Puppy killing marine and internet vigilantes vie for title or world’s biggest psychopath

So with everything wrong in the world right now, a lot of people are getting worked up about a video that appears to show a US marine throwing a puppy off a cliff.  I say “appears” because I really don’t believe it conclusively shows whether or not it was a real, live puppy.

Despite the assertions of a lot of people I don’t see any conclusive signs of life from the “puppy”.  And for all the people who say that a toy couldn’t look that realistic, I say you haven’t spent enough time in toy shops.

Second, I’m extremely dubious about the sound.  As someone who makes a lot of videos, the yipping of the dog you hear as it goes over the cliff doesn’t sound real.  It sounds like a cartoon-ish sound effect that was added at a later point.

Also, the truncated nature of the video makes me a little suspicious.  You only see about ten seconds – what happened before, what happened after?  It’s extremely likely that the before and after would prove conclusively whether or not it was an actual, live puppy being thrown.  That would say whether or not the guy just had a sick sense of humour and set up a prank or if he’s a sick psychopathic bastard who thinks killing puppies is funny.

The fact that no video has surfaced that clear the marine actually makes me suspect the footage is real.  Which is quite disturbing.  I understand why people have found this so horrific.  A lot of people have said “why care about a puppy?” but it’s more what the puppy symbolises.  The utter defenselessness and innocence of a puppy make the way the marine seems to casually kill it all the more horrific.  As it literally engendering a sense of horror.

When stuff like this can happen, humanity is utterly fucked.

Also for me, sometimes the big stuff is too big.  The travesty that is the Bush administration occasionally gets too horrific to process.  The utter destruction of everything that is good about America is more than a tad disturbing.  The death of hundreds of thousands of civilians gets to be too much.  The fact that they totally fucked over their own soldiers as well is too much.  The fact that they feel they have the right to treat their own citizens as the worst sort of criminals and take away all their rights is too much.

So caring about a puppy is a sort of stand-in for all of that.

And by the way, fuck the internet vigilantes who have been going after his family.  They don’t KNOW a goddam thing.  They are convinced of their righteousness and there’s nothing as dangerous as righteous anger.  Even going after the marine when they don’t know the full story is wrong.  But going after his family is just fucked and utterly indefensible.

I posted a video on the topic on youtube (provided above for your viewing pleasure) and the most bizarre response I got was 9/11 conspiracy theorists going after me.  WHAT THE FUCK?  What is wrong with these freaks?  A recurring comment was people disagreeing with me when I said attacking his family was worse than killing a puppy.  So let me be clear:

Making graphic threats of violence, rape and murder against his family, people who had NOTHING to do with the act, even if the act is true, is far, far worse than killing a puppy.  You are a sick, psychopathic fuck and you deserve to burn in your own special corner of hell.

I just like to be clear.



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22 responses to “Puppy killing marine and internet vigilantes vie for title or world’s biggest psychopath

  1. Simon

    If the video is real then the marine deserves the same fate, i believe a lfe is a life and they are all equally valuable-the terror that the puppy goes through as it falls off a cliff would be the same as a human’s

  2. Killing a puppy sucks. Must be deranged. Then again, he’s a marine so there is a lot of violence to get out of his system so that he can deal with stuff.

  3. kd

    I agree with you on everything and yes if it is real the guy has some serious issues,but lets all think about this he is in a foreign country fighting on the behalf of us all at home.Prolly seeing much more horrific things than any of us could bare to imagine or google on the web. Yes killing a puppy for fun is weird but if we had the internet and if we all saw what our fathers grandfathers and great granfathers were doing during in wwI WWII and veitnam we would prolly all see things we would not agree with . But no this guy does not deserve to die nor should his family even be brought into this he is obviously a disturbed young man dealing with some issues.

  4. Simon

    Its not just something we dont agree with, the puppy was alive, now its dead—if you think dealing with issues makes it ok to kill things then your just as demented as the sick asshole who chucked the thing off a cliff.

  5. whether any puppies were harmed in the making of this vid or not, threatening people who had nothing to do with it is 100% unacceptable. yes, the american war machine is hellish, but so are the “interweb vigilantes” who bang on about their righteous indignation.

  6. blog440

    Excellent observation on how the puppy is a stand-in for all that is wrong. We may not be able to wrap our minds around all the human deaths – not that we are cold or uncaring but just that it’s all too big.

    I agree with just about everything you said except for the line:

    “You are a sick, psychopathic fuck and you deserve to burn in your own special corner of hell.”

    I hope you’re just being ironic. Or are we on a new part of the curve and everyone is just pointing and screaming “psychopath!” at each other?

    God help us if that’s true.

    I’ve written a post on this subject in my blog, too:


    Not justifying or approving, just forgiving.

