Angry Motivational Message

Tomorrow is Monday.  I’m going to need some motivation.  Maybe you will too.

Just call me the angry Anthony Robbins.


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5 responses to “Angry Motivational Message

  1. LOL. Tony Robbins would probably start by trying to challenge your preconceptions about work:

    1. Why do you believe that work has to be a miserable, soul-destroying experience, fit only for psychopaths and lobotomized drones?
    2. When you say that you hate Monday, is it the case that you hate the whole of Monday, or only the part of Monday that involves work. If the latter, then it would be more accurate to say that you hate work, although this is open to scrutiny, too…

    …And so on, in a tedious droning, monotonous incantation of the blindingly bleeding obvious, which it seems quite a lot of people will pay a great deal of money for!


  2. gap



    Amusing, Matt. Thanks.

  3. Al

    Ha, Very funny, but no, I’m just enjoying my weekend too much, but tomorrow I will have to go to work sadly 😦

  4. Matt: and at that point I would punch him

    gap: Yes!

    Al: It’s the way of the world unfortunately.

  5. Hey, love your site. I recently made a YouTube video with motivational / famous quotes. It can be found here,

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