Designed by a 3 year old

Have you ever heard of the five whys?  I came across it in a business context, the idea is when trying to find the root cause of a problem if you ask “why” five times you should identify the real issue.  In the course of my work, identifying business requirements, the idea was that each proposed requirements should hold up to five whys.

If you can’t continue to give good answers to at least five whys then maybe you shouldn’t be doing whatever it is you were planning.  It can be a very effective technique.  But I’ll tell you this much: it wears thin really quick when it’s being used by someone who’s already pissing you off.



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12 responses to “Designed by a 3 year old

  1. Ash

    Hey man,

    I ve followed your shit for last one year and I think you write good. only problem is that you video blog too much. see the problem is that we here in New zealand dont have fast broadbands so I dont watch your vids all the time so i think you should write more instead of recording more so people like me can read shit instead of having to wait 20 mins for a video to fuckin load. Besides we kiwis think John Howard sucks.


  2. “WHY” did you buy an LG Microwave? “WHY” don’t you take the food out of the LG Microwave? “WHY” don’t I shut the fuck up now….

  3. It’s like free association, except it makes you hate people, instead of being useful therapy.

  4. LOL Angry, I feel your pain. The idea is good in theory, but seems anathema to the idea of finding the simplest solution for any given problem. (AKA the K.I.S.S. methodology.)

    In fact, I know from experience that for some solutions, if you have to ask more than 3 questions to figure out why you are doing something that particular way, you’re probably doing it wrong…

    I actually prefer to/enjoy watching the videos. I’m just a simple minded ‘mercan with more bandwith than brains, so I’d much rather watch than read, thank you very much, LOL


  5. Ah. So that explains why there’s only one “why am I doing this” at the top.

  6. 5 “why’s” my ass…. THIS is the reason “Because I said so” became the mantra of parents all over the world. ha….ha..ha…

    Let’s face it.. most of the people I deal with are bugging the hell out of me, asking for reasons to things that they really won’t understand anyway and I want to treat their “Why’s” with the same mentality as you might do when you 5 year old keeps asking you “Why do I have to brush my teeth”. 😛

  7. Slow bandwith would suck for sure, but mine is fast and I like the videos for the full effect. For instance, it wasn’t until Angry Aussie answered his co-worker on the third WHY? that I laughed out loud.

  8. Ash: I hear what you’re saying but honestly I tend to do what’s easiest for me and at the moment that’s videos. When I start working again I’ll probably start writing in my lunch hours again

    gruntski: you got the general vibe mate 😉

    Pink: that about sums it up

    phyre: I think it has its uses but it gets annoying quick

    kyknoord: spot on!

    cinnkitty: like I said, designed by a 3 year old 😉

    Buck: I’ll always do both but I’ll probably get back into writing longer pieces soon.

  9. They just like the attention, that applies to both children and businessmen.

    Also, when you get to “because YOU want blah.” they should really stop asking why, and it should get to be your turn. (I’m not sure if the count should be started again at this point. God knows it could get really annoying if you did.)

  10. I think you’re right about attention seeking.

  11. fei

    Why cant i say 3 whys?

  12. K9 FTO

    Classic … Currently have a 3 year old driving us crazy with the Why’s.

    At least I’m not only one going crazy with a bloody LG microwave and yes I’ve done the same swearing at it too 😉

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