Niggers and Coons in Australia

Inflammatory, who – me?

That’sa actually a strictly factual description of the imortant news story covered in this video.

A totally true story!

I thought YouTube were censoring this at first because of the title but I guess something must have just gone wrong with the first upload. I bet a few people will be surprised to hear of the existence of a “Nigger” Brown stand and Coon cheese in every supermarket.



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16 responses to “Niggers and Coons in Australia

  1. custador

    I somehow doubt that E.S. Brown was _really_ that enthusiastic about the nickname “nigger”… Dropping that one was a good decision, I think.

  2. DOA

    How to ruin your child’s life: Name him Nigger. For extra points give him the middle name Hitler. For suicide at age 10 make sure your last name is Coon.

    It’s amazing the kind of crap my mind will come up with sometimes…

  3. You are suck a fucking self-important cock sucker. Get the fuck out of Australia you cunt. (BTW the email address attached with this message is not mine.)

  4. That was almost a sentence Bruce.

  5. custador

    I do love the little netwarrior kiddies who are such pussies that they have to give a fake email address because the nasty, nasty words make them cry….

  6. Hey AA,

    I’ve got a favour to ask (or an offer to make, I’m not quite sure which it is!). If your curiosity is piqued, drop me a line (email in my Blogger profile).


  7. Custador: you may be right

    DOA: You’d make a fun parent!

    “Bruce”: Gee you’re a coward? Really? That’s so unusual in loudmouth racist fucktards

    Matt: geeez, did I ever contact you? My brain is like a sieve – I’ll do it now just in case

  8. Aislinn

    Sorry, I just love the end there. LOLs. As for Bruce, just grow some balls.

  9. Fabik.

    If I’m not mistaken, Coon cheese is infact named after the town where it was originally produced. Yes, that’s right. Somewhere there are people living in Coon.

  10. Fabik: No, its makers claim it’s named after a person.

  11. It takes a racist to be really *offended* by racism. Otherwise you just blow it off as the ignorant bullshit it really is.

    “We love our niggers and coons.”


    Love love LOVE your rants!!!

  12. I do find it truly amusing how people who are deeply racist will get really worked up if you use the word “nigger” 🙂

  13. pete

    your a boong from the neck down

  14. From the waist down. And your stinking slut whore mother can’t get enough of it.

  15. Fatty Finn

    I love you man you are awesome! Good for you. Last I checked part of being an Aussie is the choice to say whatever you like, Right or Wrong! Good work Son!!

  16. May you have a French Horn penis like a honky mudderfucker tiger whist you are smoking and blow blow yourself tohell!!!

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