  7. Wata Dooshbaag

    You are a complete and utter moron. YAY for you because you can shout loud. Maybe the many many people who tell you that you’re too angry are right. Maybe instead of making a fool out of yourself on the world wide web you should.. I don’t know, get a fucking stress ball

    You’re a douche

  8. E0157H7

    Eight years of intense, seething anger and horror have nearly completely desensitized me to things that previously would have put me into a tailspin for an entire day. After hearing about a new travesty every day the Puppychucker (real or not) is just a drop in the bucket. The various reactions are interesting though. By interesting, of course, I mean creepy and unnerving. All of the craziness that has cropped up like a social herpes outbreak is a good example of what happens when a (huge) crowd of people, already wont to mob behavior, are given anonymity and remote access to the mob at large. I doubt that if a group of people in a room were shown this video together even the angriest people would openly voice the desire to disembowel and/or rape the family of the Marine. They wouldn’t say it because the other people would be there to tell them that they were full of shit in person and to their faces. If all of the masks were pulled off of everybody involved, I’ll bet that the discourse (shit-flinging) would become much more moderate and calm.
    Nevertheless, tossing a puppy to its death is fucked. I wish it went without saying.

  9. chemboy

    Great opinions! This Marine did a horrible thing that he should regret. As for the rest of us, we should step back and take a deep breath. None of us know exactly what happened and before we do, there is nothing we can do about it.

  10. Vladimir

    Every time you masturbate, a marine kills a puppy!

  11. simon

    Vladmir your an idiot, go find somewhere else to make useless sick comments

  12. Matt from the water place

    I haven’t seen the video, but the thing that strikes me about this (and funniest home video shows) is no one ever asks why it is being filmed.
    It would be filmed if it was a planned stunt or attempt at humour, or if a group of people were really whacked out.
    Find the camera operator and ask him or her. Then you would know.
    It’s either harmless, or a tasteless act executed by a group of people. No man is an island, if you’ve already judged this, go after them all..

  13. Simon: If it’s real, he’s dangerous and should be dealt with

    Range: The military need to deal with it if their soldiers go completely crazy

    Kd: The military need to deal with it on a number of levels, first on a disciplinary level but second, they need to help soldiers who develop post traumatic stress disorder as a result of their service.

    Vett: Internet vigilantes are fucked up

    Blog440: I meant psychopath literally, not name-calling. Someone who tortures or kills animals for fun fits the clinical diagnosis of a psychopath.

    Dooshbag: you name youself so well there’s really nothing left for me to say

    E0157H7: Sadly, in this world, not much goes without saying.

    Chemboy: I wish more people would think things through

    Vlad: someone had to go there

    Matt: that’s what I meant about him being able to prove his innocence if he wanted to. BTW, I gave you a shout-out in my 51 minute video – surely that’s a good enough reason to watch a 51 minute rant.

  14. Bruno

    It is real. He has admitted it. He said he was doing the dog a favor because it was sick. Gee did he look the least bit compassionate? He thinks we are all fools. I think he is one sick coward.

  15. Vladimir

    simon: yeah, pretty much so I am. It’s because in that 3rd world country-side where I grew up, there were no nutritious McDonalds, that probably affected my then young forming brain very badly… There were also quite barbaric customs regarding surplus puppies and kittens, by the way. Except a few exceptionally lucky specimens, those poor creatures had about two options. To be: 1. drowned 2. buried alive. I’m not saying that was the most humane thing to do, of course. But it gives you a sort of different perspective… I can only imagine how a military service works in that regard. If after seeing some animal deaths you care no more, what about running in trenches with a machine-gun? Killing people, risking joining them in hell yourself any second?… But no puppies! Sir, no, sir! Cos’ it’s bad, sir! Phew…

  16. Bruno: he hasn’t admitted a goddam thing. Some fuckwit set up a fake myspace and fooled heaps of people into thinking it was real.

    Vlad: But it was a puppy!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Vladimir

    Mr. Angry: Rabbits are more cute than any puppy. You australian monsters gotta stop killing them with poisons and viruses!!!

  18. simon

    Vladmir you dont seem to get my point, or my point of view-i think all life is equally valuable, unless you count humans because they have the ability to make decisions morally rather than on instinct.
    You can choose to kill the puppy or not and you know whether its wrong or not, the exception is insane people.
    Echoes of the office psychopath, the lack of conscience.
    What horrifies me more is when people just dont care about this stuff happening and think of it as inconsequential unless its a fellow human being so forgive me vlad if i still think your an idiot.

  19. Vladimir

    No, not that “all-life-equally-valuable” crap again… go pick a flower or hug a bunny!

  20. Gassan Ibrahim

    Throwing things in the air for no reason is bad. Throwing a life puppy in the air can tell us one thing, and one thing only!!!


  21. Gassan: I strongly suspect you are a moron.

  22. The Big Raven

    As you can see this guys a real moron who else would DEFEND a stupid marine period.

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