosphere.  Namely, the vast majority of blogs are about commenting on what is being done elsewhere.

I want to be the one other people are writing about dammit!

So there you go, I don’t have multiple personality disorder.  That’s the blog’s problem.  I have Narcissistic personality disorder.



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7 responses to “This blog has multiple personality disorder

  1. You summed yourself up nicely there – in relatively few words and not a lot of angry shit – well done 😉

    I hear ya though. My blog has turned into a site about vaginas really, but then I have the odd relapse into mushy stuff, or god forbid, stuff about my upcoming wedding and the vaginas go right out the window… So keep your eye out, you never know when you might catch a glimpse of a wayward vagina… If you do, just send her my way, ok?

  2. If I ever got my personalities down to two, I’d have it made! My favorite time of day is group therapy…alone in my car. 😀

    I will help feed your narcissism. I think you are wonderful!

  3. Simonne: Vaginas are always good for search engine hits 😉 Plus, who wouldn’t blog about their upcoming wedding? Also, good search engine fodder.

    Sandra: You have fed my narcissism for a very long time, a fact for which I am eternally grateful. I think all of you are wonderful too!

  4. It seems my blog suffers from the same personality multiple malady. A disgruntled commenter accused me of writing (a post) based on my personal experience…how dare I….and not thouroughly researching my topic.

    Much like you, I pointed out that since I wasn’t being paid I will write what I choose, when I choose and sort of politiely reminded my dear commenter/critic that as far as I could tell no arm twisting had been applied.

    Sometimes I just have to vent and my blog is what keeps me from running around waving bloody knives.

  5. Apart from any purported need to have a purpose, the fact that you do not really have any particular agenda is what appeals to me the absolute most, in general terms. Probably we all have some sort of “axe to grind” and it is better if you are not on some kind of “mission” to do anything more than see “what they think of this” without even knowing who “they” might be.

    But what I gotta try to do now (if I’m able) is blog about all this reading I sometimes actually get around to enjoying. Nothing really propagates if we only comment and re-comment. I’ve only put one “pingback” in my blogspace so far (I think) but I notice that it gets its fair share of clicks. I tend to test each element slowly to find out what the result is (my “scientist” will never die). My experiment is my attempt to understand, and then to share the best of the best with the best, as if anyone could know what that is.

    That’s probably why we seem to swirl around if we don’t have a particular “bent” beyond what is happening in the world including cyberspace. We literally *are* making this up as we go along, and will look back in a few years and understand why we did it. More important, I’m thinking we’ll all be *quite pleased* with the time we did not waste.

    Only if we can remember it, though! 🙂 Funny how those two things exclude each other: wasting time really is not all that enjoyable, if it truly goes to nothing good, like other types of waste, but cannot be recycled or returned to the biosphere. We call idle time “dead time” but that’s what the past really is. Meanwhile, here we are, blogging! Some may mock it, but it is where no small part of our life, our heart, is living today, or living *for* today. Gotta keep goin’

  6. honjii: I’m with you, if I wasn’t venting on this blog I’d be waving around worse than knives.

    Galen: sounds like a fine quest!

  7. Greg

    looking to talk to people with DID, MPD. My ex-wife had it and we got divorced. She had 15 or more alters. I want some sort of closure. Please help.

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